Well “Mad dog Mattis”, our beloved Secretary of Defense, has admitted that the 80 plus living people who are dead now after President Dump bomb the Syrian Airbase with Tomahawk missiles in 2017 didn’t have to die.


Remember that entire thing about Obomber’s “red line in the sand” and the criticism he received because HE DIDN’T bomb Syria for the gas attack in 2013. He didn’t have clear evidence that Assad really used sarin gas. And then later it was shown that “our” terrorists were the ones that used it.

So Obomber not retaliating was due to lack of clear evidence. And rather than blunder with death and destruction he stepped back.

However LittleLimpDickTrump RUSHED to bomb the Syrian Airbase and kill 80 plus people with no clear evidence that the Assad Government had done it. His action was ONLY because he wanted to ACT LIKE he had a large dick. Ask Stormy, he doesn’t!

No surprise there.

But “Mad dog” didn’t bother to explain how the United States was going to bring those 80 plus people back from the dead. Well, in truth he never really thought about the people.

He only admitted that the U.S. had no proof that Assad was involved.

Tubularsock is surprised that we didn’t rush off and bomb Afghanistan like Bush did after 9/11.

You see, The U.S. has to bomb somebody! It’s the MANLY thing to do.

That is what the presstitutes and the establish power structure calls “Presidential”!

And as “Mad dog Mattis has said, “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”

He is definitely a creepy little old limp prick!


But it is a systematic problem for the United States. We are a killing culture and it is condoned by the President and Congress.

AND the citizens of the U.S as well.

But the citizens of the U.S. don’t really care much if we kill random men, women, and children in those foreign countries because they somehow find themselves on the battlefield called THEIR COUNTRY and get themselves killed.

And it is agreed that America is in THEIR COUNTRY to save them from THEIR COUNTRY!

And the fact that they get dead by the United States because we are there to save them ……….

WELL …… that is their fault

But then WE have ANOTHER school shooting and the American citizen gets, well you know, all emotional and they feel something should be done.

But the President and Congress NEVER wants to face the gun issue because EVERYONE is just too emotional to clearly decide ANYTHING about guns at this point in the latest crisis.


Let step back and support and send our prayers and face this crisis when the emotions calm down.

WELL THE PROBLEM WITH THIS is when will our emotional free period show up.

There have been 17 school shootings this year alone and we are only in mid-February!


But rest assured that the gun issue CAN’T BE DEALT WITH BY CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT!


Oh my, you still don’t know? Shame on you.

The gun issue can not be changed until we change THE SHOW!

And what’s the show that runs Congress and the President into INACTION?



  1. Well said that sock!!!

    – Esme swearing a lot upon the Cloud

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  2. Sha'Tara says:

    Reblogged this on ~Burning Woman~ and commented:
    Just have to reblog this article. Some people have the courage to tell the truth and reveal the real picture. When Americans stop funding and supporting their military Killing Machine then they might have a chance at stopping their home-grown one. The entire country is a killing machine, a culture of egregious violence it has exported world-wide.

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  3. Sha'Tara says:

    Right on the money with this one, Tube. This one, I just had to reblog. If I get some nasty feedback, don’t worry, I can take it. Thanks Tube, thanks for telling the truth.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you Sha’Tara for the reblog. The American citizens are so uninformed and are, in part, kept that way but at the same time are always acting like having a “free press” is so impressive.

      The bill of goods that have been fed constantly to Americans hasn’t explained that they have to look into a matter and not expect the spoon feeding that they receive will have all the nutrients they need for a full view.

      Violence breeds violence ……. just how difficult is that to understand?


  4. swo8 says:

    You guys have got to get your act together. I hear that the one guy who was armed and hired as some sort of marshall at the school was in hiding.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Leslie, you are correct there for sure!

      As for the story about the armed marshal “hiding”, Tubularsock views that this way:

      If you were a fireman with a squirt gun, would you run into a burning building?

      Neither would Tubularsock.

      Tubularsock calls it good judgment.

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      • swo8 says:

        I’m sorry, but for my children, I would expect him to go in and at least take a couple of hits so that some of the other children would live. That was his JOB.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Well Leslie, Tubularsock doesn’t really know the true circumstances but people react differently in the “real world” and just maybe his fear came up against his “duty”. Does happen.

        And most often we NEVER know until a real life test comes our way and Tubularsock can assure you that Tubularsock is no 007!


  5. Jay says:

    You know, this is actually an interesting approach. It would be more honest to just declare permanent Fight Club in America; at least people could be prepared.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Jay, THAT is perfect. Tubularsock would say that Fight Club is how the society is operating but the citizens are still lost in Alice in Wonderland with the drugs!

