So let Tubularsock hear this again. The government is “shut down”? Well I will bet anyone, that if tonight you go into Georgetown and try and get into the bars or restaurants you’d have hell to pay to get in!

And somebody shot at the Capitol Thursday afternoon and IT WAS THE Capitol Cops and the FBI and god only knows who else that rushed to the rescue guns a-blazing. They were able to bring down an unarmed mentally unstable black woman. Wow. But we are all “safe”! And the big news is that those cops weren’t being paid to kill people because of the shut down. Boy, Tubularsock is impressed. Killing for free, NOW THAT IS DEAD-A-CATION.

And just this morning I saw three army helicopters fly over on their daily “commute” run so the generals don’t have to sit in traffic.

And I haven’t heard that the 5th Fleet have packed up their Tomahawk Missiles and boogied home.

And the CIA is still ramping up their covert training program in Syria.

The military-operated  Arlington National Cemetery will remain open but the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, known as WIC, which provides food to 8.9 million low-income women and children, will be out of money.

military graves

And Tubularsock thinks that making sure that dead military people at Arlington are taken care of but NOT assisting women, infants, and children with food is exactly America’s priorities. You know the ol’ destroy the village in order to save them concept!

And of course, The Federal Reserve is a self-funded agency and so will remain operational. You remember they print their own money. How convenient. In fact that might be the way we could fund the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. Nah …….. too easy.

But rest assured Congress still get their pay checks on time, but their staffs don’t get paid.

And Obummer will still be banking his paycheck too.

“That’s the way you do it, money for nothin’ and the chicks for free . . .” (Dire Straits)

However what is unfortunate is what Morgan Stanley’s analytical team came up with while discussing the potential cost of the shutdown. Just because Congress says they have shut down the government, ALL THE COST FOR RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT REMAIN COSTING THE GOVERNMENT (That’s us by the way.)

In fact, to the tune of 1.6 billion dollars A WEEK! You do understand that all the government debt interest still has to be paid to the banks. Would somebody explain this to the Congress of the United States.

But Tubularsock isn’t scared. Because we have “QUANTITATIVE EASING”. I am so relaxed.

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Head Start, a program that provides early education to low-income children, has effectively been shut down, also (

    But drones are still flying fast and furious over Muslim skies among the many incongruities that you so thoughtfully point out. Yet, Americans still blame an obstructionist GOP or socialist POTUS. The government is working exactly as its puppet masters designed it to, in fact better than ever in the eyes of the Friedmanites. Massive cuts in social spending along with increased privatization and deregulation, yet no mass protests on the streets or real dissent now that Occupy has been put down like a rabid dog by tear gas (non-chemical chemical weapon) and co-opting.

    I admire your moral clarity and courage, Tubular. Keep on keepin’ on, man.


    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks Jeff …… I’m not sure of “moral” but clarity of common sense for sure. Yeah, there is so much to included that the pages would weep.

      It does amaze how far people can be abused and not react. In fact, in this country it has become an anomaly.

      Keep up your excellent work as well. And remember that the Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao …….. Peace my friend.


  2. Can you believe it? A few protestors who are federal employees are protesting because they will not get paid. And even though 8.9 million women and children are going to suffer, that’s okay because it is just too bad that they are…wait for it! Poor! Who cares if babies, who do not even know that they are in this fucked up world, do not get fed? Who cares if program funding is ceased because some pompous assholes are playing, “my cock’s bigger than your cock!?” Who cares that people are losing funding for housing and will be thrown out in the streets when we’re heading into the coldest seasons of the year? Practically next fucking door to me in South Dakota, they have gotten 37 inches of snow and the blizzard is still raging. I am so goddamn mad, I have no idea why I am not a victim of spontaneous combustion! Because fire should be coming from me by now, I am so fucking mad!

    Tubularsock, thank you for posting this and keeping in the spotlight, just who is truly, adversely impacted by this shit storm of shit dumped on us by those filthy, lying and depraved bastards ridiculously known as OUR representatives! Seriously? They are(not) representing those 8.9 million innocent women and their babies who will NOT get fed, but those pompous assholes in Washington are well fed on OUR tax dollars!!! For the love of …..!!!!!!

    I apologize for going off. I just hope that you can understand why. Delete this if it is too much for you and I will certainly understand. Thank you again!


    • tubularsock says:

      You know, to tell you the truth the “my cock’s bigger than your cock” is the level of these assholes and thank god we don’t have to see it by fucking iPhones! I am glad to give you room to go ballistic. It helps me. In group therapy no matter how calm others seem to be one person always carries the hyper-emotion for the group. Well, this is kind of like that. If you didn’t do it then I’d have to. So thank you!

      But what if 8.9 million POOR people showed up at the White House for dinner ……… would things change?

      YES! Fuck’en right things would change …….. The power structure can not withstand that kind of direct action. Remember how scared they were with the Million Man March? And not a million showed up …….. WHY?

      But a 8.9 Million dinner party at the White House? And made up of women and children ……….. Just how fun would that be to be to presented on the world stage!



      • You are welcome! Because my anger issues are boundless at the moment and are obviously not going anywhere anytime soon. I am going to print out hand outs and hop on buses next week and distribute them. I am about ready to launch a campaign to form a group of individuals who are eager to affect change.

