Tubularsock has been studying mating dance rituals to develop Tubularsock’s NEW THEORY ON AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY.

For one reason it is just a “click-bate” technique to trick people into reading about American “relations” with North Korea. Yes, there is a lot of fucking around!

Have you ever wonder why North Korea ALWAYS seems to want to provoke it’s neighbors by sending off missiles into the, ahhh ocean?

Now at first it may seem odd Tubularsock admits. But it really isn’t when you look at the REGULAR SCHEDULED EVENT. It’s springtime again.

Every spring North Korea’s neighbors (South Korea and Japan) along with our very own antagonist, the United States join together to play WAR GAMES off the coast of North Korea ……… Every fucking spring!

And when your neighbors tend to run their bombers and their battleships and their missile launchers up and down your coast with a “play-like” attack scenario, well it just may APPEAR aggressive. Don’t you think?

But somehow ALL the news outlets lead with stories like NORTH KOREA THREATEN NEIGHBORS WITH RENEWED MISSILE LAUNCH. Well, no shit Dick Tracy!

Or better yet, NBC banners, “North Korea Threatens U.S. With Nuclear Strike Over War Games!”

And of course Arms Sales To The Region increase and so does the rhetoric of just how “CRAZY” Kim Jong Un happens to be to “threaten” his neighbors. And it is left that HE’S the “crazy-one”!

YAWN ……………..

A different side of the same coin is all that American military buildup along the boarder between Poland and Russia and then promoting the idea that Russia is so aggressive!





The United States has 735 (2005) known military bases around the globe but this number fluctuates a great deal. The number changes by the U.S. military changing the definition of what constitutes a “military base”. And the presence of “military personal” has different definitions at different times such as using “Special Operations” and other forces.

Those special categories are almost certainly operating from undisclosed locations which the size is unknown.

And the “drone operations” have a variety of “bases” some unknown.

So it is a numbers game but there is no question that the U.S. has far more military bases outside its boarders than any other country in the world by a factor of 33 and a third!

One just might interpret that as a bit “aggressive” and the end result is a lot of animosity toward the U.S. even from it’s “allies”.

It is an infrastructure for war but our propaganda is such that we are a “peace loving nation” with the caveat that you “believe it or we’ll kill you”!

It really should be obvious by even the brain dead that all this shit is made up! It only exists if the United States goes out and “kicks the dog” so to speak.

And in order to insure Arm Sales we’ll poke anybody!

Oh, and you thought we were doing it to protect ourselves and bring democracy to the peoples of the world.


  1. Michael Fuhrig says:

    Tube: I’m suddenly getting this incredible fantasy running through my brain. The US and North Korea exchange missiles–the missiles hit each other’s shores. But instead of nuclear war heads the North Korean missile has Kim Jong Un fastened on the end of it and the US missile has Donald Trump. And as the two missiles get ready to hit their respective targets around the world from each other Kim is seen on radar to have a inscrutable smile (as all Asians do), and Trump is talking (to himself apparently) saying “no other president has graced the tip of a missile as stylishly as me.”
    And then peace reigns all over the world. President Mike Pence establishes an evangelical center in part of the West Wing, and the American population decreases as people die in large numbers from no medical care and immigration is virtually closed down. Robots take over most of the job market and Americans go on vacation the year ’round. The sports world continues, but in between regularly scheduled baseball & football games gladiatorial bouts are held. Winners are allowed an all expense stay at a military base of their choice.
    Ain’t fantasies grand!

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    • tubularsock says:

      OMG, Michael your drugs make Tubularsock envious. Tubularsock could literally glide along with you with the wind blowing Tubularsock’s hair. Another example of a contact-high!

      Hmmm, Tubularsock has heard that veggie omelets can produce these kinds of hallucinations but it may be just an internet rumor. You haven’t been eating that type of food recently have you?

      Thanks for your dream comment, Michael.

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  2. Lara/Trace says:

    Sheesh, I like Michael’s daydream alot.

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  3. Jay says:

    It’s North Korea, what else do we expect?

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  4. swo8 says:

    I enjoyed that.

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  5. I wonder who else remembers the Sunshine Policy? This was a joint program implemented by North and South Korea to exchange workers and tourists and re-unite families with a goal of ultimate re-unification – until George W Bush took office and sabotaged it because a unified Korea “isn’t in US interests.”

    I had just moved to New Zealand when all this was happening – social media had yet to be born then – I doubt whether I would have ever learned this bit of news if I remained in the US. Here in NZ we have a NZ-DPRK Friendship Society that runs a Friendship School that organizes teacher exchanges enabling NZ teachers to teach in North Korea:

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  6. tubularsock says:

    DrB great link. Being someplace in person and hearing about someplace through others is always an eye opener. Tubularsock has found if you like people their response are more often than not a return of what you put out.

    That is why one has to make a distinction between governments and “real” people. “Real” people win out ever time!

    Thanks for your input.

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  7. Michael Fuhrig says:

    Come to think of it Tube, I have been eating more than my share of veggie omelets lately. And the fantasy continues: After Trump sacrifices himself for the country on the end of a missile, President Pence gives way eventually to President Ryan. And the following things are outlawed:
    –CNN & MSNBC
    –All mentions that something called Obamacare ever existed
    –The New York Times
    –Gay marriage
    –Wiki Leaks
    –The Democratic Party
    –R rated films
    –Hot Dogs (too suggestive of the male anatomy)
    –Public schools
    –Rap music
    –And, as a special affront to Tubularsock–Wild turkey liquor

    The future is in good hands.

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