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Have you ever wondered why the New York Times is unable to spell out FUCK in their newspaper that is supposed to be an historical record. Or SHIT and CUNT. How about NIGGER?

But if Tubularsock says as they do on TV and in news articles the N-word or the F-word or the S-word or even the C-word you know exactly what it means. Don’t you!

So what is the difference?

But Tubularsock does have to admit that using Ka-Ka for Shit is just repulsive!

But more importantly …………

What does this say about our society that these words as well as pictures of penises and breasts are taboo but ramming a broom stick up some guys rectum or putting electricity to his pee-pee or slamming him against the wall until he’s unconscious or water-boarding him to the point of drowning is acceptable.

Oh, you think it’s not?

If a CNN commentator says FUCK on TV the network could be fined a 100 thousand dollars by the FCC.

But if a CIA agent or a member of United States Military does any of the above torture techniques they OR THEIR superiors are not taken to jail. Not even fined.

If FUCK is worth a 100 thousand dollars ………..

Just what should ramming a broom stick up some guys rectum be worth?

Do you remember at the height of the Iraq War those who lost a son as collateral damage was paid $2000.00 for compensation for the loss. The same price the United States government paid for the loss of a Toyota Pickup. Sweet.

And even the term COLLATERAL damage ……. think about that. COLLATERAL as worth of a human life? …… COLLATERAL?

You see in a capitalist society everything is based on its “worth” in dollars and cents.

That’s the way we roll.

Take some time to read what the CIA agents and American Military Personnel did to prisoners under the Bush-Cheney Administration and then tell me just how horrid have we become as a society?

Why haven’t the collective WE not demanded that everyone involved in this travesty of inhuman barbarism been taken to trial for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

What is stopping us? What is stopping you?

paper ready

Well, assassinating Martin Luther King, assassinating Malcolm X, assassinating the Kennedy’s what happened? Nothing!

Burning down LA, breaking up Berkeley, tearing the fabric of Chicago in ’68 …….. Those actions scared the power structure.

The difference between the two? The assassinations were done BY the power structure, the civil disorder was done by THE PEOPLE.

That is what is so scary.

We once again are at a time that the power structure has to be scared.


POWER TO THE PEOPLE AND BURN BABY BURN still have a nice ring to them!

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. But, but, but Tube! We are told how wrong it is to burn down businesses because we are actually destroying our neighborhoods; destroying the very fabric and essence of our lives, not to mention the foundation of our very existence; that $7.25 an hour wage job that we worked 3 hours at because we are not allowed to become full-time workers due to the corporations NOT wanting to pay us a living wage for the work that we do FOR them that enables them to live a so lavish lifestyle, we are destroying that!

    We are told how counterproductive it is to burn down that which props us up and takes care of us. We are to be the good little sheeple that we are and just hang our heads and moan over whatever upsets us. If we go the fuck off, why that is just SO wrong! That is just so mindlessly destructive! Call out the National Guard!

    When will people realize that they are worthless? The people don’t really have shit! And what little shit somebody thinks they have; that can be taken away with an illness, another cut in hours, another job outsourced. We’ve SO much to lose Tube! Why can’t you see that? We can’t burn shit down! It’s OUR shit! Yeah! Like that’s fucking true! It’s THEIR shit, not OUR shit and don’t they know it! That’s why its got to be protected by THEM from US!

    Why do people think that the emphasis was totally on stores burning in Ferguson? Why don’t people realize that the reason the word from the Grand Jury came at night was so that the shit would hit the fan, fueled by the cops and explode. Everything is scripted. We need to take over the script but we won’t because at this point, we have been subdued, brainwashed and frightened to death by the goon squad into continuing to go on as though we’re in Utopia when we’re actually in a ditch hoping for a good corporate Samaritan to come along.

    BURN BABY BURN? Nope! More like, CRY BABY CRY!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Oh gosh you are correct Shelby, what was Tubularsock thinking? Why doesn’t everyone just go to their $7.25 an hour jobs and be happy. Tubularsock will have to look for them but Tubularsock has a collection of black slave songs someplace. Golly those employees could sing those on break (if they get one) and tap their toes and say ……. yes’em massa. I know you realize that those black slaves LOVED their massa. You remember, right! Tubularsock is sure that information is still in those American History Textbooks. And wow, a banjo on the front porch after an 18 hour work day ……. who wouldn’t want to sing, “Ole Aunt Jemima grow so tall, Dat she couldn’ see da groun’. She stumped her toe, an’ down she fell From de Blackwoods clean to town”. Go Shelby, sing along!

