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Ok. Tubularsock was sitting in his top floor corner office in his underground bunker over looking Washington, D.C. in Oakland, CA. and this thought floated through and with the agility of a stealth bomber I plucked it from the ethos.

What do YOU ……… an American citizen living in America ……. what do you have to do with bombing a Syrian?

Really. What has a Syrian done to YOU lately? What harm has a Syrian caused YOU?

In most cases only a handful of YOU have ever even seen a Syrian let alone talked with one.

So ………. would you blow one up?

I wouldn’t.

And when YOU start to think about it, how about an Iraqi? Or a Pakistani?

Just what have they done to you personally? Anything at all?

An Afghan? Would YOU leave your house today and go blow up an Afghan?

Do you have cause? Have you even met one in your travels?

And yet, we have killed hundreds of thousands of them. Men, women, and children.

But what has EVEN ONE done to you?


Can you actually say that YOU have a beef with a Syrian or an Afghan? How about a Pakistani? How about an Iranian?


YOU don’t have a beef with them, YOU don’t even know one.

So why are we so accepting with bombing them?

Tubularsock is still trying to grok why we “had to” kill so many Vietnamese?

Bombing their homes, killing their water buffalo, Agent Orange-ing their jungle, napalming their families.


I personally have never had a beef with a Vietnamese, EVER!


Syria has never attacked the United States.

Vietnam has never attacked the United States.

Iran has never attacked the United States.

Pakistan has never attacked the United States.

Iraq has never attacked the United States.

Afghanistan has never attacked the United States.


Do you notice some kind of a pattern here?


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. I have noticed that we have not attacked Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Australia, and so forth and so on, if you get my drift.

    I’ve been running from the cops who were trying to get me for ‘jaywalking’ because I got lost near a gated community after my 1970 Ford Pinto broke down for the umpteenth time. So, let me catch my breath. Thank goodness, I don’t like donuts and the cops that were chasing me quite obviously did. Anyway, now that I am finally back in the ‘hood’ where I belong, you know…segregated and stuff and speaking in ‘ebonics’ cause I ain’t edumacated atall, I’s tryin’ ta feegur out what uses sayun. Ain’t no dawgone Veetnumeez evuh deed nuffin ta me!

    But seriously, our government is insane. There should be a specific law on the books about what the citizens of this country can do when it is quite obvious that the entire government body of this land is freaking nuts!!!!!

    Right on time as usual Tube!!! I doff my hat to you! Oh damn! The cops finally wheezed into the ‘hood’! Gotta run!!!!


    • tubularsock says:

      That is pretty funny Shelby. No, not the police but the 1970 Pinto! I have a full proof way to slip by your next police chase. Get a white sheet but some eye holes in it and throw it over your entire body. The cops then think you are one of them and they’ll even share their donuts. Just say’en.

      As for the government being insane there is a law already. The Constitution and it calls for revolution but I refer to back to Eyes That Will Not See, Ears That Will Not Hear. See, you already knew the answer!

      Thank for the comment. You are more fun than a barrel of eels!


      • You know, I never thought of the ‘white sheet’ escape route. Good thinking! Your brain is sharp as a tack! I need as much help as I can get because that 1970 Ford Pinto of mine is constantly letting me down!

        If any country should be going the hell off, it should be this one but we don’t have the balls for it! Not to mention, the colossal task of trying to educate those who haven’t the sense God gave a goat and you’re looking at a doomed venture from the word, go’!

        P.S. I’ll get to twisting twin bro! LOL!!


  2. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    This one is just calling out for a reblog and I’m just answering the call, not to mention that this one mirrors my thoughts exactly!!!!
    Thank you Tube!!!


    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks for the reblog. You are too kind. We do agree on a lot of stuff. I think you may be my long lost sister. In fact, if you would just twist your hair a bit differently we’d be identical twins.


  3. skywanderer says:

    Thanks for this post directing attention to this striking pattern.

    In support of the post I would like to add:

    The US indeed attacks only those countries that the financial elites (a central core of bankers) do not yet rule by their terms of debtocracy, whereas the US never attacked any of the real dictatorships. For example, although they could have, they never liberated from oppression those countries who were trapped under the so called “communist” regimes.

    On the contrary, the US and the whole of the so called “free world” promised to bring military support to the Eastern European countries in case they rose against their communist oppressors. But the exact opposite happened: the US and its allies were silently watching the desperate revolution in these countries: how these pro-freedom risings were suppressed and retaliated by the “communist” dictators. Neither the US nor any of its allies ever attempted to offer their help against the dictators.

    I guess the reason fro above is quite evident by now: the only aim of the US and of the leaders of the “free world” are only to indebt all countries of the world, which was the easiest by financing the former communist regimes in impoverishing these countries. Then with time the global
    At present only those countries are the enemies of the US that do not offer a political lead to force their country under the global debtocracy.

    This is why many of the former leaders of countries from behind the iron curtain were promoted into high political roles within the EU, which is the European extension of the same global corrupt political endeavour that the US represents.


    • tubularsock says:

      Skywanderer, thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your insights. I remember most clearly all the times I thought that Eastern European countries, whose people were prepared to risk and die to overthrow their oppressors, were abandoned by the U.S. At that time I didn’t understand how the system worked and thought this country really did believe in democracy and freedom …….. mostly because I do.

      I also watched as the U.S. supported brutal dictators in Latin America and kept true freedom and liberty from people as the capitalist elite divided up the riches.

      And all of this was happening while I was told how lucky I was to be living in the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.”

      Well my times changed but the system in play has not. Yet, I see people continue to support policies that are counter to their basic existence. Like they can not see the roots of their own destruction. But I’m not going to stand by and not attempt to wake them up.

      I’m a cynical-dreamer, I suppose. At least this week!


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