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Oh wow! Let Tubularsock sit down right now! Sorry, but this is the most underwhelmed Tubularsock has been for some time.

The CIA report has been released and man, like almost 500 hundred pages of information we already know.

It’s regular bull shit in and regular bull shit out.

How many of you already know the United States tortured prisoners and lied to everyone about it?

Unanimous. Well I’ll be damned!

The Wall Street Journal’s website published an opinion piece in which former CIA Directors George Tenet, Porter Goss and Michael Hayden and Deputy Directors John E McLaughlin, Albert Calland and Stephen R. Kappe defend their agency’s record.

They said that the CIA report was “. . . a one-sided study marred by errors of fact and interpretation . . . and had missed opportunity to deliver a serious and balanced study of an important public policy question”.

Well Tubularsock agrees. No really. Tubularsock has agreed with assholes before so it isn’t the first time. So to settle this question about your-side vs their-side crap Tubularsock suggests ………. LET’S RELEASE ALL 6000 PAGES rather than the 500 pages that are “marred by errors of fact and interpretation”.

What do you say to that boys?

If Tenet, Goss and Hayden (fucking assholes all) and the other lackeys REALLY wanted “a serious and balanced study of an important public policy question” wouldn’t they be the first to demand the release of ALL the pages?

There is not a question that if those 6000 pages were released that we would find out what Tubularsock and you know already, that the United States IS A TERRORIST STATE and needs to have a regime change NOW!

But alas …… not going to happen.

Nor is anyone going to be arrested and tried for breaking American and International Laws. NO.

So here we go again ……… If one of those BLACK, BLACK, BLACK African leaders had done even 3000 pages worth of outrageous disgusting shit then fucking John Kerry and fucking step-and-fetch-it-Obuma would be right in front of the world leaders calling for removing the tyrant to save the people.

But the WHITE MAN does it ……… all’s good. What laws?

But hey. Black people in America can work hard and get good schooling and have at least one of their daddies working for the CIA and they too could be President of the United States. Just something to look forward to NOT BACKWARD!  Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. This whole torture release saga has been a first class psy-ops from start to finish.


    • tubularsock says:

      DrB. you are right on the money with that observation and nothing much has changed. Tubularsock doesn’t see it getting any better. The blood is on the hands of too many big boys to have any real shift. So the next step is to bury it with a big event of some sort so the focus changes. Maybe a good old fashion bombing or another “loan” (oh, Tubularsock meant) “lone wolf” shooter ……. that should do it!

      Thanks for your comment.

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  2. skulzstudios says:

    Well said my Brother. Release all of it. Every last crime against humanity needs to see the light of public scrutiny. At the same time, the congressional fucks can release all those nightmarish photos from Abu Ghraib prison that the ruling elite felt our world wouldn’t have the stomach to see exactly how fucking evil our boys in the boots can be upon command.
    Son of a bitch, I’ve got me a real burn working…

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    • tubularsock says:

      Now calm down skulz. Remember they did it for OUR own good. See they tortured THEM over there so they didn’t have to torture them over here or something like that. That is how true democracy works, torturing them equally! And even the CIA said, gosh, we made some mistakes but we did it for you!

      Tubularsock is off for his 3 1/2 mile run before I punch something I’d just have to repair later!
      Thank you for the comment and I’m enjoying catching up on your work ….. very impressive to say the least.

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      • skulzstudios says:

        I think it will take several days to get a grip and settle down some. The ‘patsy patriots’ are out in force defending wanton war criminals and it’s just another day the land of “Crapageddon”.

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  3. “I am stunned into speechlessness! I had no idea! Who could have known? Are you sure this is true? How did this get past me? Where was I when all of this was going down? Who authorized this? Who has been in the know all along? Did we really do that? Aren’t we blowing this out of proportion just a little bit? Let’s remain calm and be clear as to what really happened! It is clear that we have not been exactly nice and friendly towards folks, but why should they retaliate? I mean, we are sorry and all, aren’t we?”

    I am pretty sure that that stupid shit has been said by some stupid ass politician, including that son-of-a-bitch presidential fuck-up because his throat is so backed up with bile, he had to get a CT scan, the useless, torturing prick! And Dick ‘Kiss My Ass, I’ll Buy A Heart’ Cheney is still leering over the videos and the photos of the torture and WackaBush is probably somewhere sucking at the gap between CondasleezaBushWhore Rice’s nasty ass teeth while she’s moaning, “gently now, my baby Wacky!” Throw in Donald ‘Up the ass’ Rumpledforeskin and Colin ‘lied to the UN’ Powell and what do we have? We have a lot of war criminals that will never be charged with a goddamn thing, that’s what we have!

    But I had better not fucking sell a loose cigarette on the streets of New York and I had better not be ‘alleged’ to have taken a box of cigars from a store because my Black ass will be shot and or choked to death. And I had better not do a goddamn thing but pay my fucking taxes so that I can continue to be complicit in torture and mass murder, goddamn it!

    Oh and thanks Tube! Great post, AGAIN!

    P.S. Please excuse my outburst! It was intentional.


    • tubularsock says:

      Excuse your outburst? How would Tubularsock know it was you, Shelby. When that high karate kick comes off the wall and head high Tubularsock always says, “Oh, how nice Shelby’s arrived at the party”.

      You speak the truth Shelby and Tubularsock couldn’t agree with you more. Yeah, when it come to the cops even Tubularsock would be scared to sell a loose cigarette and break the tax law! You know the laws are made to protect us citizens, right?

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      • Oh yeah! I feel good and protected, like a newborn kitten placed in a cage with 200 rabid dogs that haven’t been fed for a month. I feel THAT protected. And as if that torture mess ain’t bad enough, the goddamn filthy ass torturing military shits are downing expensive high-grade Jack Daniels while at it. And guess who paid for that? You and me and every other lowly American citizen that’s paying our taxes.

        Read this shit!

        The US Military Is The Largest Buyer Of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel

        According to Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett, the US military buys the most of the brand’s premium Single Barrel whiskey in the world.

        The price tag for an entire barrel of this whiskey, approximately 250 bottles, swings from $9,000-$12,ooo since no two whiskey barrels have the same volume.

        “Over the entire span of when the program has existed, the US military is the largest purchaser.

        Read more:

        They get premium grade whiskey while folks are having to make ends meet by selling some unlicensed cigarettes, thus causing them to have to pay for that AGAIN with their life all while BushCo. and ObamaCO. get away scot-free knowing that they are responsible for the torture and death of innocent people all over the world and then have the nerve to wonder why anyone should hate the U.S.

        …and you know, if I stood somewhere in the White House every day, just a lying up a storm, I would undoubtedly expect to get ‘Liars Reflux’ Disease! In fact, so much reflux filled with lies would just come pouring out of my lying mouth, I’d be vomiting lies. Oh, my bad! He is! The only ‘cure’ for that is to stop lying, yeah like that’s gonna happen. Obomber will be returning to the docs ’cause what he’s got is incurable and what’s more, the torture continues and we all know it.


      • tubularsock says:

        Jack Daniels? Maybe that is why Seal Team #6 died in that helicopter cash a few months after the fake killing of bin Laden. That does explains a lot really. That is why bin Laden died 7 times over the course of the war …….. he was already dead but with enough JD they just thought they killed him the 7th time. You know ……. things got hazy.

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