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Well the times they are a changing and the fucking woke have become a pain in the ass! And that doesn’t matter that much to Tubularsock because Tubularsock just really doesn’t pay that much attention to the fucking woke culture.

But when they interfere like some moral overlord with their emaciated thoughts and rant and rage over “proper speech” of others, well FUCKEM’!

Case in point this week is the uproar with Joe Rogan and his off the cuff comment, “. . . the idea that Jewish people are not into money is ridiculous. That’s like saying Italians aren’t into pizza.”

Well some Jews freaked out as they tend to do. Mostly the Jewish organizations that ONLY exist to rake in the money for themselves to DEFEND against antisemitism.

And because of their “outrage” it tends to cause more antisemitism than they prevent!

A group of people that continually cry victim-hood most often time get what they project.

But now before anyone reading/hearing this gets all pushed out of shape, Rogan’s comment just happens to be a true statement. You may not agree but if you do agree it doesn’t make you an antisemite. What a stupid, closed minded thought which only weakens the entire concept of antisemitism.

But when it comes to jokes, off the cuff musings and regular comedy routines there has to be an edge to dance along but has to have an element of truth in the process.

If you are “thin-skinned” don’t tune in to Joe Rogan or Tubularsock for that matter because you are going to get truth ……… even if you don’t want it or like how it is presented.

Which bring us to one of the best comedians ever. And one of Tubularsock’s favorite routines which hit the subject ON THE HEAD PERFECTLY!

In today’s woke debauchery and their orgy with words and meaning David Steinberg is a PERFECT solution.

Tubularsock would love to hear your comments and positions on all this woke crap and what YOU believe is going on to drive this level of stupidity in our society today. As you can see, Tubularsock doesn’t have a position on this topic … NOT!