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Ahhh, Oh John. Excuses’ me John!

Once again, Tubularsock is getting confused. You mean to tell Tubularsock, John ….. that a country just can’t go into another country with a preemptive strike?

Damn! Tubularsock was just warming up to that entire concept and now it’s called “an incredible act of aggression”?

Wow, maybe Tubularsock was correct in his “Old-Think”. When an-attack-on-a-sovereign-nation was considered WRONG!

Oh well. These are modern times ……… it is just so difficult to keep up with all the definitions.

“Fearing that Europe’s borders were being rewritten by force, world leaders rushed to find a diplomatic solution to reverse what had already happened on the ground: Russia captured the Black Sea peninsula (Crimea) on Saturday without firing a shot.” (AP)

Maybe that’s the problem ……… “without firing a shot” …….. 

When we hit Baghdad we “shocked and awed them” and the Russian took Crimea without firing a shot …….. what the fuck is wrong with the Russians! There is a certain protocol when one preemptive strikes. Damn Russians!

And Obomber talked with Putin for 90 minutes and told him of his “DEEP CONCERN” over, “Russia’s clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty.”

And the best part is Obomber’s warning that Russia’s “. . . continued violation of international law will lead to greater political and economic isolation.”

Ahhh, international law?

Oh, we are respecting international law again?

Bring the drones home?

Wow, things are improving after-all.

And what is this bull shit that the Associated Press story intimated? “Fearing that Europe’s borders were being rewritten by force” now what in the fuck is that about …….

Some kind of AP dream world? Borders HAVE ALWAYS been drawn by fat-old-white-men who have no knowledge about what they are cutting and slicing up except their self or nationalist interests! WTF? Just look at Africa or Asia for your examples.

OH PLEASE, Tubularsock is sorry to break this to you but BORDERS ARE ARBITARILY made up, PERIOD!

So the U.S. is jumping up and down about Russian activity in the Ukraine and the way Russia is stifling democracy but who has caused all this unrest?

Well, come to find out that western NGO’s with the backing of the U.S. Government are involved in what they call regime change in the Ukraine. You know, bringing “democracy” to the people along with American capitalism and American influence.

So who is causing Ukrainian unrest? The United States ……… such the surprise. 

And guess who is offering up economic assistance “of a major sort” to Ukraine? Well John Kerry says ……… the United States. Now aren’t we grand!

Kerry was all over Sunday interview programing. Enough that Tubularsock would have been looking for ANY football game to watch if he had a TV. And Tubularsock hates fucking football!

Kerry was on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” NBC’s “Meet the Press” and ABC’s “This Week.”

Yes, all maimed stream press outlets to be sure ……..

But Tubularsock finds hope in all this. It gives all those dumb fucks in the think tanks new room to regurgitate all that Cold War shit they know so well. 

You know, bolster the missile defense systems, potential U.S. budget cuts to Army units based in Germany also could be slowed, to prevent a catastrophic erosion of stability and democracy from creeping across Europe and the White House may have to abandon the policy shift to Asia — its attempt to boost America’s military, diplomatic and economic presence there — to refocus on Russia’s threat.

The Russians move to protect THEIR interests and all of a sudden this means “a catastrophic erosion of stability and democracy creeping across Europe” who is kidding who? 

Yet, Tubularsock isn’t scared ……… I’m going to go out and buy Pussy Riot’s new album. That way I’ll be ready for the Russian take-over!

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  1. heila2013 says:

    Hi Tubularsock,

    Great photomontage!

    I used to think that I was just too stupid to understand politics and never knew what to comment. Today, I still mostly don’t really know what to say when it comes to the doings of politicians and other “powerful” people, but it’s because I hardly follow the political news anymore. I just feel that I have more interesting things to do.


    • tubularsock says:

      Heila2013, thank you for taking the time to comment. You are very wise. The only way Tubularsock can deal with it is with hip-boots for the bull-shit is deep and constant.

      The photomontage was an actual photo taken by Tubularsock. In that shot Tubularsock had to get really small. I know it is difficult to believe but so is American foreign policy!

      In truth, riding my own bicycle is far more interesting and I know you own one so tooling around is the way to go. What better way to watch civilization go by. Going to the beach isn’t all that bad either!

