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It is cold, cold, cold in Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in the Underground Bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA. (see Bunker Tour)

Tubularsock enjoys cold weather over hot so all is good.

EXCEPT ….. this week Tubularsock finished two books, The Great Reset by Alex Jones and The Active Side of Infinity by Carlos Castaneda. Both generated heat!

Jones has always been a mixed messenger for Tubularsock but Tubularsock loves his over the top passion. And sometimes he is even correct!

And Carlos has always traveled in Tubularsock’s circles so it was ground Tubularsock has well traveled.

Both are worth your time to read but Jones is a better yeller than writer even with a ghost writer researcher.

And though it has taken much time due to the deep thick trench of detailed facts and figures Tubularsock will be finishing up Robert Kennedy’s The Real Anthony Fauci later this coming week and advancing deeper into Gabor Maté, The Myth of Normal which explains it ALL!

Kennedy’s last chapter will throw you over the edge. The information in that chapter which Tubularsock is just about to finish up is truly overwhelming. Not that it was new information for Tubularsock but putting all this information in one place shatters any semblance of an idea that it is only Fauci that is demented.

And then you toss in Gabor with “ . . . trauma, illness & healing in a toxic culture . . .” and Tubularsock is running for the Wild Turkey. It’s a three shot, neat activity!

However ON TOP OF ALL THAT Tubularsock had a little time to watch Episode #44: The Pandemic of Propaganda.

FLCCC founder, Dr. Pierre Kory, MD interviews NYU Professor of Media, Culture, & Communication, Mark Crispin Miller.

Professor Miller’s research interests include: modern propaganda, history and tactics of advertising, American film, and media ownership.

You’ll want to jump to the 25 minute mark to start this interview.


You may have to copy this link and put it into your browser. Tubularsock has found that links sometime don’t work directly from Tubularsock’s blog.

Now that Tubularsock has planned your weekend for you …….. Tubularsock will rest!

Ciao for now.

  1. Decker says:

    Great info, Tube! You’re right…that last chapter of the Kennedy book does throw one over the edge. Cheers! (and the link works perfectly)

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  2. Batt Guano says:

    Carlos Castaneda has always been out there—in a good way. Alex Jones has always been out there– in a bad way. He has the sensitivity of a brick wall. As the parents of the kids who lost their lives in the school shootings found out. They not only lost their children but got death threats because they had the audacity to publicly grieve over their children. Jones later admitted he was mistaken. And that’s what Jones is too. A mistake. As the old saying goes, the best part of him ran down his fathers leg when his parents had sex.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Now, now Batt. Let’s have a little compassion for our fellow man. If you want to take a nonemotional look at it it may be an advantage for the dead kids NOT having to put up with the American public school system for another ten years.

      There is a good side to everything.

      Tubularsock does get you don’t like Alex and Tubularsock doesn’t have a problem with that. But like Tubularsock said, Alex sometimes is correct on issues that everyone else are afraid to discuss.

      Thanks for the comment and look out for those boosters. People are dying like flies. Don’t be one of them!


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  3. Thanks for sharing your literary passions, Tube. Right now I’ve got this thing for Canadian historian Matthew Ehert and his three volume The Clash of the Two Americas:

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well DrB, Tubularsock attempts to spread his reading material out over a longer period of time but it appears it all came at once.

      In between a couple cheap detective novels were consumed as well. For balance.

      Tubularsock is familiar with Ehert and back in June read a great article he had written on Great Reset’s Yuval Noah Harari.

      Damn! Talking about scary!

      Good luck with your quest and thank you for taking the time to comment. Always happy to hear from way-down-under!

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  4. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for your post. The video link is helpful, but very long video which I struggle with a bit due a long term health issue/tiredness but the 25 minute in recommendation was good advice.

    At the start of the video it talks about getting health advice from a qualified health provider before making a vaccine decision. Mmm…but who is such an individual? I would not trust most mainstream doctors let alone many professionals re vaccines. Vaccines are all horrible (assuming they don’t contain saline, salt and water which I can get from the kitchen a lot easier).

    Nevertheless, perhaps they have to say that. I would say you might get far better advice from your local builder nowadays, most mainstream doctors have lost the plot.

    Anyway thanks again.

    Kind regards

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    • tubularsock says:

      alpha, Tubularsock agrees ….. the shorter the better but there is a lot to cover and one can break it up over several viewings as Tubularsock usually does.

      Tubularsock’s attention span is measured in nanoseconds!

      Tubularsock pretty much stays away from people that wear white so that cuts out much of the medical sector.

      That does not mean that doctors are not good at mechanical things like setting broken limbs and all that BUT as far as “sickness” Tubularsock usually hangs out with the witches and that caldron you speak about in your post. Well done by the way!

      Thanks for the comment.

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  5. Julydase says:

    Big Pharma, just like big government, doesn’t have the people’s best interests at heart—it’s all about the money. The drug companies like nothing better than to get you on a medication for life. Case in point: about ten years ago, I developed ulcers and was prescribed a proton pump inhibitor. I’ve been on it since. Every time I try to stop, even if I taper off gradually, the horrible burning in my stomach comes back with a vengeance. I’m so miserable that after a few days, I start them again. I have become a “patient for life.” I wish I hd never started them, but don’t know how to stop and not be in constant pain. Lord knows what they’re doing to my body.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Whoa! ……… Julydase. That is not a happy story! Tubularsock’s heart goes out to you for all the misery you have been put through with and without Big Pharma.

      Tubularsock, for himself, always looks for “another way” when it comes to most worldly things.

      And Tubularsock’s ways do work for Tubularsock but Tubularsock hesitates to push them on others because each of us have a separate path to travel.

      And by not knowing details about your path Julydase, Tubularsock just may know some of the difficulties you may be going through from some isolated incidents in Tubularsock’s past.

      Tubularsock does know, for himself, that ALL illness is derived from the mind not the body and that is due to trauma.

      Clear the trauma, clear the mind, end the illness.

      Or ………. that is the way it has worked for Tubularsock anyway.

      Not to push the issue but if you have the time Tubularsock would recommend to check out different talks by Gabor Maté. Might open new doors ……. who can say.

      Thanks for your comment Julydase and hope you fly to new heights. Why not!

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  6. Yaksh singh says:

    Really a very appreciative and so positive post dude. Just always keep going and keep posting such things. Stay happy and Stay Connected dude.🤗👍💕🙏

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  7. Eric says:

    Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay .


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