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Now Tubularsock was separating bull shit from reality with his new invention known as the BULLSHIT REMOVAL EXTRACTOR. Yes, Tubularsock knows that “removal” and “extractor” are redundant but you’ll have to admit so is BULLSHIT!

Anyway, there is not a whole lot to do in Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in his underground bunker in Oakland, CA overlooking Washington, D.C. so Tubularsock has to keep busy exposing the BULLSHIT REDUNDANCY . Hey, it’s like a quest!

Tube in bunker

ISIS seems to be ALL that is happening in the entire world if you pay attention to the maimed-street-media.

Well guess what fellow travels ………..

Not much has changed ……. it is all focus.

NSA are still spying on you …… nothing has changed. Congress spoke about being upset and going to do something BUT they went on their “Summer Recess” and then ISIS appeared and they voted to support bombing them and then called for a “surprise” break and they won’t return until the FIRST WEEK IN DECEMBER! Oh yeah, just in time for their Christmas Recess. No, really Congress is going to be in session for a good four days this year …… really? Tubularsock’s sure of it, if you count what they have accomplished!

Tube Finger Capitol

Hello …….. planet earth can you read me?

Oh, and MH-17 is still being investigated by the “international-community” (aka the united states being omni-present) and the first emphasis was that the investigation was NOT going to cast “blame” but they are going to investigate the “facts”.

Bottom line is that the Puppet-Ukrainian-Government supported by the United States shot down the Malaysian passenger plane and the Russians and the Russian Ukrainian Supporters were not responsible. Those are the facts that are coming out of the investigation but the maimed-streamed-media just doesn’t seem to notice.

And then there is ……. wait for it ……… the Kim Kardashian nude “hacked” photos!

You know in truth, Tubularsock doesn’t know who in the fuck Kim Kardashian really is but she seems to appear every time any odd international news crops up.

And seriously, have you ever seen Kim in her “regular-clothes?” It is all focus.


How is “nudity” different?

And Tubularsock doesn’t want to pry, but when was the last time YOU took photos of yourself nude and posted them so they could be hacked?

Oh ……… the BULLSHIT REMOVAL EXTRACTOR is going off the charts so Tubularsock has to cool down the system …….. Like later!

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. wolfess says:

    I read an article yesterday arguing that Kimmy Kard-who-the-flok-cares is the new Ayn Rand in that everything in her ‘world’ is all about her — maybe SHE’S the one who leaked the nude photos just to get the attention back on her! 🙂


    • tubularsock says:

      wolfess that would not surprise Tubularsock one bit. The name of the game is keep your name out there. Kimmy does that extremely well and the cash keeps flowing in. Thanks for your comment and keeping Tubularsock “abreast” of the latest conspiracy-theory.


  2. Tubularsock, Hope your spiffy new bullshit extractor (BRE for short?) is super-heavy industrial grade, and rated for continuous duty, maybe running on a dedicated circuit or with its own power supply. (Do you get enough sun there in your bunker for solar power?) Because there’s Sturgeon’s Law to consider here, which pretty much says that at least 95 percent of almost everything is bullshit. That’s some considerable amount of shit. And I’m wondering, what do you do with it once it’s been processed? China seems to have a sizable need for fertilizer, though one wonders how wholesome some of this stuff would be.

    Which may be more than enough of MY shit. Thanks for another timely and informative post! – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Linda, thank you so much for taking the time to help perfect the BRE. Tubularsock is attempting to plug directly into the sun but the extension-cord overheats due to the distance. Tubularsock is now proceeding with plan two, moving the sun closer to the bunker. Obviously it’s the only way that Tubularsock can see (with his dark glasses on) to correct the issue at hand.

      Yes, Tubularsock does agree with Sturgeon’s Law but feels he is a bit too optimistic with his 95%. Often that is the problem with liberal thinking.

      With your input the BRE improvements have become a communal project so hell, the Chinese will fit right in with that! So, a Mao-say-tounge to you!


  3. heila2013 says:

    Love the comments. 🙂


  4. heila2013 says:

    Your comments, Tubularsock.


  5. Thanks for doing this. It’s a real public service. Perhaps you could clear something up for me. Radio New Zealand says that Obama notified Syria (via a Turkish diplomatic bag) that he was going to bomb them. But the Wall Street Journal says he didn’t???

    If you notify someone you’re going to bomb them, it’s all right, isn’t it?


    • tubularsock says:

      Well Dr.B, you are welcome. It’s Tubularsock’s middle name … Tubular-public-service-Sock.

      And yes Tubularsock will clear up this issue of bombing/not bombing for you. Radio New Zealand is correct, Syria was notified by the United States but what New Zealand Radio did not know (this by the way is from an inside source known only to Tubularsock) is that it was NOT “. . .a Turkish diplomatic bag” but rather a Gucci Bag bought in Paris and used by the assistant to the assistant of the Turkish Ambassador’s brother in law so as not to have to pay the import/export fee for luxury items in transit. Be that as it may the message was delivered.

