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Now Tubularsock will admit from the outset that many times Tubularsock will incorporate HUGE generalities to make his points. For example, all Americans are stupid!

Now Tubularsock knows at least six Americans that are not stupid so right there Tubularsock should know better. Or all blacks have rhythm. And Tubularsock knows that is not true from experience. Tubularsock watched Obummer himself destroy that stereotype in his Amazing Grace song-fest. YES HE CAN’T!

Or General Custard wore Arrow-Shirts. Ok, maybe only because he dated Sioux.

All that being admitted Tubularsock just has to postulate: Are the youth of today just fucking stupid with their use of social media and the computer?

Now Tubularsock is not talking about the stupidity of posting photos of their private parts out on the web. Who really cares.

No, Tubularsock really wonders at their lack of awareness of what their computer is connected to once they press, send!

And Tubularsock’s case in point:  HONOR STUDENT TO JOIN ISIS ARRESTED BY FBI.

Jaelyn Deishaun Young (19) graduated from her Mississippi high school with honors.


Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla (22) graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in psychology.



Now, Tubularsock could state that at least two people in Mississippi are stupid but that is not really true. Being from Mississippi, in Tubularsock’s opinion, puts you under suspicion of being …….. well really stupid. Ok, ok ….. at least a high probability.

These two were arrested by the FBI for “. . . attempting and conspiring to provide material support to a terrorist group”.

And they BOTH CONFESSED to the charges!

So exactly what did they do?


That is what they did.

And guess what ……….

The FBI has nothing better to do than to monitor the internet for Mississippians who want to join ISIS. Sure enough.

Now lets get this straight …… if a Mississippian went off and joined the Marines, the American ISIS, that would have been praised.

No these kids wanted to join the ISIS …. the ISIS that is not the Marines.

So the FBI arrested the couple at the regional airport for TRYING TO TRAVEL TO SYRIA TO JOIN ISIS!

The FBI interacted with Jaelyn online back in May. This is called entrapment in the old days!

She posted on her TWITTER ACCOUNT that the only thing that was keeping her from traveling to Syria was her need to earn money. ON HER TWITTER ACCOUNT!!!

Jaelyn and Muhammad got themselves married so they could travel together in a Muslim country without a chaperone.

In June the first FBI agent passed Jaelyn off to a second FBI agent posing as an Islamic State facilitator. This is called entrapment stage two.

That FBI “facilitator” helped her with the plan to cross from Turkey to Syria.

Jaelyn confided that, “We don’t know Turkey at all very well (I haven’t even traveled outside US before.)”

Hadn’t Jaelyn heard the old Army advertisement, “Join The Army And See The World”?

Both Jaelyn and Muhammad expressed disappointment and impatience with the slowness of getting their passports EVEN AFTER they paid $340 to expedite passport processing.

And funny thing here is that when the Saudi-actual-terrorists obtained their expedited visas from the Bush Administration so they could ENTER the U.S. to fly planes into building on 9/11 there was no delay at all. But hey, they were coming IN and the FBI didn’t notice.

Now Tubularsock can understand why they wanted to expedite themselves out of Mississippi. That does show intelligence. What Tubularsock doesn’t understand is WHERE’S THE CRIME?

First, they hadn’t joined ISIS.

Second, they hadn’t sent ISIS any money.

So to date this is merely a “thought” crime because all they have done is buy plane tickets to Turkey and express their plan to join ISIS. But, if convicted it will cost them a $250,000.00 fine and twenty years in prison.

And if you really look at this would ISIS or prison be any worse than living the rest of your life in a town called STARKVILLE, MISSISSIPPI ? Think about it.

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