The amount of time spent on the Trump’s hands you’d think that the entire Middle Eastern trip was based on hand holding. Now Orange Tweet did damn near kiss the fucking Saudi king’s ass but who counts? Anyway, far be it for Tubularsock to get in the way of the maimed-stream-media’s news flow of worthless shit. Only because it is just too fun!

They kept Orange Tweet on a short leash and he read all the words he was given so we can all agree that he was SO PRESIDENTIAL.

As long as he stays in puppet mode all will be “handled”. See, the Deep State is benevolent.



  1. Lara/Trace says:

    Can anyone tell me if he has small feet too?

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  2. Jay says:

    Aw. Now they have “a song”: something to dance to at dictator prom.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Man-o-man, Tubularsock forgot all about the dictator’s prom. Very good point Jay. Was the leading lady in that Debbie Reynolds? Tubularsock’s favorite scene is when Donnie runs down the stairs in the rain into the arms of the Saudi King while Debbie was yelling over the storm that he was NOT going to get his corsage back.

      Thanks Jay.


  3. swo8 says:

    Troubling truly troubling.

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  4. I think the answer is very simple. He’s trying to improve his immunity (and emotional lability) by enriching his beneficial intestinal bacteria. It’s well known that the state of the American gut is in a deplorable state, thanks to water chlorination and excessive exposure to antibiotics. It’s also well known that underdeveloped countries have much richer intestestinal flora – and that simple physical contact can transfer numerous bacterial colonies from one person to another.

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    • tubularsock says:

      WHOAAAAA …….. DrB, let Tubularsock take just one more toke before he enters into the realm of “beneficial intestinal bacteria”!

      Now THAT is an angle that Tubularsock doesn’t get the opportunity to enter into the process of the “guts” of that process very often.

      There is so many angles “the American gut is in a deplorable state” can proceed.

      Immunity, perhaps, BUT “emotional lability” not so much. Tubularsock hasn’t seen much of an attempt to change or even altered Orange Tweet’s “emotional lability”!

      It may take much more then mere touch to perform that task!

      But you are the Dr., DrB so you may be correct!

      It really comes down to, take two aspirin and call Tubularsock in the morning.

      Love you comment!


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