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Tubularsock is having trouble with the numbers. When Tubularsock adds up all the ISIS, IS, ISIL  fighters and their Toyota pickups and add that number to all of The Free Syrian Army members who don’t even exist and put those numbers with the numbers of The Syrian Revolutionary Front and taking that total and adding in the Islamic Front and the number of members of the al Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front and of course adding in the Kurds and taking that total and adding in the American “boots on the ground”, the Turkish “boots on the ground”, and the Saudi “boots on the ground”, taking the total of the “boots on the ground” number and dividing by two for obvious reasons, Tubularsock has accomplished not only an extreme run-on sentence but a number larger than the population of Syria!

This may be the exact reason why there is such a huge uptick in Syrian refugees going to Europe. There is just not room for regular people to remain in Syria any longer. That and perhaps being bombed and killed everyday.

Now if you take the numbers of Assad’s army and add in the the Russian “boots on the ground” and the Iranian “boots on the ground” and taking the square root of that total and dividing into the massive number of “Freedom Fighters” well ……..

We have a mess. So after four plus years now it has been discussed that Syria may be able to sit in on negotiations of this “conflict” without eliminating their government beforehand as the U.S. had wanted.

Tube pawns burn

But far more important to Tubularsock is, what ever happened to George-The-Lessor’s famous dictum …… “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”?

George-The-Lessor never made a distinction between the really “worst of the worst” terrorists (except all the ones he and Cheney tortured in Guantanamo) and the “moderately nice” terrorists. George said TERRORISTS! And if “you” aren’t with “us” then, well . . .  .

But now that the “decider” has been away from the Presidential Desk for almost eight years American Foreign has gone to shit. The Black-guy just hasn’t worked out all that well.


Well, he supports TERRORISTS and therefore is against us ……….. obviously!

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  1. Check out the latest anti-ISIS coloring book:

    A pity this other guy got there before you did – sounds right up your alley.

    Perhaps you could offer to market, sorry pimp, it for him.

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  2. Lara/Trace says:

    It doesn’t add up at all.

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  3. Genie says:

    The Zionist regime doesn’t have any “boots on the ground”, that’s cuz they’re busy harvesting organs from Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Lebanese, Haitians, etc., see…if you add up the illegally harvested organs they add up to billions of dollars, so then it all makes total sense. War=more-organs-to-harvest, by the Zionistas.

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    • tubularsock says:

      So that is why Zionists have so much heart! This will backup on the Zionists you know. Once the first Palestinians-Syrians-Iraqis-Yemenis-Lebanese-Haitians clone is constructed and becomes the first anti-Zionist robotic clone of destruction. Hey, like it could happen Genie!

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  4. swo8 says:

    At this point I’m so confused how about we take all boots off the ground?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well Tubularsock would agree with your analysis, Leslie. Only what will Nordstroms do with that many returns just before Christmas?

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      • swo8 says:

        Who’s Nordstroms? Are they in the war too? Are they with us or agin us?

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      • tubularsock says:

        Now Tubularsock is sure that you are familiar with Nostradamus, the French seer in the 1500’s who published collections of prophecies. Well in order to answer your question, Leslie, Nostradamus has nothing to do with Nordstrom. In this way we can eliminate what it isn’t so Tubularsock can explain what it is ……………

        And no Nordstom is not “. . . in the war too”. But if Nordstom entered into the war it would most likely be on the American side and the Army would be well dressed.

        Nordstom started as a shoe retailer hence the reference to “boots on the ground” but now is an American upscale fashion retailer.

        Nostradamus predicted way back in 1500 that in 2015 the world economy will collapse, Mount Vesuvuius will erupt, and the dead will resurrect. Unfortunately, Nostradamus’ prophecies tend to be something of a downer.

        Where Nordstom is a happy place to shop. And expects to supply the resurrected dead with needed clothing so sales will be higher this year.

        Sometimes like Tom Waits, Tubularsock likes to take the long way home…….


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  5. donzo442 says:

    Missing from the quantum calculations would be McCain’s Jihadi Militia. You can’t have an accurate body count of players without McCain’s favorite Syrian freedom terroristas.

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  6. “The Black-guy just hasn’t worked out all that well.”

    That, my friend, is THE understatement of the year! This would ordinarily get me started, but I’ve already gone waaay past my quota of cuss words for today!

    Excellent post Tubularsock, as usual. Spot on and right on point!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Holy shit! There’s a quota on the number of cuss words one can use each day? Fuck that!
      Never knew this. Never paid much attention to rules and shit like that but now that Tubularsock knows …….. well someone has to break the record!

      It is actually sad to Tubularsock that Obama threw away one of the greatest opportunities for new and constructive leadership with huge public backing and ended up just another president in the line of the less than capable.

      Tubularsock knew he wasn’t what he seemed because Tubularsock had studied his political background but what if?

      Thanks for your comment, Shelby.

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  7. Wick Burner says:

    “We have a mess” – that’s EXACTLY what I said in answer to my first algebra equation in eighth grade. And guess what I got in return for my good math? That’s right, I got DETENTION. Held back, delayed, stopped from going home straight after school, and forced at ruler-point to write lines like Bart Simpson – only on paper with a 4-barrel Bic pen, not on the chalk-board.

    I’m going to right that ancient wrong right now by issuing praise where praise is due – “Tubularsock, you do good math. Go to the head of the class.”

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you so much Wick Burner. Wow, algebra in the eighth grade! Isn’t that advanced? Tubularsock is a bit older than you, Tubularsock thinks because all Tubularsock remembers from the 8th grade was political science and holding my hand over my heart pledging my allegiance to America and NOT COMMUNIST RUSSIA! Who for all practical purposes were under Tubularsock’s bed which Tubularsock figures lead to the term “sleeper cells”. Logical right?

      That is why Tubularsock wrote the almost best selling book Spooky Geometry for guys just like you Wick Burner because you can take the square root of ANYTHING and get the ANSWER!

      And THAT sure simplifies ALL THINGS.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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