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Tomahawk Cash

YOU might not have noticed but while Tubularsock was overseeing his vast stock portfolio he noticed a very interesting development.

tube invest copy

Obomber speaks of attacking Syria and RAYTHEON’s stock goes up reaching a 52-week high at $81.26 per share. 

Now for you hoi polloi ,your ability to grasp this development, more than likely, passed over your heads but for Tubularsock and the capitalist class this was great news.

Tubularsock cashed in buying low and selling high. Using this new found wealth to invest in body-bag sales. There is going to be a killing to be made in this market, yes pun intended.


Obomber announces attacking Syria.

RAYTHEON’s stock jumps up.

Tomahawk Missiles are made by RAYTHEON.


A Tomahawk Missile cost $1,000,000.00 each.


Once they blow up you need another one.


More than 2,000 have be fired in combat over the years.


Once they blow up you need another one.


Most American warships are equipped with 90 of them.


Once they blow up you need another one.


There are four U.S. warships set to fire these missiles at Syria.


Once they blow up you need another one.


There is BIG profit to me made by RAYTHEON here.





But there’s more.

The Pentagon buys 196 Tomahawk missiles a year. That is what is considered the “minimum sustaining rate” but after firing hundreds of them on Libya in 2011, well gosh we have had to ramp up production.

Now accounting for the extra orders, RAYTHEON delivered 252 missiles this fiscal year and 361 last fiscal year. But one can’t have enough because Tubularsock has read some place that “once you blow them up you need another one”.

“In its budget submission for fiscal 2013, the White House requested 196 Tomahawks, for a total program cost of $320 million. It’s requesting the same amount next fiscal year, for a cost of $325 million. The increase in price, defense watchers say, is the result of several factors: inflation, rising fuel costs and a shrinking supply chain.”  (Austin Wright, Politico)

But when you factor in the “total program cost” a Tomahawk Missile costs $1,658,163.26. Think about that …..

every time the Navy presses a button ……..


BOOM $1,658,163.26 goes up …… and we need another one.

A Tomahawk Missile has “advanced contour mapping” so they can fly low and avoid ground radar. They have a range of up to 1,300 nautical miles. They travel at more than 500 miles an hour. And they can hover over their targets for hours providing a real-time view of the battlefield.

They deliver a 1,000 pound warhead that can devastate half an urban block and can hit a target the size of a home’s window.



Are you impressed yet?

Well Tubularsock has come up with a couple of thoughts here.

Ahhh ……… 15% of the time they don’t have a direct hit so how many urban blocks are wiped out by hitting the WRONG home’s window?


I guess it’s not much. You know how ALL urban blocks look pretty much the same.

But to be fair Raytheon was not the only defense contractor who saw their stock price go up during the buildup for a potential strike. Boeing, General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin — all missile system manufacturers — all saw sharp gains.

And can you believe that those homeless people Tubularsock has to set over ever time I walk down a city block have the nerve to ask for money to eat! The nerve of some people!

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. We got money for bombs, but can’t feed the poor. We got money for bombs, but can’t house the homeless. We got money for bombs, but can’t fund headstart. We got money for bombs, but can’t fund drug treatment. We got….. Well, you get the message. We are living a nightmare to end all nightmares, literally!!!!

    A very clear and concise post! Thank you Tubular!!!


  2. Tanya says:

    I would never have known that stocks going up had anything to do with war until I read this! Now I get it. I can see how muddled the decision process of whether or not to go to war must be when business interests are also involved. Businessmen should have ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE in warfare because there’s no way that they can think objectively about foreign policy when all they really care about it profit and sales.


    • tubularsock says:

      Tanya Tubularsock is happy to have passed this information on to you. What is even worse is the number of Congress members that have their personal investments tied up with companies that provide war materials to the government. Talking about about conflictive decision making! Unfortunately WAR IS BUSINESS!


  3. Bill Kueppers says:

    Given this most recent posting, Tube, some of your readers might be interested in reading, merely for starters, Wikipedia’s article on the military industrial complex [see ]. As the article implies, the term is basically a euphemism for even more extensive collusion. Knowing how inextricably linked the military/defense department is linked to defense contractors makes it hardly surprising that the stock price of any contractor would be readily reflected by any hint one way or the other regarding U.S. military involvement or procurement. As for 1 million+ per missile and the utter insanity of our national political/fiscal priorities, it goes without saying–not to mention the horrific state of affairs–that such priorities are totally upside-down from any sort of socially responsible priorities. Alas, as a nation we are still gripped by a psyche that is rooted in fear and greed, and until we as individuals and as a collective body significantly loosen ourselves from such a primitive and arresting grip, we shall be saddled by associatively skewed priorities and policies.


    • tubularsock says:

      Bill, thank you for commenting and for providing the Industrial-Complex link. I agree with you and it is interesting how once you see how it works it is NOT COMPLEX at all.

      And fear and greed is a bad mix when it comes to priorities and as long as they are the drivers we’ll be headed in the wrong direction.

      Thanks, and keep your powder dry, my friend.


  4. So you’re making a killing by … making a killing. Or by fixing to do it, at least. Bad enough to squander billions on such abominations. But we all know that once that new Barbie Dreamhouse is in your room, it’s almost impossible not to rip it open and play with it. Or is that just me, too immature to defer rewards.

    I keep thinking of Martin Luther King’s observation, “Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles, and misguided men.” And of course we’ve made progress since then — with smart bombs in the hands of dumb people. Dumb, or depraved.

    Anyway, thanks for another fine post. And I’m glad to know our fearless blogger can still afford to eat, with all those solid investments. – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Linda, thank you for taking time to comment. Yes, eating is important and if those shiftless homeless people that are always wanting handouts would invest their money in munitions they too could eat.

      And to think they use the excuse that they can’t get a job when there are so many $2.00 an hour, 14 hour a day jobs right at the golf club that Tubularsock and the other white fat capitalists ride around following their balls. People today!

      Martin Luther King so often hit the nail on the head on so many social issues. It is always so amazing to me how often the politicians will repeat what MLK said but not listen to what he said and follow it. Maybe because they are “dumb AND depraved”!

      And, Oh-So-True, once the Tomahawk missile is in your room how could you not blow up Barbie’s Dreamhouse. Or is that Tubularsock’s mean “little boy” coming out!


      • Excellent comment from both you and Linda!!! Ain’t that the truth, how Obomber and crew are always quoting MLK and doing the exact opposite of ANY and ALL of his quotes. Not a one of MLK’s quotes would include the authorization and excuse for drone striking people, nor would it include detaining people without due process and imprisoning people for exposing lies, hypocrisies and torture. This mess of today is the absolute antithesis to what Dr. King stood for. He would never sanction the actions of these depraved asses who throw his quotes around as though they mean something to them! It is akin to heresy!


      • tubularsock says:



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