Tube smoke cafe HeadingLEARNING CURVE 2

Now Tubularsock is proud to announce to all you Americans out there not to worry. As you may recall Tubularsock has been hired to tutor President Elect Tweet in some simple governmental tactical issues to better prepare him to lead our questionable great nation.

Tubularsock is collecting his salary per single instruction for two very solid reasons. First, “our leader” has a short attention span so he may just stop wanting instruction and second President Elect Tweet at times, in his past dealings with workers, ran out on the bill.

Tubularsock in the last instructional lesson used the tactile method of learning by not only conveying the existence of Congress but by having Tweet “FEEL” the bricks and mortar. And on top of that President Elect Tweet took and past the True or False Quiz on the existence of Congress.


Now on to lesson two ………….looklike-senator-tube

We are taking baby steps to insure comprehension.



  1. swo8 says:

    You’ll make a great instructor, Tubularsock.

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  2. sojourner says:

    There still is a congress? I thought they did away with that joke, when the truth came out about the CONstitution being a complete and utter fraud? The people gave up on congress at about the same time they figured out Obama is one of the whitest black men to ever exist.

    Well hush my mouth and kick the dog, I learn something new ever day!

    Wasn’t there a photo of you and two women a while back? And wasn’t one of them women Tweet’s, as you refer to him, wife? Are you getting some on the side, Tube? She’s a little skinny, but any port in a storm, right?

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  3. Michael Fuhrig says:

    We’ve all heard the comment..”he (she) doesn’t know “shit from Shinola..” Well that’s Trump, unless he could buy the Shinola company and put his name on it. Many of us criticized Bill Clinton for virtually making rooms in the White House up for rent to influential people. Well I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump rents out the whole damn place and renames it “Trump Manor”. And he would run the executive branch from Trump Tower. And all of this White House enterprise would be under the supervision of his children–the so called “blind trust..”

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    • tubularsock says:

      Wow “TRUMP MANOR” in gold neon blinking letters ….. Tubularsock can see it now!
      And that Trump Tower is a much better target too. Tubularsock just wonders, has anyone ever thought of crashing a 747 into a high-rise building before. Well, probably not.

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  4. Michael Fuhrig says:

    Just remember Tube..if something happens to Trump we get the knuckle dragging Pence. Ain’t life grand!

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