Well that didn’t take long!

It has only been a month.

The Parkland shooting has only increased the need for guns not the sensible other way around.

And maybe it is just a new wave of retroactive abortion.

You see regular abortion is MURDER of the fetus and respecting life is what we are all about. Right?


Having guns in schools will diminish the youth population by just more shootings.


It is a simple basic principle of supply and demand.

What good is a gun if you can’t use it? To sit and fondle it? Rub it up and down different body parts will only pacify a gun user just so much. And then, what always happens when you get yourself all worked up …….. RELEASE!

Arming teachers seems to be a solution. At least it is a SOLID stupid idea. Tubularsock can say that much for it.

Why not arm the homeless? Seems reasonable, right? Many homeless have been shot in the street so why not arm them?

Or the grocery clerk, the mail person, the crossing guard BUT NOT the Saloon Keeper. We need one safe place when we drink our whiskey!

In the last few days a teacher in California and a Virginia cop have accidentally discharged firearms inside their schools.

In California a 17 year old boy was hit in the neck by bullet fragments during a gun-safety course! Oops. This accident just happened after a teacher accidentally fired a semi-automatic handgun into the ceiling during a gun safety lesson. (Monterey County Herald)

The teacher also worked as a reserve police officer.

In Alexandria, Virginia a five year veteran of the Alexandria Police Department working as a school resource officer accidentally fired his gun inside his office in a 1,500-student middle school. No one was injured.

And in Michigan a sheriff left his loaded weapon in a bathroom which was found by a student who reported it to his teacher. Hey, shit happens.

So all three incidents in the past week were carried out by highly trained officers. Could that provide a clue to having an entire staff armed and dangerous?

And let us not forget Jesse Davidson, a 53-year-old social studies teacher from Alabama, who barricaded himself inside a classroom at Dalton High School with a gun. He wouldn’t let the students into the classroom and when the Principal attempted to enter with a pass key Davidson fired a random shot out the window. The police arrested him.

Seems that Davidson had some “issues”. A major one, most likely, teaching social studies in high school!

The great thing is that all of this is going on and it is just the tip of the ammunition dump or is that tip of the iceberg, whatever!

Arming the teachers?

Well it just brings Tubularsock back to retroactive birth control.


  1. swo8 says:

    Don’t know what the answer is but you sure have a lot of nuts down there, Tubularsock. How about a nut cracker at the entrance of every school?

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  2. Batt Guano says:

    Tube:Prior to this, about the worst thing a teacher could do is bore their class to death. Now they can shoot them to death, accidentally or not. Oh well… the world is built on progress.,

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    • Sha'Tara says:

      The next thing that would concern me personally if I were an American teacher having to pack a rod is the rate of pay per student shot. What do I get out of it? Is a kill worth more than a mere wounding? If the student can still walk out of the room, does that mean I have to finish the job to get my full pay for my kill? I mean, these are important considerations. No one does anything for nothing. Who pays for the bullets? Then there’s the clean up…

      The other concern I would have since I know it would be the next step, is who would pay for my bullet proof equipment when all the students are also forced to pack a rod into class in self-defence from the teacher? Do I get more danger pay then? Who pays for all the “quick draw” courses and self defence methods? Who pays for the plexiglass rotunda around my desk?

      I think we’ll need a whole lot more money earmarked for education when guns in class become mandatory. Again, priorities must rule here, if not common sense.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Sha’Tara, Tubularsock has to admit you have presented a serious economic dilemma for American teachers. The very first decision would have to be the price/cost ratio for each student.

        Oh sure, Tubularsock has flow charts!


  3. sojourner says:

    “You see regular abortion is MURDER of the fetus and respecting life is what we are all about. Right?”

    Good! Keep going, Tube! You’ve almost made it back to sane thinking!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Now sojourner, you are not saying that you are opposed to abortion are you?

      From your point of view of the world that we function in, abortion is the best way out before you get here! Don’t you think?

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      • sojourner says:

        Ah yes, true enough, Tube! These little ones, just like those murdered after sliding out of the slit, in the long run, are fortunate not to have to live in this hell.

        It’s just the hypocrisy of this shit that pisses me off: be responsible about being a slut, both men and women, and then you don’t have to keep committing murder.

        Also, if it’s just a ‘fetus”, and not a person, then why is a person charged with a double murder when they kill a pregnant women? Shouldn’t it be at worst, according to your side, murder of the mother, and destruction of private property (the ‘fetus’)?

        Hypocritical bullshit! Just like everything else!


  4. sojourner says:

    “Arming the teachers?”

    I think disarming public education, by doing away with it. is a better idea! But since that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, why not arm teachers? After all, they’re already raping and pillaging the minds of these children, why not let the teachers shoot their dumbed-down, to-stupid-to-live asses, and put them out of their dumb-fuck, snowflake misery?

    On a side note, I hear the same tired shit from the left and right, when it comes to this gun control bullshit every time one of these PSY-OPS occur. The worst school mass murder in American history, happened without firing a shot. So what difference does it make, if we take away the guns, since explosives and poison gas will do, and with much greater efficiency.

    America has always been a violent-fuck piece of shit, Tube, and you know damn well it has! And yet, we sit here yacking on and on about gun control. PLEASE! Can you say hypocrites, boys and girls? More people are killed every year by gun toting stormtroopin’ pigs (cops), in the US of A, than are killed by gun toting teenagers, who have been on psych-drugs for years, and are known to the FBI and local stormtroopers to be a threat. And yet, nothing is ever done to stop them before the fact! How convenient! What better way to disarm the public before the elite-swine make their Big Brother move and open those thousands upon thousands of FEMA camps they have been building since 9-11?

    And let us not forget the millions upon millions Americans have killed with all kinds of weapons, all around the globe, since world war two! Again, can you say Hypocrites, boys and girls?

    I am not a gun advocate, nor am I for only having the guns in the hands of this despotic, violent as fuck government. I don’t own a gun. But when national martial law is declared, you can bet your not so sweet ass, Tube, this fat ass will be packin’, and with extreme prejudice!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Now Tubularsock knows that this attitude you express herein is ALL based on your relationship with your third grade teacher, Miss Jones when she rejected your sexual advances!

      Tubularsock understands the difficulty of rejection but don’t take it out on the public slave system.
      Deal with these stuffed emotions and not project them onto the society we live in!


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  5. sojourner says:

    I found this article interesting, so I thought I would share it:

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  6. Have to say, TS, that you have some weird and wonderful ways in the US – hope they stay there too, despite Donny Dummkopf trying to send his insanity to Syria (right on my doorstep, by the way!).

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