      However the Syrian Government already knew this information because Assad’s wife went on Google the night before to the well known web site and found out the time and date. Really, “diplomatic bags” are so last century!

      The Wall Street Journal on the other had said Obama didn’t notify them only because they are old school and would it be reasonable to notify a sworn enemy you were going to bomb them?

      Now, DrB. for the answer to your 64,000 dollar question ……. envelope please …….. YES! IT IS ALL RIGHT!

      Feel better?

      Thank you for the comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      • LMDAO!!! =Laughing My Drunk Ass Off!! You, dear Tubularsock are a riot! Get out of the bunker and take that show on the road!!!! Wouldya PLEAZZZZ!!!

        First of all, this entire post is so on point, it should be up in Times Square. It should have been posted when 300,000+ were marching to end global warming.

        We are eyeball deep in bullshit! Damn! Did I just re-affirm what you just stated or what? You know, even if we are saying the same things over and over again and getting the same results, you still have a way of saying it that is just hilarious even though it is oh so true! Since I’m still recuperating from a highway pileup, I’ve got nothing better to do when not in traction but continue to be redundant. Not to mention that being in what is seemingly ‘mortal’ agony would make even the most hardiest soul want to get down and ugly.

        I applaud you for this post and I seem to be doing that ever more so lately as you are on a roll. Btw, I absolutely adore your underground bunker. It is stylish, classy and has just the drink I’m always pouring.

        How very astute of you to notice that Kim Kardashian ‘leaked’ nude photo crap. Who in hell, that has wanted to see her nude, hasn’t by now? Is there any part of her that was on display that hasn’t been? And Kardashian can just move over because according to MSN’s front page, we’re still ‘gushing’ over Jennifer Anniston. Now, I’ve never ‘gushed’ over anything barring champagne of course, and the last damn thing that I would ‘gush’ over is Jennifer Anniston and I damn sure as hell don’t go scouring the net for nude photos of slutty Kartrashcan. Hell! The last time I looked for nude photos, I was trying to find the Hunchback of Notre Dame in the nude. I think he’s so cute! LMAO! Anyway, I’d better quit while I’m being slightly stupid and THAT I am blaming on a decided lack of endorphins. Where the hell have mine got to?

        Just one more thing, I wonder why Russia has been so silent on the bombing of Syria. And are there really ANY sovereign nations other than America? Since we bomb wherever we please after having declared that we are going to do so regardless of whether it’s ‘approved’ or not?We’re just so ‘exceptional’ and SO special!

        Another most excellent post Tube!!


      • tubularsock says:

        Shelby, Tubularsock is sad that you got fucked up in your freeway incident and hopes you will “traction” your way back to recovery! Or … all kidding aside hope you get better soon.
        It does make one think about the meaning of “freeway”, however.

        Thank you for your support but we are running the same shit except for the fact that your work is sophisticated and arty!

        Tubularsock’s underground bunker is rather plush but wait until you see the “drinking” room.

        Tubularsock is astute but in truth it was wolfess that brought Kimmy’s “self” release possibility to Tubularsock’s attention.

        And now you Shelby, is bringing Jennifer Anniston to Tubularsock’s attention but Tubularsock doesn’t know of this person …….. soon that will change!

        But Tubularsock does know about the Hunchback of Notre Dame and as for his nude pictures ……. ok, Tubularsock does agree that he is cute.

        Now as for Russia it has its own possible issues with ISIS and Syria may have to watch out for itself. But that completion of that pipeline will keep both Russia and Iran in play against the U.S.

        And in truth, there are no sovereign nations left including ourselves if you bring up the “militarized-police” in Ferguson!

        Thanks Shelby, you’re great!


      • H3nry J3kyll says:

        Have you happened across any Kim Kard-esque photos of Assad’s wife? I heard something about her linked to a production “The Empire Strikes From The Back.”

        That bunker Kool-Aid is premium top shelf stuff Tube. Love it!!!


      • tubularsock says:

        The bunker’s Kool-Aid IS premium top shelf stuff, H3nry! Tubularsock makes is himself from organically grown KOOL!
        Tubularsock just loved “The Empire Strikes From The Back.” Tubularsock will be searching for those photos from behind.

        Thanks H3nry for your comment and the tip.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Jeff Nguyen says:

    The BRE sounds badass…I want one. Yeah, after this Syria business is done, it’s back to Ukraine or maybe Israel will launch another operation. I just hope that none of our duly elected (vetted) leaders phones get hacked. Naked selfies of H. Clinton or J. Biden would be the last straw…


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