Ok. What exactly is the real issue with Syria?

Let Tubularsock give you a quick rundown ……….

The Assad Government is currently in control and “we” are trying to destabilize Syria by supporting the “rebels” because Iran, Russia and Hezbollah back Syria.

And if Assad “wins” it would put Iran on the front burner of prestige in the Middle East.

On the other hand, the “rebels” are primarily Al Qaeda and even the ones that are not are extremist elements of Islam and if they win they would form an anti-American government. The kind that we have been attempting to eliminate in our silly “War on Terror”. The kind that would become a beach-head for training and implementing attacks in Europe and maybe even in the “homeland”.

So I guess you would have to wonder why we are backing the very Al Qaeda that we have FEARED for so long. Why would we support the very enemy that we have created an entire “brand-name” for ….. The Terrorists?

On top of that the Obomber Administration demanded that the Syrian government allow UN investigators into the area where this recent chemical attack has taken place to check out the facts on the ground. No sooner than the agreement was made between Syria and the UN for inspections Obomber and Kerry pushed the UN to call off the investigation completely!


Tubularsock thinks that when the truth comes out the rebels (“our guys”) implemented the chemical attack JUST-LIKE-LAST-TIME when chemicals were used.

Gee, how can the U.S. justify bombing the Syrian Government (meaning any fucking civilian in the way) if the rebels are shown to be the chemical attackers?

The presumption of Obomber to even think that the U.S. some how has the right to bomb a sovereign country that hasn’t attacked us is an act of aggression. 

This is against International Law and against the U.S. treaty agreements that the U.S. has signed. WTF!

But as always, Tubularsock has the solution.


Yeah, it’s Tubularsock’s new campaign.

No really. If the U.S. followed Tubularsock’s advise and BOMB ISRAEL FIRST immediately we become allies with Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and the Palestinians for starters plus a whole range of other Middle Eastern countries and the U.S. in these times of cost savings could stop dumping billions of dollars down that Israeli drain.


And just think what would happen to the Israeli Lobby. Those fuck-sticks would have to go out and get real jobs rather than sucking off the tit of the United States.




You got to admit it has a ring to it.

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Aren’t we just the ‘bees knees’? Actually, when I heard that the Syrian government had invited the U.N. to investigate and determine who was responsible for the alleged chemical weapons attack, it did not make sense that the U.S. stated that they would wait until the ‘official’ reports came back before initiating any military strikes, the U.S. government then turned around and stated that they were going to strike anyway. That just suggests to me that what you state is correct and that is that if the Syrian people were indeed, exposed to a chemical weapons attack, it was most likely from the rebels and not the government and since we have been backing the rebels, we ARE responsible for what occurred. However, we have got to cover-up our dirty deeds. We scream and yell that Al-qaeda is the big, bad wolf, but we are in fact, sponsoring them because WE are Al-qaeda. We promote chaos just so that we can have an excuse to go in and bomb the shit out of people because we are war mongering devils. We always have been and we always will be. That about sums up what I think of the entire situation. Our government is shit! Always has been and always will be!!!

    Also, Israel is wrong for what it has and is doing to the Palestinians who live in the Gaza Strip. Those people are extremely poor(although some are claiming that this is not true) and Israel is making damn sure that they stay that way and we are helping Israel to basically continue to destroy the people who live in the Gaza Strip. Apparently, the Israelis and the Palestinians have never gotten along and yet we choose to back the one and make an enemy out of the other. It’s politics, as usual.


    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks Shelby. Great comment. It is always interesting that the U.S. always seems to think that killing more people will somehow improve the situation. That old Vietnam adage: “We had to destroy the village in order to save it” seem at play once again. I am so tired of this shit!


  2. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    You make some really good points! The main point is that there would be NO bombs dropped if there was ONLY one option and that option was to bomb Israel.


  3. Same old, same old. Sigh. “Surgical strikes” sound so clinical, clean, precise, even therapeutic, don’t they? Remind me — when has bombing anything or anyone solved one damn thing, and not just created more problems. At least since Desert Storm, it all looks more like dangerous, deadly and supremely cynical equivalents to Super Bowl ads for our military toymakers. And of course it also reminds the world of who has the biggest, baddest toy collection.


    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment I.I. frederick. I agree. Yeah, in the “old” days we just “carpet-bombed” everything but now we just “throw-rug” it. I guess it doesn’t really matter which way they do it if the bomb hits your house. But it sounds so “humane” and exact to the audience. I’ve never been a big Super Bowl fan myself but you totally hit it on the head with your ad analogy. I prefer George Carlins explanation however. The military of opposing forces standing out in a field waving their “dicks” at each other to show who has the larger one. I have read your views on other blogs and like your observations. Thanks again.


  4. stam says:


    If you bomb Israel only bomb the Zionists and leave their women alone. I absolutely adore Jewish women…


    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. That is what a surgical-strike is all about, Stam! Only hitting your intended target and no one else. Tubularsock hasn’t signed the order yet even though I do have the Constitutional power to do so. I have asked Congress to debate among themselves and their employers (aka: the military-industrial-complex) and back me on this move.

      After that full debate I am assured that death and destruction will be the order of the day.

      It is far better to have those with money and power behind me even though 60% of the American public are not in favor of bombing Syria let alone Israel. But it is far too complex to allow the mere citizens to decide such an important issue.