      I’m glad you’re back on your blog. I like the springtime post.
      Thanks again.


      • heila2013 says:

        Tubularsock, thanks for your long comment and for being glad that I’m back 🙂 – so nice of you!!
        I’m actually in YOUR blog right now, reading one of your previous posts …


  2. heila2013 says:

    I do have to check out that music of Pussy Riot though…


  3. Jeff Nguyen says:

    I’m sure this has nothing to do with natural resources…


  4. MisBehaved Woman says:

    I grew up with the solid & irrefutable knowledge that Russians wanted to nuke us Americans just so’s they could take all of our (post-nuked) Levi 501s away from us. Has anyone bothered to monitor the Levi industry lately just to make sure they aren’t somehow involved in this mess? 😉

    All of it makes me want to run the old drill and crawl back under my desk…notsomuch for the safety features a desk would provide in the event of a nuclear event…but really because the view from under there is so much more…peaceful (mice gnawing power cords, roaches roaching, dust bunnies dusting) than it is from up here on the topside where psychopathic clowns are juggling our lives as if there is no greater amusement in the world.


    • tubularsock says:

      Fancy that …… yes Tubularsock has monitored the Levi 501’s and discovered the Chinese cornered the market in that area some time ago but the Russians still dominate in the borsh market especially after their recent entry into the Ukrainian.

      It was during that period of “crawl under the desk” that Tubularsock had the realization that if that bomb was dropped ….. we were toast!
      That was after that movie they showed to classes during that same time where they showed the bomb exploding and that mushroom cloud and students dutifully climbing under their desk. Somehow my little brain thought, “I don’t think under the desk is enough protection”. Come to find out, Tubularsock was correct.

      The roaches were supposed to live through that mushroom cloud I was told so maybe behind the baseboard was safer.

      As for the psychopathic clowns …… it’s good to have some consistency in one’s life.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment MBW. You present some pretty funny images “… (post-nuked) Levi 501s” and all!


      • MisBehaved Woman says:

        Ah…those nuclear desk drills were just awesomesauce, weren’t they? They rate right up there with the idea that in an event of a fire, all children will line up single-file in order according to height, weight, last name and eye color before heading out the door to safety…

        I was only semi-joking about the Levi’s. I grew up next door to White Sands Missile Range & we had it drilled into us from 1st grade onwards that we were like the #1 or #2 nuclear target in the country. We did class “exercises” on things like what we would do when/if USSR pushed that Big Red Button and we only had 30 minutes before the end of the world. We couldn’t grasp the political intricacies of it all…but we all heard and understood Russians hated us but loved our Levis. My kid head couldn’t figure out how they were going to get our jeans if everything was vaporized or where they were going to wear them after we killed them as they killed us. >.< I even recall one (particularly sad) neighborhood kid-conversation…we talked about all of us donating a pair of Levis to Russian kids so that maybe we wouldn't get bombed. We didn't *get* everything but damn, we sure seemed to understand that if we could all share our toys, maybe we'd get along better. Hrm.

        And now…I understand the technicalities of the politricks (mostly, somedays) but I still don't *Get It*. Or, I get it – but just can't fucking stand it all. People are being torn to pieces the world over and no one seems to have a big enough monkey wrench to stop any of it or push it all back. Every other day we wake up to the same BS story lines, the same scare tactics, brainwashing efforts…only the names of the countries change, the propaganda never does. I'd be more than happy to donate as many pairs of pants (and socks and bras and undies!) as necessary to just Make. It. Stop.

        Last week the Grand 5-Star PooBah dude of WSMR made some offhand comment about the importance of our troops being ready for the impending "Pacific Theater" in the local paper…

        And I wonder if the roaches behind the headboard prefer red or white wine or if I should just come bearing cans of Raid as I join them..?


      • tubularsock says:

        Yes, Tubularsock does have to admit that “. . . in an event of a fire, all children will line up single-file in order according to height, weight, last name and eye color before heading out the door to safety… !!!! Did you go to my school?

        That is very funny to recall the high level of bull shit one has to endure.

