Tube Heading Ukraine

Well, here Tubularsock goes again. There seems to be some confusion with this entire Ukrainian thing. So lets put it this way.

Lets say Russia got some money together and started to influence Mexico.

And using that Russian money a group of disgruntled Mexicans and some hired “friends of Mexico” helped to overthrow the democratically elected government of Mexico.

And then lets say the Russian Government picked the new leader of the NEW government and using its influence helped to choose the cabinet of the new government.

And then this “NEW” leader of Mexico was invited to Moscow to pal around with Putin.

And then Russian banks loaned money to stabilize the Mexican economy putting Mexico heavily in interest debt to Russian banks.

And then Russian corporations moved into Mexico to “privatize” Mexico’s natural resources and move the profits out of Mexico.

And then Russia thought it may be a good idea to build a missile defense system along the U.S. – Mexican boarder so as to protect Mexico from . . . . oh, Tubularsock doesn’t know, say Canada.

What would be the response from the United States?xplow copy

So as you read the American press about this issue reflect upon Tubularsock’s little story above and it might open your eyes to the SLANT coming at you. It is good to keep in mind that the maimed stream media is there to keep you propagandized NOT INFORMED.

And of course there is fucking Dick Cheney ……… When in the fuck is the press going to stop asking Dick Cheney about ANYTHING?Cheney evil

But, oh no, there he was on FACE THE NATION! The only time Tubularsock wants to see Dick Cheney face the nation is at his FIRING SQUAD for war crimes!

And the first thing out of his mouth was, “I worry when we begin to address the crisis, the first thing we do is take options off the table.”

And the key option according to Dick is “. . . saying ‘no military”.

Please, oh please …….. one favor for Tubularsock …… whoever donated that new heart to Dick ……. take it back, NOW!

And then like the shit always rises to the top of the tank, Condoleezza Rice gives her precious opinion in the Washington Post.

The woman who gave the ok for the CIA to torture people is someone you are going to believe let alone have any respect?

Condi jest

But there she was and if you dig real bull-shit read it but the part that Tubularsock loved the best is Condi’s statement, “Authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline and championing natural gas exports would signal that we intend to . . .” challenge Russia’s oil prices and lower their sales to affect the Kremlin’s budget.

Wow, so the XL propaganda of lowering gas prices in the U.S. is really what it is …….. propaganda! The XL pipeline IS FOR EXPORT OIL ONLY and if and when Russia would be affected is one of those “pipe-dreams”!

She babbles on and on but like Dick, Condi wants to deploy missile defense, announce air defense exercises with the Baltic states and move a U.S. destroyer to the Black Sea to BOLSTER OUR POSITION.

Maybe Condi didn’t get the memo that we started the whole thing.

Somehow if the United States pokes you in the eye with a stick it is somehow different than if Russia pokes you in the eye with a stick. The part that is always not noticed in the minds of Dick and Condi and their ilk is the result of the guy that gets the stick in his eye. That is NOT their concern because the U.S. ONLY sticks you in the eye for GOOD, JUST, and NOBEL reasons ……. unlike those Russians.

                                                                                                                                ANY QUESTIONS?

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  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    My hair dresser (don’t judge) is Ukranian. We’ve had some good conversations on how little the American public is being told about events in the Ukraine. Despite all of it’s posturing and blubbering rhetoric, the U.S. hasn’t gone to war against Iran so it’s not likely going to take on Russia. That would greatly undermine the precedent set by decades of brave generals and POTUS’s of only attacking significantly smaller and less powerful nations. Thus, we have all this sneaky, underhanded destabilizing business circa Ukraine and Venezuela.


    • tubularsock says:

      Yeah …….. our Latin American actions are as shameful as this Ukraine mess. I don’t even think the American public are worried about war with Russia. But it sure has yanked the chain of all those “cold-warrior” fucks!

      Thanks for your comment. Do you think your hair dresser could do Tubularsock’s hair?


  2. Tubularsock – Did I imagine this? I thought sure Chuck Hagel recently said we would cut our gargantuan defense budget. A smidgen, anyway. And surprise, surprise (almost like cause and effect — but it must be one of those weird coincidences), here we are again, facing a brand new military (and human rights!) crisis in Ukraine. Never fails, does it.

    Some damn fool (Douglas MacArthur?) once said war is caused by undefended wealth. Not quite sure what that meant, but it sounds stupid. In our time, it looks more like war is really the result of intolerable threats to corporate profits and power. Like even talking about cutting the defense budget. After all, corporations have rights — including the right to end our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Isn’t that how it goes? Thanks for another good explanation of what’s going on these days. – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Hey Linda, thanks for your comment.

      Now the phrase, “Did I imagine this?” is interesting ………. If anyone went around telling people the insane shit Chuck says or Hillary, or John, or Barack, Valdimir, Stephen, David and the rest of them ……….. people would think that IF you DID imagine this you’d be insane. Perhaps beyond insane.

      Yet ……… people in government say stupid shit all the time but few accuse them of being insane. That is, not unless they are on the “other” side, but Tubularsock’s “few” are people that just plainly see ……. it really IS insane!

      I agree with you, “coincidences” …… sure. 911 comes to my mind, hmmm.

      Thanks for the link …… I know it will make Tubularsock angry!


  3. Dearing says:

    I believe you covered it dude! I’d like to be a fly on the wall when Putin chats with O’bummer.
    Putin probably suffers the bends from his descent down to O’bummers level.


  4. In so much agreement that I volunteer to remove that heart on demand from the oily mess that is dicky c.
    As for condi–well, she’s a great example of why just switching the gender of the head honchos will not change the agenda. Between her, maggie thatcher and hillary “I wanna be the first woman prez” clin-ton–they give the lie to the argument that if women ruled the world it would be a gentler, kinder, more peaceful place. I am sorry to say, I think NOT. They’re no different than the bad boys they play insane military industrial hard ball games with. They, and other women, hold their own on that playing field quite well. So–it’s not about gender, it’s about values and ethics. The only value is profit and the ethics are Machiviallian.
    Hi tubularsock.


    • tubularsock says:

      Hello 47whitebuffalo …… welcome to Tubularsock’s bunker. Thank you for your comment. “Values and ethics” NOT gender! So very true and Tubularsock is in total agreement with you on that. It always seemed so simple but the values and ethics card never seems to be played with any honesty. Tubularsock feels that that is because once someone reaches the spot of being chosen to run for the office he/she has sold out on all that way before they are in that position. The race card, the gender card seems to attract the attention in “celebrity” politics not values and ethics. Tubularsock doesn’t see much change in the future. And Tubularsock has to admit that Machiavelli has made quite a name for himself here in the ol’
      U.S. of A.


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