        As you can see, I am certainly NOT the calm in this here storm, far from it! And I am reblogging this!


      • 8.9 million people descending on the White House is called a revolution. If that’s what it takes, who’s prepared to take that step? I am.


      • tubularsock says:

        Welcome Claire Marie O’Brien. Thank you for commenting on Tubularsock. Hmmm, revolution you say. Tubularsock calls it a Sunday afternoon fish fry! But it would shake up the core. Women & children in protest, now how cool is that?


  3. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    Tubularsock makes some extremely valid points with this post. Just think about it, 8.9 million women and children have been thrown under the bus with the defunding of WIC(Women, Infants and Children Program)and so the “Hunger Games” begin!!!! The question is, what are we gonna do about it?


    • tubularsock says:

      Ahh. There’s the rub,”. . . what are we gonna do about it?” A women and children mass protest …….. my god, even the power structure would have its hands full with that … there are only so much police brutality that could be unleashed before all hell would break loose!

      Another Tubularsock GOOD IDEA!

      Thank you so much for the reblog ……..


      • You are most welcome on the reblog!

        And I am with you Claire! I would go and I am going to try and see if I can do something about getting many, many others to go! What is happening in this country has gone beyond the end of enough!!! And I just read that Obomber took a stroll to lunch. Now, 8.9 million women and babies are going to go without food while we read about Obomber strolling to lunch?!!! They just keep piling it on!!!!

        Has anyone noticed the price of baby formula? Check this out!

        There is no way that a poor, struggling mother can feed her baby at those prices without help, especially if she’s working at McDonald’s, Burger King, Target, Kohl’s, Wendy’s, Kmart and let us not forget Walmart and the list goes on and on and….!


  4. I had read about WIC and the EPA being shut down and I looked at the percentages of each industry where workers were sent home. You are completely right about the defense portions, they didn’t take much of a loss, most of their workers are considered essential or the new term, exceptable. I feel bad for my single mother friends who rely on WIC to feed their babies. I’m really happy that I don’t seem to be affected too much by the government shut down…yet anyway. But wow!! I had no idea it cost that much each week to fund our governmental operations!!


  5. How long will this go on! No end in site. Just a lot of bickering, heartless, out-of-touch fools in Washington.


    • tubularsock says:

      Sherri, you have got that right! Tubularsock blames it on the marble hallways. It’s a Tubularsock theory. The marble hallways have an echo and when Congressman Dimwit speaks in the marble hallways his voice reverberates at such a rate that he hears an endorsement from himself and in turn concludes that he is correct. Others call it a Dimwit conclusion but those are people that are outside in line for food stamps.

      Thanks for taking time out from writing your book to comment on Tubularsock.


  6. MisBehaved Woman says:

    So sorry that people are starving and all of that jazz but I bet you’ll be happy to know that “necessary” personnel like my stepson are still drawing their paychecks. I mean, imagine the horror that would follow if this young lad was torn out of his seat and sent back home..? No one, and I mean no one can save the country – or is as necessary as – that 22 yr old clueless turd sitting behind a (military) desk in Hawaii getting his paycheck while spending over half of each work shift playing WarCraft. Where are your priorities with all of this “feed the children” nonsense?! We MUST preserve national security…yegads man, aren’t you a patriot?

    Okay, end of snarkasm comment. 😀 True story though. Totally whacked priorities that someone like my stepson is deemed necessary when so much else is getting chopped away as if people don’t matter at all. And of all the things that are cut/closed/castoff right now, why is it that people seem to be most upset by the closing of national parks? Not sure if that’s really the case but if various social media feeds are any indication, that DOES seem to be what most people are bitching about. I love my forest as much as the next tree-hugger but seriously…out of all of this mess, people are bent about vacation spots not being open? Aye, aye, aye…lemme off this rock if it’s really the case. :-/

    A (10)million woman/child march to the back steps of the White House kitchen sounds like a brilliant move…shall I start dusting off my walking boots?


    • tubularsock says:

      Now just stop and think for just one minute! I guess you are unaware of the war that is raging in Hawaii as we speak! NO, you are just too busy criticizing your fellow citizen that are just trying to get a little vacation time in a National Park so they can litter it with a three inch carpet of plastic coke and pepsi bottles and left over MacDonald wrappers!

      My god! Where are your priorities MisBehaved Woman!

      And be careful of Japanese-Pacific Ocean “snarkasm”. I read recently that the radioactive water is running into the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear plant and somehow the fish are being affected. Including the “snark”. Who would have guessed?

      So Tubularsock suggests that you not only dust off your walking boots but send some marijuana brownies to your step son in Hawaii. Because good shit goes well with a turd!

      Thank you so much for your comment and thanks for your blog!


    • You did not get the memo, MisBehaved! Poor people do NOT matter!!!! <–heavy on the sarcasm

      We need vacations in our national park forests so that we can get lost and have some handsome and fit forest ranger either find our lost ass or we get eaten by mountain lions and bears who when they chomp down on us will puke us out due to all the junk food that we have consumed before heading into the forest, modern day 'Hansels and Gretels' that we are! Some poor, hungry baby in the ghetto or the trailer park is NOT our concern.<–insert stereotyping here.

      Sigh….!!! So damn many of us are a waste of skin. Bears, commence to chomping and puking!!!!


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