      Now aren’t we all just happ’y slaves now?

      You see Shelby ……. Tubularsock was just looking at it all wrong. Excuse me but Tube’s going to tap his right foot this time.

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      • ROTFLMTDAO!!! = rolling on the floor laughing my tap dancing ass off! So, Tube, you can’t be tap dancing. That’s a Black thang, remember? Weez just some tap dancing while juggling watermelon and fried chicken fools, we are! And while we’re doing all that, weez just ‘a grinnun fer massa, oh yes we iz! ‘Cause iffn we pleeez massa, maybe he wont beat us so damn much! Now, I gots ta git back ta pickin’ cotton fer nuffin. Lawd hep me, muh pooo achun bak.

        Fugiv muh spelling errers, I weren’t tawt propuh English since us slaves won’t sposed ta read er rite!

        LOL! Tube, you’re a mess and this is another fine post, indeed!! Thanks!


      • tubularsock says:

        Now, Shelby Tubularsock is a little weak on his tap dancing skills but Tube knows how to sing those blues …………


  2. Interesting philosophical discussion. Obviously none of us would go so far as to advocate insurrection on the Internet – as this would be illegal under the latest incarnation of the Patriot Act. However going back in history, only the threat of insurrection and mob violence has motivated the ruling elite to enact meaningful and lasting reform.

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  3. donzo442 says:

    I have a molotov. Tucked safely away yet readily available for use. I have a copy of ‘The Anarchist’s Cookbook’. It’s tucked safely away yet readily available for the common good. A recipe is not just for meatloaf.
    There is NO fucking justice in the US of A but there is impunity and immunity from prosecution for those that would torture and kill.
    Grab John Yoo from the streets of Berkeley and let us hold a citizens tribunal. I’d bet an impartial jury of Yoo’s peers would be out there somewhere…
    Oh bullshit, find 12 regular ass-out AmeriKKKans and one impartial legal scholar and let them sort out the delusion from the obfuscation. Render a verdict and decide on a sentence worthy of real justice and not the outrageous crap-o-rama that passes for redacted justice these days.
    Love that graphic Tubularsock. Killer…

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    • tubularsock says:

      Ah yes, the ol’ Molotov …….. that gasses Tube up into a fiery rage, “God gave Noah the rainbow sign, no more water, the fire next time.”

      A few years back Tubularsock put out a tee-shirt and a bumper sticker that was popular for a short bit ……..

      “Crush John Yoo’s Testicles,
      After all it’s only
      Enhanced Interrogation!”

      Maybe it’s time for Tubularsock to reinstate his clothing line.

      But maybe only after the Citizens Tribunal.
      Can Tubularsock be the judge? Can I, Can I ……… pleez.

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      • donzo442 says:

        Let us know if you put tees on the market. I’d buy one and wear it. You’re hired to be the judge. I’m grandiose enough to make the call. I’m thinking finding a jury would be a piece of cake. Rounding up the war criminals, that’s the tricky part.

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  4. 1EarthUnited says:

    Tubes, you clever little firebug you! 😉
    Ya know u might just have something here, if every single Mickey D’s or pharmacy burn to the ground, u know how much healthier the public will be?! Gives a whole new meaning to collateral/ collaborative damage. 😉



    I hope the link works.

    “Although it is not known whether or not arson is involved, the National Arson Investigation team has been called in. However, it is a sad day that the Department on Aging has lost all of its Christmas gifts for the aged, most of whom live in nice, upscale facilities. But since their families have abandoned them, the only gifts they will get are from the Department on Aging, but that department intends to persevere. On the other hand, those poor, poor law firms and safety inspectors in buildings close by that got damaged will not be able to return to their buildings for at least 6 months. What a shame! Oh what a shame that is, those poor, poor ambulance chasers are without their workspace and will undoubtedly miss out on some ambulance chasing cases. Computers literally melted into desks as windows were blown out from intense heat that was just too intense for the computers to withstand. Not to worry, a mobile unit has been set up as close to the scene of this massive and devastating fire as is possible to connect those ‘attorneys’ to accident victims. Man the phone lines, please.”

    “And that will wrap things up at the scene of this devastating fire for this intrepid reporter! Oops! Good thing too because another hotspot just started burning! Shelby Courtland of ‘News For You Tube’ reporting from downtown LA! Over and out!”

    I personally think ‘God’ did it!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks for your up to the minute coverage “Shelby Courtland of ‘News For You Tube’ “!

      Yep, from Tubularsock’s “overview” of the deity we all know he is …… God did do it!

      Glad that’s settled.


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