      Thanks for your insight.


  6. sojourner says:

    If only we were as appalled by the millions upon millions of innocent men, women and children, worldwide, that Bush, Obama, and now Trump have slaughtered and continue to slaughter, as the first part of your post points to, Tube. We hypocritically cry over 17 Americans killed in Florida, while we sit back and complacently support this genocidal empire and its military machine, as millions are raped, tortured and mass murdered all over the world, every minute of every day.

    And then we wonder why “them damn foreigners” hate us and want to kill us. God, what a piece of shit this country is! And the left has been morphed into the right. There is no one left to speak the truth, or stand up against the tyranny anymore.

    Not only are we a “killing culture”, as we always have been, we are also a pack of self-obsessed, freaks of nature. “I, me and mine” reigns supreme in these here disunited states of America. It isn’t just the guns that are killing us, it is who we are as a people that is killing us, and the rest of humanity, as well.

    We have no culture, no history. The only Americans who have a culture and history are Native Americans, whom the rest of us have managed to almost wipe off the face of the planet. We, Americans, do not know who the fuck we are: we are the mutts of the world, the Heinz 57 variety, mangy mutts, and yet we have the power to cause all of this havoc worldwide.

    My question is, When is the rest of the world finally going to get fed up and PUT US DOWN, with extreme prejudice? There is only one solution for the American/capitalism problem, a final, empire ending solution!

    I hear the frustration and anger in your post, Tube! And I hope you hear mine!

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    • Sha'Tara says:

      As a European immigrant to Canada, I hear you loud and clear up here, Sojourner. The brainwash job that has been perpetrated on Americans, I believe, exceeds even the Catholic Church brainwash done since the days of the “holy Roman empire” to this day. Lies upon lies, hypocrisy, hubris, finally total corruption. Now a nation of cowards who need assault rifles to attack and slaughter unarmed kids in their own schools, or if overseas, unmanned armed drones to slaughter without any risk. Cowards who can claim to live in a democracy yet too scared to confront a bunch of madmen in their own government and take back control. Or worse, who actually believe the putrefaction in the White House is doing a great job, whatever that means. Home of the cowards, land of the slaves. My take, no apologies queued in the back of my mind except for this disclaimer: there are always exceptions. Unfortunately the exceptions prove the rule.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Well, well, well! Sha’Tara!

        Tubularsock sure hopes you haven’t held anything back.

        Between you and sojourner Tubularsock can take a vacation
        and hang out at Mar-a-Lago, “FOUR”!

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      • sojourner says:

        Thank you for hearing me, Sha’Tara! You said it, here, better than I did!

        I had someone ask me, just recently, “Don’t you give a damn that these Florida kids were murdered this way?” And my answer was, Yes, I care about them and their families as much as I care for the men, women and children this government is mass murdering every minute of every day! And then I asked, Where is your concern for the rest of humanity? No answer was given.

        A vast majority of Americans have evidently lost touch with their own humanity; the dual diseases of nationalism/patriotism have helped strip them of their humanity. Many Americans are not only physically, but mentally and emotionally ill, and have been since childhood! And this is true of many Europeans as well. We are all suffering from the same disease: capitalism.

        I guess for me, when it comes to these issues, I find it hard to be humorous about them anymore. But maybe that’s a problem, as opposed to an answer?


      • Sha'Tara says:

        Is there an answer? A solution? America is a reality show. Can it be cancelled? Maybe if there were less and less subscribers? When I think about it, seems to be that I personally, desperately, need to define what I mean by “America” when I think and say “America.” I don’t know if there is a definition for it. What do you do with an entity that calls itself a country yet can’t give itself a name? Maybe that’s the answer: give it a name.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Wow sojourner, frustration and anger in your post? Tubularsock thought you were just having a walk in the park.

      They shoot horses don’t they? Well, our time may be coming.

      Do you like Chinese food?

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      • sojourner says:

        Love it, Tube! Always have! Could live on it for the rest of this nightmare!


      • sojourner says:

        Oh, and by the way, I love the Chinese themselves. A young Mongolian couple lived next door to me, for a few years, and we became friends. He was finishing his microbiology PhD at OSU.

        They were the most loving and beautiful people I have ever known. Every time I had a cold, they would bring me a dinner that, by the next morning, had cured me.

        So yes, I not only like Chinese food, I love it, and the people too!


