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Ok. Raise your hand if you already realize that the voting machine that can’t produce a paper trail to be checked is a voting machine that is ripe with the possibility of ILLEGAL VOTE MANIPULATION.

Ok. Are you by yourself right now? Do you feel just a little foolish with your hand up?

Don’t be concerned. BE CONCERNED if you didn’t raise your hand!

EVERYONE has heard by now, but may not have paid attention, that VOTING FRAUD is as common as sliced bread and yet nothing is ever done. At every election cycle there is a flurry of mained-stream-media reporting and an orchestrated outcry of dismay from political-types only to be forgotten until the next voting cycle. Much like election finance reform.

EVERYONE knows that it is “child’s play” to manipulate an election by just using a screwdriver! Ironic isn’t it …….. being screwed by a screwdriver. That is down right screwy!

Yet, nothing is ever done about it ……… just what’s going on?

When voting machines are brought from the warehouse where they are stored between elections and placed in the polling stations there is ample time to “adjust” them to perform anyway one would like.

Polling places are seldom set up with security to watch over the voting machines after being placed in the polling station. Or even in the warehouse where they are stored for that matter.

And a knowledgeable “hacker” can even perform their adjustment while technically in the voting booth while “voting”.

So an election can be rigged without much effort.




Yet, nothing is ever done about it ……… just what’s going on?

Now it is a known FACT that the most secure voting and counting system of all is hand-marked paper ballots, publicly counted by hand at each precinct on election night before ballots are moved anywhere. And yet this is just not done.

So if you had a problem and you had a solution to the problem but you picked THE PROBLEM as your solution ……… just what would an intelligent person conclude?

  1. Voting machines have a mechanical preference?
  2.  Tampering is a skill set that provides employment?
  3. Who wins really doesn’t much matter, it’s all one party.
  4. Elections will be over soon and we can go back to regular TV.

Oh, don’t bother with your answer. Tubularsock has picked it for you.
No really. You’re used to it.


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