        No, I understand about the Levi’s. I grew up near an air force base in California and we too were told that we were #1 or #2 as a target. ( I think the time frame was more like an hour before we’d be blown sky high.) Didn’t scare me though …….. I really looked closely at those films of nuclear bomb explosions and determined very early the real danger of a nuclear war was living through it and having to clean it up. Fuck that! Rather die on the first wave.

        After that epiphany I wasn’t very cooperative with the drills, got in a lot of trouble with my jokes. Not a “good solider”!

        One incident that you have reminder me of here was when the “special-bell-signal” rang to have us dive under our desks I jumped up in front of the large plate glass windows and thrust my chest against the windows and said “come and get me”!

        Yep, there were repercussions. Like I said I wasn’t a very “good-solider”.

        I thought it was funny and so did my classmates until the shit hit the fan for me. Then everyone folded ……. but I still think it was funny. ( My parents REALLY DIDN’T!)

        We too were told that the Russians wanted Levis …….. funny you brought that up. At that time I didn’t realize just how indoctrinated my friends and I were. We really never put much of this together in our little minds. And we were not as cleaver as your friends to think by sending Levis to the Russians that their EVIL would be placated.

        “They are attacking us for our freedom” is a spin off from that period perhaps. And the population bought that one too and supported our blowing Iraq to shit.

        Do you think we’ll ever learn?

        Thanks for your comment ………. roaches prefer Afghani-Hash I’ve been told ……. hence the term “roaches”!


  5. MisBehaved Woman says:

    My dad, would have LOVED your classroom antics and bought you ice cream for your efforts! Because of him, I had a duel Bat-Mitzvah ceremony with an empty chair representing one of Russia’s Jewish Refuseniks…her name was Pavla and we corresponded for a few months. Come to find out, she preferred skirts to Levis & didn’t really want me dead…who knew?

    I was never as brave or daring in school as you seem to have been; at least not until I hit high school and by then, The Wall was tumbling down. A gunman blasting our school with a sawed-off shotgun that year taught us that desks were…just desks, not armor…certainly not nuclear bunkers. By high school our bodies couldn’t fit under the desks so well anyways so I’m relieved peace came when it did lol.

    Half my high school buds signed up and took off for the 1st Gulf “Conflict”…all convinced they were doing an honorable deed. Hell, I don’t even recall what propaganda sent them all running then..? Someone hated us for something, I’m sure. I wonder how those kids feel now? Ripped off? Used? Abused? Or clueless?

    Will we ever learn? Nah, not in what’s left of this current incarnation of civilization. I think Earth must be the spiritual kindergarten of the Universe and the sole purpose of this place is to repeat the most basic of lessons…”Clean up your mess, share your toys, play nicely with others, take a nap everyday…” Humankind starts out in stone ages, progresses. advances beyond their limits (getting too big for your britches, my folks called it), blows it all up, back to the stone ages…lather, rinse, repeat…and repeat.

    Dad says the hash in Arabia was outstanding…maybe I’ll see if he remembers the name of his source and stock up….er, for the roaches’ use only, of course! 😉


    • tubularsock says:

      MBW … thanks for your continued comment. Tell your dad to send Tubularsock’s ice cream FedX to keep it from melting. I’m not sure there was any bravery or real daring in my antics. Just fun. And you sure got to see the value of those cheap desks for the truth of their protection in a rather stark way. I’m not envious.

      “. . . spiritual kindergarten of the Universe . . .” you’ve got that right, may be a little generous.

      And thanks for your campaign for roaches for the roaches ……. you are just too kind.


  6. wolfess says:

    “Maimed stream press” — what an excellent name for the gaggle of presstitutes that wouldn’t know the truth if it was written on cue cards right in front of their ugly muggs! But seriously, if it wasn’t for good blogs like Deconstructing Myths, Tubularsock and ShelbyCourtland I probably would have swallowed the presstitutes lies hook, line and sinker! You do us all a great service. 🙂


    • tubularsock says:

      You are very kind, wolfess. And to you as well. From reading your work of keeping a flow of excellent information flowing Tubularsock just doesn’t see you falling for the maimed stream presses bull shit ……. know what I mean?

