You know, Tubularsock wasn’t going to bother listening to Obomber’s speech Tuesday night because when it comes to Black Jive I prefer public transportation.

But I found myself tuning in to NPR radio for coverage because I am interested in Presidential-Spin no matter what party is running it. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Two things:

  1. The next time Congress wants to cut NPR’s governmental funding ……. I vote YES!

The commentators are in the BIG SLEEP and are piss poor at political coverage with any insight ………. they are very good at status quo! Depressing. Are they affiliated with FOX NEWS now? I guess it is no surprise, Tubularsock wants to go to the White House Press Corps Dinner too! Gosh, with a black tie and a suit prancing around! Could it get any better than that as a “journalist”?

       2.  There was not ONE, count them ………. NOT ONE point of PROOF that the Assad Government was the one that used Chemical Weapons. Not even a little one. No, Obomber assumed that Assad was guilty without a shred of evidence provided and NO ONE QUESTIONED HIS PREMISE. Even those that were against the action accepted the premise. Disgusting!

Yes, and children frothing at the mouth and the EXCEPTIONALISM of Americans with the ol’ God Bless America conclusion and Tubularsock almost got out his flag to wave next 4th of July with bombs bursting in air.

But the only way that Tubularsock can express this fallacious argument that Obomber is pushing is by this example and maybe those who themselves are in the deep sleep will get just a glimmer of understanding of the Obomber Logic of lie-in-the-”truth”. And perhaps better understand how this entire position was created. So Tubularsock will attempt this Herculean feat with a little allegory.

THE STORY: (all names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Let’s say that Barbrick Insomnia started to have suspicions that Michshella (his wife) was cheating on him. So he asks John Fury to follow Michshella and substantiates what Barbrick KNOWS is happening.


John Fury follows Michshella and she goes to MAIN STREET. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary and he reports back to Barbrick.


Barbrick Insomnia KNOWS that John Fury must be incorrect and tells him to check again. And follow up on this sighting of Michshella on MAIN STREET.


Barbrick then calls his good friend at the N_A (redacted) General Fumbleson and asks him to checkout MAIN STREET and report back to him.


Within minutes of Barbrick’s call to General Fumbleson of the N_A (redacted) and not just minutes AFTER Barbrick hung up the phone BUT just minutes BEFORE he dialed the phone the N_A (redacted) knew the nature of the incoming call and had prepared a full dossier on MAIN STREET.


John Fury returns to Barbrick’s office and reports that once again Michshella was seen on MAIN STREET and there was nothing out of the ordinary that occurred.


Barbrick was so furious that John Fury was taken aback.


The phone rings, not the RED phone but the RED, WHITE, and BLUE phone, and Barbrick knew that the N_A (redacted) was calling with the “known-knowns”!

Note: This following information was given to Tubularsock by a “highly placed government official in the Administration, who is just Biden his time, and is not authorized to speak to the press on this issue.

General Fumbleson from the N_A (redacted) reported that “a foreign person of interest” by the name of ISSAID was on MAIN STREET exactly the same time that Michshella was on MAIN STREET.


It was further disclosed that even though ISSAID was on EAST MAIN STREET and Michshella was on WEST MAIN STREET the link of MAIN STREET indicates that all the signs are present that Michshella and ISSAID were having an affair.


Barbrick was convinced but John Fury felt that as an adviser he must ask at least one probing question. Which was, “Is there concrete proof? Proof beyond a shadow of a doubt?”


General Fumbleson of the N_A (redacted), now on encrypted speaker phone answered,

“Ghrgte fbfgru gkdjdhey nbh jghdtsiwoy kgghff fhdjur!”

Note: Tubularsock has gotten from a well placed N_A (redacted) official that is not authorized to speak to the press on this issue but can verify that this top secret speaker phone encrypted answer is totally the proof needed and can not be told to the public in order to protect them. A relief, for Tubularsock to be told the TRUTH.

Barbrick and John both nodded their collective heads in the affirmative.


Both men agreed that action at this time may not be optimum politically due to the fact that it may look bad for Barbrick Insomnia to expose Michshella while she was in the middle of the Saving-American-Children-From-Being-Fat Campaign.


“In due time”, Barbrick said aloud as he lit his cigarette. “In due time”, echoed John Fury.


So remember: There was not ONE point of PROOF that the Assad Government was the one that used Chemical Weapons. Not even a little one.  Obomber ASSUMED that Assad was guilty without a shred of evidence provided and NO ONE QUESTIONED HIS PREMISE.

A premise without facts to prove it correct is called A GUESS. And to push A GUESS as the truth is a LIE. How many people do you feel should die for a lie?

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    National Puffpiece Radio (NPR) is most definitely not a paragon of hard hitting journalism. I do like Story Corps, though.


    • tubularsock says:

      I haven’t listened to NPR radio for years but hadn’t realized how down right lousy it has become. But corporate news is just that way and being away from it for so long it really was stark when I did return for this speech. TV for Tubularsock is even more difficult to even be around. I have not had a TV now for 40 years and I can’t even stand the sound coming out of the box-less flat screen. The vibration is even dangerous!


