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This is one of those subjects that needs to be addressed repeatedly but it seems to be always addressed in the most backassed way that it just gets Tubularsock angered enough to go out and shoot someone!

Ahhhh, maybe Tubularsock could come up with a little better way to frame these feelings.

Tubularsock becomes so angered that he feels like slitting a child’s throat!

Ahhhh, nah. Not much better for sure.

OK, OK …….. take a ball-peen hammer and “Pelosiedly” it into the head of …….. ahhh Tubularsock means a chainsaw, NO! A long rusty butcher knife!

Well, another trip to Tubularsock’s therapist for anger management. Tubularsock has
worn-out three to date.

There is always so much angst, sorrow, sadness whenever another gun violent episode takes place. And yet they have been so common that if you pay close attention you might just go over the edge.

As you know, it is just too difficult to keep up.

Tubularsock usually just skips knowing the details as they are splashed all over the media because the subject is so depressing.

Case in point.
Tubularsock had heard in passing that the bank shooting in Louisville had to do with a bank employee. It seemed to Tubularsock that if Tubularsock had to work in a bank, shooting your way out of employment just might be the way to go.

So naively Tubularsock typed into DuckDuckGo ……… “Bank shooting”
And this is what appeared:

Seems it is way more prevalent than Tubularsock ever guessed. But why?

Well JUST MAYBE we live in a bat shit crazy society that you are told to FIT INTO it if you want to BECOME someone!

But you are ALREADY SOMEONE … You are you. That should be good enough, PERIOD.

But oh no …….. you have to be someone that the society finds acceptable otherwise you’re a bum or no account and a drag on society.

You have to find a job EVEN IF YOU HATE IT to be “respectable” and “responsible”.

And what happens when you have a job you hate? Usually you get sick. Some chronic illness rather than just saying NO. Being “sick” is acceptable being a bum is not!

Some people fake it and “try” to fit in a job they hate and end up shooting up the place. Why?

WHY NOT! “I hate my job, I hate myself and I hate you”!

But just where does this idea come from that it is OK to kill other people?

Many blame violent films. The ratio is about 10 to 1 in favor of blowing something up in ever film produced.

Many blame gang violence and police violence both are just a flip of a coin in terms of who is responsible. Basically they are one and the same.

And CRIME is a job description after all.

But the greatest cause of all this violence is the amount of propaganda of “HATING OTHER”. Our culture has constantly enhanced the “HATING OTHER” concept. We as a country was founded on it!

And the cost has driven us as a culture to the direction of acceptance of direct violence toward “OTHER”. And the definition of “OTHER” is “whoever the power structure deems to be our enemy-du-jour at any given moment.


Now stop and think about just how prevalent this happens to be. IT DRIVES OUR DESIRE TO CONTROL THE WORLD.

And so we as a country will slaughter hundreds of thousands of people under the banner of saving them. Wrap your head around THAT concept.

And this insanity is rationalized under the premise of MIGHT BEING RIGHT!

So just how can our country go around the world starting conflicts and directing death and destruction on PEOPLE and then ask:


No, not too many guns and access to them. Remember—-“Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people!”

If there weren’t any guns there would be knives, clubs, saws, bombs or your neighbor talking you to death!

So just maybe our tendency to kill others comes from our very own government. From our very own culture. OUR TRAINED MENTAL ACCEPTANCE OF KILLING as an acceptable means of settling issues.

We are a killing culture and our country was founded on it. We as a people murdered our way across the continent and stole other peoples lands and then justified murder and theft under the moral flag of Manifest Destiny. GOD DIRECTED US!

Religion has ALWAYS been a major killer of “OTHER” and then used to tidy up the destruction with moral platitudes and positioning.

The created “mind-set” has been fortified over hundreds of years. To turn it around and stop this killing spree we’ve been on from our founding will take more time than we have.


Yet, on the other hand, what else do we have to do? This path we’ve been living our lives from has never really worked well. To see others as the same as ourselves goes a long way to bring a new paradigm of thinking that could change the world.

Seems we have nothing to lose following this new direction.
And if YOU don’t change Tubularsock will blow your fucking head off!

Ahhh, just when is Tubularsock’s new anger management appointment again?

  1. Tube,
    I tried triple-liking this post, but the Techno-Lords wouldn’t let me do it.

    Yes, yes, and yes to your claim that the US was formed on hate and conquest. It continues in that mode now. The bank honchos are willing to lend money to every side of conflicts, but those honchoes don’t fight those battles themselves.

    The US federal government is willing to fund war contractors and the CIA to fund insurrection and despots we approve of, then turn on those despots when they step outside our secret expectations for their behavior.

    But the US government does hate everybody equally, so that’s fair, I suppose. The individuals even hate each other.

    Who or what is to blame? I, and I guess you, blame the free-floating hostility that has been a part of US’ self-image since the beginning. The temptation for dominance makes enemies of everyone, even ourselves, and it shows in every situation.

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  2. swo8 says:

    Now, now Tube, calm down. You see the problem very clearly but by not getting caught up in it by slitting a child’s throat, (by all means avoid Pelosi) you are not just another wing-nut on a rampage. Time to go out and smell the roses.


  3. The kicker for me, Tube, is that the UN has put Michael Bloomberg, Mark Carney (former Bank of England governor) and the central banks in charge of Agenda 2030 sustainable development goal 13 (urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts). For some reason, this has killed any incentive I had to participate in the climate movement, especially after learning of Greta Thunberg’s links (through her mother) to the fossil fuel industry and the World Economic Forum.


  4. Wondering if sharing this on fb on on the musk oxen site will get it censored, me in fb jail, or silenced permanently. Suspect the odds for utter repression are very high. That aside–right on the money.

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    • tubularsock says:

      47whitebuffalo, Tubularsock thanks you for your input and taking the time to comment on Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.”

      Tubularsock has never used FB or “musk oxen site” before or after musk was sinking the ship.

      Tubularsock is not a prime destination for many people so Tubularsock slips through the cracks with his thoughts and ideas. And Tubularsock’s AK-47, and bazooka (you know the short range “tubular” rocket launcher) are both in the shop so Tubularsock only holding a few grenades, which are a real drag to use, will just keep the verbal attack going.

      Tubularsock does not wish you being stripped searched in the FB jailhouse so be careful what company you keep.

      And keep your power dry!


  5. stacey says:

    Wow! Just what I was thinking today, Tubular. How people like to whine that what we did is the past, and the past is over. Except it ISN’T over, it’s alive and well, the fundamental beliefs and mindsets pretty much locked in stone at this point.

    “We are a killing culture and our country was founded on it. We as a people murdered our way across the continent and stole other peoples lands and then justified murder and theft under the moral flag of Manifest Destiny. GOD DIRECTED US!”

    Thank you for reading my mind! But not in an excited way. In a sad, depressing way, lol

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    • tubularsock says:

      Stacy, Tubularsock thanks you for your comment.

      The one thing Tubularsock has always said in the last five minutes is there is just not enough “sad and depressing” thought reading in our society.

      So happy to accommodate.

      Stay safe and watch your back.

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  6. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Same to you. It’s dangerous out there. 😦

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