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Tubularsock will strive to keep up but Deconstructing Myths and ShelbyCourtland are hard acts to follow.


      • wolfess says:

        I just love the way you present your information, not only the info that you give us, but the style and panache that you add to it, and your visual aids are 2nd to none! 🙂 To my way of thinking, we all have our place in this great blogosphere, and I am thankful that you consider the wolfessblog to have a place.


      • tubularsock says:

        wolfess thanks again for the kind words it is very nice to hear. I agree “. . . we all have our place in this great blogosphere . . .” and your work is of great value to Tubularsock as well as all your readers. It is very difficult to keep up with all the news and thoughts that transpire in a day but with your help we all benefit.

        Now that we are finished with our admiration for each other we can get back to work! And really, thank you for your efforts.


      • wolfess says:

        And really, thank you for your efforts.
        Thank you kind Sir! 🙂


      • tubularsock says:

        Ahhhhhhhh! Tubularsock feels what we have here is each of us wants the last word ……. so Tubularsock gives. And THANK YOU for being so kind!


  7. Tubularsock – Damn. I never do catch up. Because I was born 12 days late? By now, it surely can’t be from that … No matter — late or not, thanks for a fine post, it does clarify some things.

    But did anyone really do those under-the desk nuclear war drills in school? I kind of thought that was all urban legend, because unless they only happened while I had mumps (sixth grade) and measles (second grade), my school never had those, not even for the Cuban missile crisis. We got no mushroom-cloud training films either. Yet this was within a mile of a sizable steel mill, well within twenty miles of Wright-Patterson air base and numerous plants making military components. Of course, maybe we were just too poor and expendable for anyone to bother lying to us. students were all working-class, a sometimes uneasy mix of blacks, hispanics and displaced hillbillies like my dad’s family.

    What I do remember is waiting for my mom in the car one evening during the missile crisis. I watched a spectacular sunset (extra atmospheric dust from bomb testing?) and wondered if I would live to see another one. Ah those carefree days of childhood. No wonder kids start having nightmares about the age when they begin to grasp the sort of world they’ve landed in. – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Twelve days late, you say. Well a remedy for that is never turn your clocks back during daylight savings time and you’ll catch up. On the other “hand” why the hurry?

      Tubularsock turns the hands on his clocks to the time he wants it to be during the day and then lives accordingly.

      But enough reality.

      Tubularsock is glad that he clarified some things for you on this recent post. The interesting thing for Tubularsock is that when “things” are clarified it seems it is always our country fucking every thing up so the fat cats can have a couple of more bucks.

      Tubularsock was instructed throughout his entire childhood that the Russians were going to destroy us with their BOMB. Sitting under my desk my entire grade-school years taught me that the fucking Russians were not dependable!

      Never once was Tubularsock’s school flattened. How I hoped but alas the school stood and Tubularsock’s faith in the Russians weakened.

      But later, during Tubularsock’s college years those Rusky’s reared their evil heads again with the Cuban missile thing-e and many of Tubularsock’s friends left school as the day approached to hide in caves in the hills near our town. But by that time Tubularsock had realized that being wiped out on the first hit was the way to go otherwise one would be left to clean up all that radiation. Fuck that!

      Well, after the second let down when the Russians didn’t come through for Tubularsock the times had changed and the realization came forth that the only country in the world that has every dropped an atomic bomb on civilians was The United States of America and we dropped two …… men, women, and children vaporized.

      Wow! A sobering thought, yes?


      • Sobering indeed. So much for our white hats, and pretensions. At some point, I recall reading the lofty euphemism (in a history textbook?) that American foreign policy was based on “enlightened self-interest”. Which I guess was half-true. Enlightened? Compared to what! And I should have understood exactly whose ‘self-interest’ was being served long before I did — that time-lag thing again.

        Your Russian disappointments remind me of Kavafy’s “Waiting for the Barbarians” — who unaccountably never show up.

        ‘They were, those people, a kind of solution.’

        Guess we’ll have to wing it now. – Linda


  8. tubularsock says:

    Linda, did anyone ever show up for Cavafy? Tubularsock sure didn’t!

    But yes ……… “Guess we’ll have to wing it now” may have been a far funnier ending to that poem!


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