      • You know, I have not looked at the mindless drivel emanating from a television in years. The only reason that I know about the shows that are on is because people will ask me if I saw a particular show the other night and when I tell them that I don’t even know what they’re talking about, then I get to hear about who was the ‘powerplayer’ on ‘Survivor’ or what happened on ‘The Walking Dead’. ‘The Walking Dead’? Those who are watching a show by that name are the very epitome of the show, they’re already ‘The Walking Dead’.

        Damn, I’m good! I need to get a crystal ball, put on my Halloween gypsy outfit and set up a carnival tent and tell fortunes because I have already written about how we “are all just zombies in the land of the dead.” Cya later Tubular, I’m going to get set up in the front yard. I’m going to make my sign first, let’s see what shall I write, okay…this’ll work.

        “What Shelby says, shall be true!”
        Has a good ring to it!


      • tubularsock says:


        Not watching television may be the clue
        Why your poetry is so solid and true.

        Laying out rhyme on the page so sublime
        Calling attention to the government’s crimes.

        Sending out missiles of truth in the air
        All wrapped in that fine Shelbyan flare.

        Maybe magician or wild gypsy seer
        No matter, what you want is all to be freer.

        Yes Tubular hits the head of the nail
        Pounding it home he just doesn’t fail.


  2. No one should die over a lie. That is why I had already stated that he would lie BEFORE he even got on national television and proceeded to lie. This is not over! O’droner’ and crew are going to fabricate a means to bomb the hell out of Syria, that is without a doubt. We are a nation of warmongers, remember? We don’t have all of that military might just sitting at the ready for nothing!


    • tubularsock says:

      You are so correct Shelby. This is far from over. Assad can give up every chemical including the ones in his bathroom closet for cleaning and as soon as a chemical is used rather than blame “our guys” he’ll be blamed and bombed. Assad is no sweetheart guy but looking at “our team” I’m not sure who is scarier.

      The LIE is the norm and Obomber is as bad as Bush when it come to that dubious talent. I’m not sure that it would be possible to find a politician that hasn’t perfected that art! Thanks for your comment.


  3. Well…knock me out! Tubularsock is now the very soul of poetry! I must say, you are full of surprises and you never cease to amaze me! Hmmmm….I wonder what other hidden talents will soon come to light? Oh, well..I’ll just have to wait and see!!!!

    Loved it! I am going to post it on the inside of my gypsy tent if that’s alright with you!


  4. I was constantly pointing out to people too that we had no proof that Syria’s government was using chemical weapons against their own people. Obama said he had proof but couldn’t give it up. The UN went in and investigated and found nothing. The fact that Obama never told anyone his proof was enough right there for me to not believe him. And If they are they are harming their own people, that still doesn’t mean we need to get involved. There’s always unrest going on in Africa and we don’t ever try to go in and bomb them. So why this time in this country? And why not try to fix the rest of the world where people are being slaughtered? It’s stupid.


    • tubularsock says:

      Wow, littlemissmarshall I think you have hit it right on the head! IT’S STUPID! And Tubularsock totally agrees. Tubularsock could list a few more things this country is up to that fall in the same stupid category but Syria is enough for now.

      As for your question, “So why this time in this country?” Tubularsock will only give you a hint …….. IRAN!

      Now when you are on your next run in the morning you’ll have something to think about.
      It usually take Tubularsock his first 3 1/4 miles before any clarity starts to filter in on my runs.

      And thank you so much for taking time to comment. I really appreciate your input and I like your blog … it’s fun and insightful on many levels.


      • I’m glad you like it! I like that I learn about the world from your blog because we think a lot and I hate newspapers or watching the news. And yeah…I figured so much about Iran. I wish I could say I ran that far lol


      • tubularsock says:

        littlemissmarshall, the secret to running is in the doing. Distance is of no importance. Time is of no importance. Speed is of no importance. DOING is all there is!

        Ok, knowing your interests in fashion Looking Good Is Important but not so much for Tubularsock.

        Just DO!


      • I like this perspective. Its new to me. I usually concentrate on distance. I am going to try the just do approach tomorrow


      • tubularsock says:

        Most excellent …… concentrate on joy! Let me know how that works for you.


  5. Tube, to respond to an earlier comment of yours, I think ‘our’ guys are scarier than Assad because at least Assad is not attempting to ‘police’ the world. No, Assad is no fine, upstanding guy, but hands down, I’d rather deal with him then with the mess we have over here. We lie to start wars. We commit atrocities and then claim morality. We kill women and children(Iraq, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Vietnam,, anyone?) and then want to bomb some other country when we make up lies just to further our agenda. Assad may be a snake, but those who make up the U.S. government are what’s crawling underneath a snake’s belly.


    • tubularsock says:

      Shelby, I couldn’t agree with you more. Assad has been in power for years and we had no direct issue. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are no better than Assad but we use them as allies or rather we protect their atrocities because they are useful to us.

      Whenever we cry “morality” is always a sign that we are stepping on people to push our agenda.

      I agree “our guys” in Syria are way more dangerous than Assad. My only point is that I’m not in favor of despots no matter what their stripe!

      I think we are on the same page. Thanks for the comment.


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