Have you ever thought what “having access” means to the run of the mill “journalist”?

Access to what?

NOT THE TRUTH for sure

As Tubularsock watches another “press briefing” the main stream press corp asks the same old asinine questions and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre drones on with enough bull shit to slow the entire sewer system ………. just WHY would anyone attend this activity?

A REAL journalist would put the time into live research rather than DEAD rhetoric. Which is why, if you haven’t noticed, there aren’t ANY REAL journalists in the front two rows of any Press Briefing because that is where the “like-think-corporate-stenographers” turn their asses to be penetrated.

If there are any REAL journalists in the room they are designated to the back of the room and never called on for fear of a REAL QUESTION about anything that has not been “pre-prescribed”.

You see, ANYTHING in a Press Briefing is exactly that …… BRIEF and usually a lie or misdirection in the guise of so called “informing the public”.

And really in truth the job of the Press Secretary is to lie and to obfuscate people than enlighten them. THAT IS THE JOB!

So Karine as well as Kayleigh and Jen and Sarah before ALL were excellent at lying for a salary of $180,000.00 a year! Not bad when it comes naturally.

So when Tubularsock calls them liars in truth it is a compliment.


And they have the exact qualifications to do the job. A total lack of principles and integrity. And a wonderful springboard to a nice paying job as a news show commentator after they finish being Press Secretary. Network news is based, as well, on a total lack of principles and integrity.

And every time Karine takes the set up questions she immediately goes to “her answer book” and spouts the approved position that has been “pre-entered” to avoid any mistaken “truth”.

It all is a perfect ouroboros projection of the endless cycle that takes place in the Washington ethos.

It is obvious that disinformation and misinformation has been the bedrock of American journalism and yes there has always been true journalists who have stood up against the slings and arrows of “untruth” but always at a cost to their professional journalistic careers.

But now we have a state-corporate censorship regime with the intention of not only misinforming the public square but actually to mobilize and harness every sector of society under a singular technocratic rule. This is happening RIGHT NOW and most citizens haven’t even noticed! The trick is to make it look “convenient”! Seems to always work with the masses.

It is an insidious process of artificial intelligence and algorithmic “pre-censorship” that are invisibly encoded into the infrastructure of the internet and direct your inquiries in the direction away from what you want to know.

Have you noticed that certain videos on YouTube will disappear when you move your cursor toward them and this disappearance requires a determined effort to locate them again?

This is happening with all information that is being “relocated” to lessen exposure. THIS IS NOT random this is intentional!

Really, check it out for yourself. It has been happening to Tubularsock for some time. But perseverance is a virtue!

Have you also noticed that “disinformation” is always whatever THEY say it is. This isn’t just a Chinese or Russian totalitarian process it is the BACKBONE of American Democracy!

That is why Iraq, Vietnam, Syria, Ukraine, ad nauseam are just the intention and the results of projected force control of U.S. foreign policy in order to protect OUR financial interests.

If you EVER think that OUR foreign policy has a goal of protecting/defending “OTHERS” immediately wash your mind out with soap! Your mind NEEDS a much needed cleanse!

  1. Tube,
    Dishonesty is the US way, and it started before the insiders got together to oust the Brits, while stealing everything of value from them, as well as from native tribes.

    Biographies of “the Founding Fathers” reveal men steeped in their own self-importance and vying with each other for leadership roles.

    You have written before that you have done extensive reading of original sources. Your knowledge of how politics really works is admirable.

    Too bad that the national identity–such as it is– is so confused and confusing.

    From what I’ve ascertained, our national “heroes” were caught in context and did what they believed was right at the time. Their popularity waxes and wanes individually and en masse, as time trudges forward.

    We don’t know what Biden’s administration will leave, but the Now is always replete with potential for anything.

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    • tubularsock says:

      It is true KO, that Tubularsock has read a book or two and have concluded that when people come from the upper strata of any given society the preponderance of arrogance and assumed special privilege runs rampant!

      The nature of human nature presumably has this built in. Maybe.

      Now Tubularsock would not presume to know all aspects of human nature but Tubularsock would advise that if you are ever in a room with people like these, “Watch Your Back”!

      Our “Founding Fathers” had some noble ideals for sure but it wasn’t above them to cut themselves a “very good deal”.

      Tubularsock would also toss that Betsy Ross into that mix. Tubularsock is sure that after she finished that first “American” flag she marked if up for her profit advantage as well acquiring future sales with Google Shipping! This Founding Woman wasn’t stupid!

      Our “national identity” is totally a fantasy and farce combined! A “fanfarce” which is a LIE.
      Most, if not all, national identities are that really. A galvanization of group think with no actual existence. Great for PR for sure!

      When and if Buydone keels over in his soup which may be sooner than many believe and Kamala takes the helm all bets are off. Kamala is a total package of diversity gone off the tracks.

      Her questionable ability to “step up to the plate” is scarily problematic. But it may still work because the puppet masters that are propping Joe up now will defiantly have their hands full.

      And they thought Betsy was a problem!

      But like you say and are surely correct, there “is always replete with potential for anything”.

      Tubularsock just can’t wait.

      Thanks for you comment ……. you are too fun!

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      • Thanks, Tube. My chickens think I’m fun, too, but the humans around me don’t appreciate the comedy of life.

        I wonder if we could find any two people anywhere to agree on a “national identity” for the US or any political jurisdiction aka “country”. We tend to rely on stereotypes to identify groups, despite political lines in the sand.

        I have a theory that people pushed to the forefront, or who volunteer for roles like president of the US, are targets for abuse by anyone with a grudge against anything. Biden may be a puppet, but Kamala is being used, too. They may like it.

        Not for me the public recognition of fame or infamy, at least not while I can still draw breath.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Well KO, Tubularsock is happy that you have the chickens on your side even knowing just how fowl they can be. Humans are a drag most of the time.

        As for politicians, ANY job that one needs armed protection 24/7 doesn’t appeal to Tubularsock either. Better to huddle in the coop!


  2. swo8 says:

    What they have succeeded in doing is creating a lot of miss trust of anything one reads or hears. Governments lie and that’s the truth!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Leslie, Tubularsock agrees with you 100% but there is one advantage for their continuous lying and that is ever time they tell us something we just have to turn it around and there is the TRUTH!

      We just have to reverse their statements.

      And that solution works about 99.1% of the time. Sometime they do make the mistake of telling the truth up front.

      Thanks for you comment. Always enjoyable.

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  3. Face it, Tube, the US is going down the gurgler. According to Dmitry Orlov, it’s only a matter of time before the US repatriates its forces from its 1000+ overseas bases. I predict November.

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    • tubularsock says:

      DrB, no question and Tubularsock can hear the sound clearly!

      However, you may be just a little bit off on your time prediction.

      Before the U.S. EVER “repatriates its forces” we will increase our expenditures to Ukraine, end ALL retirement programs in the U.S.and end social security for all American. As well as to increase homelessness by 3000%!

      Of course we’ll blame Putin for forcing this all to happen. There has to be a fall-guy.

      The scary thing, too many Americans will believe it!


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