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As usual, Tubularsock sits in awe of stupidity.  Obomber’s speech sounded like Bush’s speech, sounded like Johnson’s speech, sounded like Nixon’s speech.

There is always that underpinning whether mentioned or not that we have to stop the Vietcong, al Qaida, ISIS over there or they will be on our shores in a minute.

Even though YOU can’t get on a plane without a crotch search.

Tubularsock ain’t scared!

And oh how BARBARIC they all are, down right uncivilized!

Did you know that ISIS cuts people’s heads off?

And oh my god, they WATER-BOARD their prisoners!

Can it get any worse than that?

Well yes, they TORTURE their prisoners and if that isn’t enough

they make their prisoners wear orange jump suits!

And unlike “OUR” CIA they didn’t destroy their videos of doing all these things, THEY POST THEM ON YOUTUBE!

Talk about transparency! 

My god, what is this world coming to?

Somehow in all this is always our rush to bomb …… well, bomb somebody.

And bombing has worked so well that it will just be as effective again!

And again, and again, and again ……… see how effective it is?

Let’s see, ahh …….. women and children first is what Tubularsock likes to say.

Ok. And the old people! They can’t get out of the way anyway.

Yep, lets shock and awe them.

And what gets Tubularsock the most is that WE (meaning the United States) helped create ISIS. WE (meaning the United States) funded them and trained them to help fight Syria. And remember WE (meaning the United States) also funded and trained bin Laden’s al Qaida back in the day to help fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Somehow that never gets mentioned in the speeches and the maimed stream media.

The other crap that seemed to be missed is in August, Saudi Arabia executed 15 people by chopping off their heads. You remember Saudi Arabia …… they are one of our allies.

And the “moderate” elements of the rebel groups in Syria which WE (meaning the United States) have been and are going to continue to arm, fund, and train cut off 8 heads of captured ISIS rebels in the past few days.

Now you tell Tubularsock ……… does it look like beheading really means all that much to the President or Congress to you?

Now the realization that bombing people usually turns them INTO terrorists still hasn’t penetrated Obomber’s head. Bush didn’t get that either and the Vietcong grew under Johnson’s and Nixon’s bombing.

So why is it that bombing is the first line of defense?

Hmmm. Just maybe we need terrorists.

It appears to Tubularsock that it is the ONLY job program Obummer and Congress have come up with that works!

There doesn’t appear to be any unemployment in ISIS. And you have to admit ISIS even sounds like a government program?

Tube saves

Problem solved

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    What exactly is ISIS anyway? Is it the Iowa Student Information Services ( Or is ISIS a mobile payment service now known as Softcard ( Or is ISIS an Egyptian goddess whose tears caused the Nile River to flood once a year ( Better to just bomb them all to be on the safe side. Obama’s second verse….same as the first.

    Michael Stipe recently penned an interesting piece on nationalism circa 9/11: Take care out there, Tubular.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks Jeff. I think your solution is most likely the best. You know one can not be too safe.But Tubularsock liked the Iowa Student Information Service the best!
      I’m looking forward to the Stipe article. Thanks for the link. Don’t worry about Tubularsock I’ve just put a layer of marshmallows over the bunker …… all is well on the Western Front!

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  2. All of the extreme jihadist groups learned how to torture and assassinate people from the CIA. Until Sadat hired the CIA to come and set up his security services in 1952, the Arab world couldn’t torture worth shit. Thank God the CIA came along to set them straight.

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  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am SO sorry! I know that this is NOT a joke, but the way you explain it all is just so damn funny to me. Maybe, it’s my way of laughing instead of crying. I don’t know but when you put it all together like this, how can the American people not find ANYTHING wrong with the picture that has been painted for them? I mean, seriously???!!!!! Are we really that naïve and obtuse? Are we so filled with that great American ‘exceptionalism’ that we just see stars and disco balls when our government is torturing people, dropping WMDs on them and murdering them just because the government thought that it was a ‘good’ day to do so?

    Why is it that our shit stirring is overlooked, but when someone else does exactly what we’ve done, it is all SO absolutely horrifying and we are SO worked up over it? I mean gosh and golly gee! How could they? They could because we trained them and we wrote the book on torture, genocide and all things of war and it flows straight from the filthy lips of U.S. warmongers and then there we have it, another battleground in which no blood of the warmongers will flow, but there the cannon fodder go!

    For the love of ……..!!!!!!!

    Another epic post Tubularsock! You continue to outdo yourself!!! I gave you a standing ovation over this one!!!!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you Shelby. Tubularsock loves the standing ovation but please be careful. One could get droned to death standing anywhere in the entire area. Tubularsock spends a great deal of time thinking it all has to be a joke. It’s just not funny!

      Tubularsock is ashamed of the American people for being so narrow and stupid. The government has been selling them the same old used car over and over again and they keep buying it. Which only goes to show that the only exception would be to stop that pattern. Yet, they may just like “disco balls”. Which, if true, could mean that John Travolta may be the next President! Bye, bye Hillary-The-Bitch! please oh please ………

      Thanks for your comment, Shelby. And keep up the laugh. It does help.


    • wolfess says:

      Now Shelby I know I’ve said this b4 … uh-merikkan exceptionalism in anybody else’s book is just RETARDED! [With apologies to those souls out there that are mentally handicapped]


  4. Tubularsock, Have I just missed it, or are they holding the “babies on bayonets” bits in reserve to clinch the sale on this cheesy Xerox war? And yes I know, bayonets are SO! passé — they toss babies out of incubators now. Even our propaganda has to keep up with the times … though come to think of it that’s already a 30-year-old shtik, so maybe these days they’ll defrost IV embryos instead. Such progress. Thanks for another fine post. – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Linda, excellent observation! You are so “cutting” edge! Tubularsock is a little frightened about the direction this new war effort is going. I hope we don’t push the idea that we are going to bomb them back to the stone age. Because ISIS would view THAT as support. That is the direction they want to go.

      Thanks for your comment. By the way, what’s a Xerox? Tubularsock isn’t up on his desert animals ………


  5. wolfess says:

    B-b-b-but I like and respect the Goddess Isis! 🙂

    Did you know that ISIS cuts people’s heads off? ———— You mean just like we do?

    And oh my god, they WATER-BOARD their prisoners! ———- You mean just like we do?

    Can it get any worse than that?

    Well yes, they TORTURE their prisoners and if that isn’t enough ———- You mean just like we do?

    they make their prisoners wear orange jump suits! ———- Yeppers, JUST LIKE WE DO!

    This is is definitive proof that they learned EVERYTHING from us!


    • tubularsock says:

      Well, wolfess Tubularsock happens to be great buds with the Goddess Isis. Tube and Isis hung out for a time but she was polytheistic and Tubularsock was monogamous so things didn’t work out. But “we’re still friends”.
      As for “us” teaching the world evil, it already had a head start ……. we just helped it along.

      Tubularsock has always felt that the best thing that the U.S.could do to eliminate ISIS is to drop BigMac’s on them. After a “happy meal” they’d be dead! Oh, that may be against the Geneva Convention come to think about it.

      Thanks for your comment.


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