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Tube heading slingshot


Tube employment blast


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Sounds like a great opportunity to unleash hidden sadistic tendencies – provided you have some.


    • tubularsock says:

      DrB. you are so perceptive! Have “sadistic tendencies”? You bet. That is why Tubularsock has created the Devil’s Covenant of Oakland!

      Oh sure, we love Jesus but along with that we too have latent hedonist desires!

      And who better to hang with than Beelzebub?

      Now, Tubularsock knows that you know that beating pillows at the therapist just doesn’t cut it but ……….. blowing up a munitions factory …….. well hell, you can feel the light!

      Thanks for your understanding ……… Tube


  2. Tube, I know that we are going through, ‘these hard times’, and I know that you would not be fond of flipping burgers or cleaning toilets, but there’s got to be something else that you can do that would not undermine your dignity but at the same time provide job security such as what you’ve got going on now.

    I’ve got an idea. Much of California and Nevada is undergoing a serious drought. Now, if you could somehow invent something that would clean up the Pacific Ocean that has been polluted by Fukushima radiation and turn saltwater into freshwater, why you’d be the man of the century. Now, what say you? And the reason why I know that you could do this is because there’s just nothing that you can’t do. So again, what say you?


    • tubularsock says:

      Shelby you are always trying to guide Tubularsock to a better direction. Thank you for that. Yes, these are difficult times but one has to do what one has to do …………

      Cleaning toilets and flipping burgers Tubularsock has done in his life and those are noble professions and more fun than many believe. Especially if one owns the business that implements those activities. And Tubularsock has been in that position.

      Munitions have there place in the explosive society that we live but Tubularsock would be the first to advance to a higher calling.

      So you suggest “saltwater into freshwater”?

      Now let Tubularsock get positive or is that negative but Fukushima has provided a very lucrative market for pre-fried-fish, octopi, and squid. So there’s a plus.

      And saltwater into freshwater with the capabilities of lighting the way with converted nuclear radiation also shows potential.

      Not to even mention that Tubularsock could get a tan!

      So! The challenge is on ……….. Tubularsock is headed for “MAN-OF-THE-CENTURY”!

      Cash only, tickets at the door ………….


      • I’ve got my cash in one hand and two flutes of champagne in the other ready to sip when you are proclaimed, “MAN-OF-THE-CENTURY!” It’s got to be you. It damn sure as hell won’t be Barack ‘Insane’ Obomber and hell no, it won’t be Dick ‘Kiss My Ass, I’ll Buy A Heart’ Cheney and heaven forbid, Georgie WackaBush and his CondasleezaBushWhoreRice bitch! My money’s on you!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Well Shelby, it may not be to your advantage to hold your cash in hand because by the time this happens it may not be worth the paper it is printed on BUT the champagne will be nearly 500 years old and you’ll be able to sell it as an antique collectable from 2014. Nice profit is in store for you my friend ………. capitalism wins again!


  3. If desalinization won’t work for some reason, there’s precedent from somewhere for turning water into wine, would that be easier? I think that might be popular with almost everyone but the French wine industry. And there’s bound to be a market for that radiation filtration stuff too. A world bursting with opportunity! Have fun? – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Capital idea as they say in England, fuck the French. Yet Tubularsock isn’t in London and he has several cases of French table wine in his bunker for his wine-o pleasures.

      So, the dilemma unfolds.

      Linda, Tubularsock has heard some place about this story of the “water into wine” thing.
      The issue with it today is choice (as well as the French being pissed) and in the modern world there are a multitude of grape varieties and which one to choose is paramount.

      Now you are correct that the water into wine may be easier than the difficulties of desalinization for sure. Picking the salt out of water by hand is extremely labor intensive so costs go up even if we eliminate lunch breaks!

      However, the fundamental issue is in order to get the wine into water we need to start with water. And the point is that in a drought there isn’t any!

      Oh shit, Tubularsock needs a drink! Thank the gods for Wild Turkey!

      Thanks for you comment Linda. Any other ideas?


  4. Details, details! Sigh. Must be why we hear that’s where devils hang out. Sorry, that’s all I had!


  5. Dearing says:

    yep – Tubularsock Sherlock strikes again! Soooo awesomely well done, Tube – the insanity of it makes purr-fect sense…. The only solace is the polarity does exist somewhere 🙂


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