      However, Tubularsock will take your suggestion into advisement and rest assured that your opinions are very important to me and they will play a very heavy role in my decision making process.

      Thanks again for your comment, Stam.


      • heila2013 says:

        Need help with surgical strikes? Israel is the best…ha ha 😉 This post is a few months old and do you notice something? Shitbag Assad still has the smirk on his face, still rules the country, and still continues slaughtering his people.


      • tubularsock says:

        Heila2013 I was wondering when you would run across “Bomb Israel First . . .” being from Israel and all. Shitbag Assad is still in power and the U.S. has worked feverishly to “re-brand” the al-Qaeda forces into “moderates”.

        I’ve never been a big fan of Shitbag Assad and his band of merry men but if it wasn’t for the CIA and MASSAD attempting to undermined his rule to destabilize the area for their own control much of his actions wouldn’t be taking place.

        Things are never as they seem but real people get killed. That is the part that makes me mad. And the U.S. and Israel aren’t doing it to help Tubularsock out in any way.

        Pox on both their houses!


  5. heila2013 says:

    Great post/s (I’ve read parts of the others as well) with compelling points, dear Tubularsock! Love the “Obomber” 😉
    I prefer not taking a stance… I live in Israel. I can just say this much: One should be careful of judging and forming an opinion without actually having witnessed evidence. The media are comparable to politicians: not necessarily trustworthy.
    My friends’ sons all serve/d in the IDF. These young soldiers have to deal with situations that are hard to imagine for someone who has never been there. And most of them WANT to serve in the army and protect their homeland. And some get killed. And their mothers cry and suffer like all mothers (and fathers).

    The world is a MESS and the only really responsible thing to do would be to stop reproducing. For crying out loud, we have passed the 7 billion mark! It will only get more cramped and messy on this planet.


    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read some of Tubularsock’s posts. I agree that the press sucks as bad as the political actors and you can’t trust many of them. If any! Everyone has an agenda and depending what is in it for them will depend which way the wind will blow.

      I’ve never been a big believer in an eye for an eye as a foreign policy. Seems to me there just may be another way to conduct oneself. Of course the young soldiers are programed to believe black is white and white is black so they really are not the best judge of what they are doing.

      Unfortunately in the Palestine/Israel mess each side needs the other to keep it all going.
      Otherwise the power blocks would not be able to hold onto their positions and they would have to go out and get real jobs if the whole thing came to an end. Vested interest sets the tone.


  6. heila2013 says:

    I think the Israeli-Palestinian issue is much complexer, at a local level, than just power blocks trying to hold onto their positions. Just a few hours ago another rocket was fired from Gaza into Israeli territory. Would you sit still and wait to be hit? I don’t think so. Yes, the Gaza blockade (by Israel and Egypt) is tough on the Gaza population (civilian goods are allowed into Gaza), but it’s purpose is to prevent terrorist Hamas who are in power in Gaza, from obtaining weapons and using them against Israel. Do you know who the Hamas are? Here: http://vkb.isvg.org/Wiki/Groups/Hamas.
    The Fatah http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatah are weak and altogether mistrust between the two sides (Palestinian and Israeli) has deepened and the attitudes have hardened. Making a fresh start towards achieving peace will only be possible with a new Israeli government…

    It’s 4 in the morning.. I’m going to bed.



    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you heila. I agree that my explanation was oversimplified and you being there gives you a far better ability to see what is going on in the daily life of real people.

      I am familiar with both Hamas and Fatah and their maneuvers. And by no means do I condone much of either of their posturing.

      And yet Israel’s responses often seem to rile things up on a broader scale than calm things down. The current Israeli government seems to like it that way. Netanyahu and the boys and the expansion of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem is a case in point.

      There are reasonable people on both sides of this mess but I’m afraid an equitable solution is a long way off and like you say impossible with your current government.

      Do stay safe and when they say “early to bed” usually doesn’t mean 4am even though that is early.


      • heila2013 says:

        Thanks for your long reply, tubular sock (how did you come to pick this name, if I may ask? Does it have several meanings?). Unfortunately, we, those who did not vote Netanyahu in the last elections, weren’t enough…
        (I just saw that I wrote it’s instead of its in my previous comment. I hate making spelling mistakes…)


      • tubularsock says:

        Well, I do understand the “we” who weren’t strong enough to keep Netanyahu out of office. I have the same response about BOTH Bush and Obummer. The “we” weren’t strong enough to keep them out of the White House.

        As for spelling mistakes Tubularsock too hates to make them but they still slip through sometimes. I do like the correction of Tubularsock’s name however. Even Google wants it to be Tubular Socks when one looks it up. And when Google can’t get it correct, well that’s depressing.

        But Tubularsock doesn’t really care …… he has been called worse!

        As for how this name came about is really a rather boring story except that it involved a large consumption of saki and a long night.

        The thing I like the best is that the headshot photo of Tubularsock is an actual-real-life-photo. It is the only part of Tubularsock that is not manipulated.

        Now Tubularsock would never admit that his photos of him all over the globe with all the world leaders are manipulated but from sources that are not authorized to release this information that is what has been indicated.

        Keep low, stay safe and see you on the flip side,



      • heila2013 says:

        You are great!!


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