  7. Batt Guano says:

    Tube: referencing our violence here at home, of course I have a poem (partly lifted from a popular song):

    School days….School days…
    Students learning in a variety of ways…
    Readin..and writin’ and rithmatic…
    Taught in a building of stone and brick…
    Lessons were always so much fun….
    When teachers didn’t used to carry a gun….
    Now Trump’s going to have school marms….
    Teaching their classes strapped with firearms…
    And if an armed bad guy enters the school…
    Teachers will come shootin’ from all directions..
    But without enough training with their deadly tool….
    Many will die from a misplaced shot…
    And blood will be on the hands…
    Of our orange haired fool…
    Leave it to Trump to come up with a thought…
    That ends up getting more people shot…

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    • tubularsock says:

      WELL DONE, Batt. You get an “A”!
      But an extra credit poem will not be counted until you finish your regular classwork.

      “Now again, take the loaded clip with your left hand and slip it on the hand gun and …….”


      • Sha'Tara says:

        Oh sir, huh, I’m left handed. Can I take the loaded clip in my right hand and hold the gun in my left? That way if the target is less than 5 feet from me, I’d be more likely to hit it rather than a student? Or does that matter, as long as the gun and bullets are paid for?

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      • tubularsock says:

        Sha’Tara, thank you for raising your hand this time and not just yelling out again.

        A very good question, however we expect collateral damage while firing a loaded gun in the classroom.

        A larger concern is as you began to fire the natural response of most third graders is to exchange fire as they have been instructed to do in their gun training class third period.

        So it is paramount that you wear your bullet-almost-proof-vest at all times during the school day and especially in the Teacher’s Lounge during break because many of your fellow instructors are “trigger-happy” as you know.

        As for loading the clip please restrain yourself from “free thinking” and just follow the directions as given.

        Oh, you can put down you hand now.

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  8. Sha'Tara says:

    Ah, darn typos… “seems to be that I personally” should read, “seems to ME that I…”

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  9. sojourner says:

    Sha’Tara said.

    “Is there an answer? A solution? America is a reality show. Can it be cancelled? Maybe if there were less and less subscribers? When I think about it, seems to be that I personally, desperately, need to define what I mean by “America” when I think and say “America.” I don’t know if there is a definition for it. What do you do with an entity that calls itself a country yet can’t give itself a name? Maybe that’s the answer: give it a name.”

    I think you’ve nailed it here. As I said in my comment to Tube, beyond Native Americans, Americans have no history, no culture, no identity. We don’t know who the hell we are! Most of us are of European descent, but we have lost all ties to our ancestral homes.

    If we give it a name, those and their ancestors who have been raped, pillaged and mass murdered by it, for the last four centuries-plus, should come up with name.

    If I were to choose a name for this hell hole, it would be NO LONGER EXISTS!

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  10. Sha'Tara says:

    Reminds me so much of Star Wars: apart from the Death Star, did the Empire have a home base? Like “America” the Death Star was a destroyer of worlds, and isn’t it interesting that J. R. Oppenheimer used the Vishnu quote: “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds” on the unleashing of the first atomic weapon upon a city. Isn’t it interesting also that to this date, only “America” the destroyer of worlds has ever used a nuclear weapon on others.

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  11. Batt Guano says:

    Tube: Many have wondered how to get rid of Donald Trump. Will he be impeached? Will he resign when the special investigation gets too close to his shady financial dealings? Will he be defeated for re-election in 2020? Little did we know that HE would give us the answer. God Forbid there be another school shooting. But it’s probably inevitable given the lack of backbone by Congress on the subject of gun control. So when the next school shooting occurs, helicopter The Donald to the scene and let him go in unarmed. Don’t blame me for this scenario–he suggested it.

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  12. jag37777 says:

    Still winding up those nutters at Writerbeat I see. I don’t know how you have the patience. Good piece by the way.
    From the artist formerly known as John G.
    Toodle Pip.

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    • tubularsock says:

      jag37777 (alias John G) Tubularsock is happy you popped over and looked at Tube’s home. Hope you stay connected. It is true WB has its challenges but sometimes life is uphill!



  13. Here ya go, TS – the Australian comedian on refugees, sending up racists something rotten! Listen to the end – hope you can understand the Aussie accent! The reference to the fish and chip shop is about Pauline Hanson, an extreme, right-wing politician before she used racism to get elected to the Australian senate.

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  14. Opher says:

    Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    Just one of the many gems from Tub’s great blog. The graphics are immense, the humour is brilliant and the topics superb.
    Best check it out!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Tubularsock thanks you for your reblog and your kind words.

      It rather draws Tubularsock to read Tubularsock …… and so Tubularsock will do just that!

      Thanks Opher.


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