Have you ever noticed that few people are seldom satisfied with their lives.

If they don’t have a loving relationship they want one.
If they do have a loving relationship then it is more difficult than they expected.

If they don’t have a great job then they want one.
If they do have a job great then it would be better if work started at 10.

If they don’t have children they want some.
If they do have children then they DON’T want them. With a caveat that it is really great but …… or only if ……..

If they don’t have good health then they wish that they had it.
If they do have good health then they never get to use their health insurance but have to pay for it!

And on and on and on ………….


Well finally ……. the question has been asked. For the eleven millionth time.

And because Tubularsock has a degree (about 90 Fahrenheit) Tubularsock is hot!

The answer is very simple:

We have been taught to look in the wrong direction.

Look IN not out.


But what is the first question you get asked as a child?
What are you going to BE when you grow up?

“BE?” YOU ARE ALREADY THAT! And you know what they do to you if you think you are two people, right?

So the job is to reverse “thinking” because you have been programmed incorrectly.

The fun part for Tubularsock is all the “logic and argument” that is always brought up about all of this ………. doesn’t matter.

YOU ARE THAT. Everything else is just false programming.

You ARE the force, that is why it’s with you.

Well now that that is settled Tubularsock and Yoda can sit down for their second bowl of Afghani Hash.

Hell, it just goes to show you that the CIA is good for something!


  1. Lara/Trace says:

    You are wise!

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  2. swo8 says:

    Oh Might One, I bow to your wisdom.

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  3. Norman Pilon says:

    Dear Tubes,

    With myself, though not by any stretch perfect, I am mostly content. It took a while for me to get there — “there” now being “here,” really — and sometimes I do backslide into one or another childhood insecurity, but “that” doesn’t usually last very long.

    Most of the time I’m good with just being however and whomever I am.

    And yes, the world is from a certain point of view quite objectively fucked up as are more than a few people. And sometimes “that” gets to me more than a little. It’s a problem I try to do what little I can to mitigate even though I know that little will always fall short of what is needed. And “that,” too, sometimes also gets to me more than a little.

    If only I had a bit more influence in the world; if only I were more than I am, then maybe . . .

    But alas . . . I am but one person, very much trapped and entangled in all of my acute limitations . . .

    Yes, I am but human. Still, I very much have the choice to embrace “what” I am, to make my peace in this world, if with nothing else, at least with “that.”

    When I permit myself to love myself just as I am, I find I love others more easily. Not indiscriminately, of course. But those deserving of regard and kindness, who would make it better for everyone if they could though they can’t, or would never dream of intentionally harming another . . .

    Surely, of “those,” “we” are many, and most probably the vast majority, and indeed, without the programming, without the distorting impact of that awful mass culture constantly dinned into us from cradle to grave, would be quite content simply to “be,” albeit “creatively” and “joyously,” once everyone’s basic creature comforts had been met.

    “We” are “that,” for sure. At bottom. We are certainly only alive. Breathing should also be its own reward, and sometimes is — and more so sometimes, too, if a little THC is of the essence . . .

    Be Yoda. Be Tubes. Be Norman. Be y’all. Because “we” really are all just “that.”

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    • tubularsock says:

      What is, IS, Norman. Thank you for your thoughts. And remember there is only ONE exception in Tube’s mind …….. Dick Cheney. There are exceptions for Lizzies!


  4. Lou says:

    We did not know the extent of Tuby’s spirituality. All hail
    the new guru Tuby!

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    • tubularsock says:

      And next Lou, Tubularsock will walk on water with a shot glass filled with Wild Turkey neat. Your next lesson is Wild Turkey should NEVER be mixed with water NOT EVEN a chaser!

      Now grasshopper, snatch the red pill from my hand.

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  5. tubularsock says:

    LEW LEVINSON says:I think they would be happier if they were prison, if not them, then me. Sorry about my long time silence but I have been concerned that we were about to get a knock on the door at night. My dad was an illegal resident and it is getting weird out here. I used to to be afraid of the FBI would come and get him and even though he is gone I can’t shake it. Now I am in deep sadness that my students and friends could be sent back to their death in their country that they escaped from.

    Lew, Tubularsock has found your comment which somehow landed in the attachment page. If you had clicked the cartoon when you should have clicked send if may have sent it to the cartoon storage page. One possible answer BUT after reading your comment it may have been sitting in a NSA basket someplace and then they sent it on.

    Whatever! Really glad to hear from you and keep low. And if all else fails tell the fucking FBI to come on over to Tubularsock’s bunker and Tubularsock will give them a talk!

    But all kidding aside it is weird out here!

    Stay safe. And call if you need hiding!


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