1. Michael Fuhrig says:

    Tube: as usual, you are right-Trump is a pig. And a short poem is in order:

    Trump has many acquaintances..
    But no real amigo…
    Because people can’t stand…
    His monstrous ego…
    Even his wife Melania..
    Is no big fan…
    Even though he is her man…
    Over her he’s got lots of power..
    He’s even got her locked away…
    In a tower…
    Germany had its Hitler…
    And Rome its Nero…
    But Donald J. Trump is…
    Our American hero…

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  2. I really like pigs. They are the most intelligent of farm animals and they suffer from depression just like people do – you can tell by the way their ears droop. I know a local pig farmer who sings to them on the way to the abattoir because it helps them feel less anxious.

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  3. swo8 says:

    I agree with stuartbramhall. That’s some insult to pigs.

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