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Tubularsock was shocked, you know how Tubularshocked Tubularsock can get!

There is no place in ANY relationship for partner abuse. And anyone who has a partner that abuses them should pack it up and leave that relationship, “pronto” Kemosabe!

Yet, in the political arena the voters seem to believe that they “have to” endure all the shit the system puts forth and take even more.

Some voters just don’t have the good sense to know that the system is rigged no matter how much and how shocked everyone always seems to be when once again all the information shows the system is rigged!

The voters then all rally around their home team, like by voting for these ass holes something is going to change.

You have little Pigly-Hillary attempting to hold the straw-house together by going up against Big-Bad-Wolf-Trump that wants to blow it down and rebuild it with HIS name on it!

That is all that is going on.

So Tubularsock just wants, once again, to remind people that we are NOT in Kansas anymore and WE ARE NOT CHILDREN ANYMORE! Even though it appears that on the national stage the three-year-olds are running amuck!

And WAKING-THE-FUCK-UP is extremely difficult when you view the political conventions. You must attempt to take them out of the realm of The Big Game Rally one had to endure in the High School Gym and put them in the context of Adulthood!

Folks, is this the way to pick the leader of anything?

And for god sake, The President IS NOT your mommy or daddy deciding and correcting you for what is best for you. Please remember JUST LIKE YOUR PARENTS the PRESIDENT is only basing the decision making process on what he has been trained to do from the past. THEY ARE NOT, TUBULARSOCK REPEATS, NOT ……. ENLIGHTENED BY ANY MEANS!

So if you think mommy and daddy (President) know anything YOU ARE WRONG!

It is up to you to STOP THE ABUSE! VOTE NO!

But besides POLITICAL PARTNER ABUSE where the public in the partner there is even direct POLITICAL PARTNER ABUSE directly in public and Tubularsock is providing two recent examples for you to consider and remember “parental-advisory”: these photos show both physical and sexual imagery.

Now this may be classified by some as just a “bro-love moment” as Donnie throws a kiss to his Vice Presidential choice Mike Pence.

However a MAN throwing a KISS to another man is suspect.

Tube abuse 1

Is it a public sign that Mike Pence needs to rush to a “Conversion Therapy Program”?

Please note: From the photo Mike smiled which would mean that “he liked it” which would mean that Mike Pence’s latent homosexuality tendencies are showing!

Oh sure, it’s a Tubularsock theory but even if Tubularsock in incorrect the fact that Trump even threw Pence (a known anti-gay advocate) a KISS in public is a sign of POLITICAL PARTNER ABUSE!

There is also this from the Hillary camp just to show you that POLITICAL PARTNER ABUSE can appear anywhere!

Tube on abuse 2

Physical abuse of a partner should never be tolerated and after this direct affront to Tim Kaine with him still smiling only goes to show that as a Corporate-Pro-TPP-Democrat he will endure the abuse which is a sad example for others.


But far be it for Tubularsock to leave you up a creek without a paddle. So Tubularsock is taking this opportunity to introduce you to a solution for YOU as well as our political candidates.

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  1. swo8 says:

    Kind of kinky isn’t it?

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  2. sojourner says:

    First of all: you are describing the “Thank you sir, may I have another” syndrome!

    Secondly: Tube wrote:

    “And WAKING-THE-FUCK-UP is extremely difficult when you view the political conventions. You must attempt to take them out of the realm of The Big Game Rally one had to endure in the High School Gym and put them in the context of Adulthood!”


    Thirdly: on the Trump kissing vp photo, your comment about men kissing could be considered “homophobic”, in this hypersensitive culture that the elite mind-control specialists have created, and the brain-dead herd has willingly gone along with.

    You should know by now that, in “the land of the free”, you are not free at all, especially to speak what is on your mind and heart. You are only free to speak what the minorities on the right and left have decided you can speak, otherwise, you’re homophobic, or a sexist, or a racist or a “commie-pinko-fag”. Free speech is bullshit, when one is ruled by THE STATE!

    The brain-dead, self-involved (and to hell with everyone else) whiner minority is the unknowing tool of the elite mind controllers: to coin a religious phrase, “they strain out the gnat and swallow the camel!” And sometimes, these pc folk get what they deserve, for being so god damned self-absorbed and stupid. And the rest of us pay the price, so these little boys and girls’ feelings aren’t hurt!

    “Ooops, I did it again,” I vented. My bad! Mia Culpa! Excuse moi!

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  3. Jay says:

    That man kiss looks…terrifying.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Yes, repulsive comes to Tubularsock’s mind, Jay.


      • wolfess says:

        Ooh-ooh I just came up with a new word to describe that Habitually Reprehensible Criminal; Habitually REPULSIVE Cunt[on] (have to keep it clean)!!!!! If you give me permission to use ‘repulsive’ I promise to give you credit for it!!!!!

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      • tubularsock says:

        wolfss, the last time Tubularsock checked the Webster’s New World Dictionary (hard copy) there was no mention that Tubularsock had any control over the word Repulsive. Now as reprehensible as that my be Tubularsock does not hold any negative emotion toward Webster. Hey, it’s a free world.

        So YOU may use REPULSIVE anyway you like.

        However, Tubularsock will defend to the death your right to use Cunt-on! Tubularsock believes it is correct because Tubularsock looked it up in the Clit-or-is First Edition!

        So it’s all yours, wolfess. Maybe a bumper sticker:

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      • wolfess says:

        That is an OUTSTANDING IDEA Tube — a bumper sticker:
        And of course, leave it to you to always care for whoever might wander into ‘that’ without thinking to protect themselves — not only are you wise, you are a truly empathetic person, thinking of your fellow man! This only serves to solidify my belief that YOU are the ONLY person worthy of the presidency!

        Tubularsock 2016!!!!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Thank you wolfess and Tubularsock knows you have such GREAT judgment that Tubularsock will accept your nomination of all your delegates to push Tubularsock over the top to win the 2016 Presidential Nomination for the WHIPLASH PARTY!

        Oh sure, they’ll be an upcoming nomination acceptance speech soon!



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  4. wolfess says:

    Pwr 2 the TUBULARSOCK peons!

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  5. Great stuff. Time for us to grow up and strut OUR stuff instead of insufferable pollie-speak and lies and monumental rip-offs.

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