A new normal? Nah …………….

Business as usual, that is really what we have here.
And Tubularsock believes that we have OrangeDump to thank for it.

Well, you can’t miss the 2016 “buy-in”, the Clinton take over of the DNC. It was only MONEY and if you have the CASH you have the control.

That was enough to rig the faithful Corporate Dems goal of a Killery candidate and the nail in Bernie’s forehead.

AND a guarantee of a Dump win.

And now we all know, if one cares to look, that the Russians had little to do with intervention into our 2016 election except their standard monkey wrench throwing into the mythical gears of democratic government.

NO, all Russia was involved in was the same routine deceptive meddling that the U.S. CIA has done to EVERY country’s elections on earth.

THAT IS THE JOB OF THE CIA …… to fuck up others elections for our ends!

So any Russian involvement was just business as usual.

THE REAL malfeasant entity was THE DEM-O-CRAP PARTY. And those ten gillion emails of Killery’s that went missing would easily show this. But ………ALL-GONE!

Well, if you sit in the same place long enough it all passes you again and if you are astute you’ll notice what you may have missed before.

So here we are again and, by golly, they are right on time! Consistency is the harbinger of those who produce ill intent!

The DNC of Nevada has just hired a paid staffer from Buttigieg’s Iowa organization, Emily Goldman to the PAID position of “Voter Protection Director.”

Tubularsock knows ……………… WHAT THE FUCK?

Well, Emily did so well in Iowa at throwing that preverbal monkey wrench into the Caucus System, that NEVADA HERE SHE COMES!

And the irony of irony, “Voter Protection Director.”

No seriously, this is real. Tubularsock can make shit like this up but doesn’t have to spend the time ……. lunacy abound!

Little is known what exactly the parameters of her new position will be but Tubularsock can guess, and has to, because Emily’s qualifications and biography have not as yet been released but to show FULL TRANSPARENCY she has locked her professional and private social media accounts after news of the hiring first broke.

That is one hell of a comfort for Tubularsock!

Some have stated that there seems to be increasing fears that party leaders are trying to rig the nomination in favor of the ex-mayor of South Bend, Indiana. No kidding … very astute!

You remember, in Iowa Pete’s campaign had paid Shadow, Inc., $42,500.00 last July for services and so did Biden’s and Klobuchar’s campaigns but to a far lessor amount. You get what you pay for, perhaps.

There were other ties between Mayor Pete and Shadow and reliable sources are reporting that Shadow Inc, a secretive company with ties to the tech team for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run, is the company behind the app.

Well, no shit Dick Tracy!

On top of all of that Bernie is showing rather well, Soooooo, ENTER the money again!

Oligarch Time!

The DNC bent over backwards and changed the rules for entering the Presidential Campaign when our home made oligarch Michael Bloomberg donated more than $100,000 to the DNC just days before he entered the race; candidates typically make such contributions to get access to the party’s national voter database.

But usually not in the middle of the process. MONEY speaks according to Citizens United!

Jeff Weaver, a senior adviser for Bernie Sanders, said it would be “wrong” to change rules that would “accommodate Mayor Bloomberg, who has raised no grassroots donations and is instead flooding the airwaves across the country funded by his billions of dollars of personal assets.”

BUT the truth was expressed better by a Bloomberg adviser when he addressed the REAL explanation, “Mike may end up as the only thing standing between Bernie and the nomination.” (Nathan J. Robinson, Current Affairs)

There you have it ………. the fix is in ………. OR NOT.

We have come full circle.

Will Americans fall for the OLIGARCH SAVIOR or an ORANGE CREATURE?

Excuse Tubularsock America, But really ……….

When was the last time has an Oligarch or an Orange Menace ever helped YOU out? NO REALLY!

It is time to change this up: Bernie 2020.

That is the ONLY chance for the SLIGHTEST shift in our current direction toward destruction.

AND DON’T NEGLECT to notice that even if Bernie Sander wins, the establishment will raise hell to stop “sharing the wealth” that has been created in our lopsided system!

A win is just the start of a gargantuan fight to the finish ……….

HELL, what else do you have to do?

  1. Hurray, pitchfork time finally. Music to my ears. I’ll run right out and buy one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • tubularsock says:

      You sure have Tubularsock there, sojourner!

      It has always been interesting about “our – policeman of the world” thing. They all get caught up in it and we end up with just get the same version of foreign policy with a different face to run it.

      So, guess he’s not perfect but the article was from valentines day the 14th and maybe he gets pissed on holidays.

      Thanks for the link ………. so Trump’s the best bet?????????

      Liked by 1 person

  2. sojourner says:

    Personally, I would like to trust Sanders, since he is more sand than all the other assholes. But what I have found is, I can’t trust any of them. In 2008, I was a Step-n-Fetch-it believer, and look where that got me.

    Just to let you know, I ended my blogging days yesterday. My blog no longer exits. I did download the 4500 posts, but they are locked away in a zip file now.

    Einstein was right, doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result each time, is the very definition of insanity. And I guess I just got tired of being insane. Not that I am sane now, but maybe I can get back to it?

    I have you bookmarked with a few other blogs, so you’re not completely rid of me yet!

    Liked by 1 person

    • tubularsock says:

      Well first things first. Sorry to hear that you have given up the insane activity of going up against the insanity that dominates the earthly terrain. Tubularsock knows what you mean but just loves the impossible and being able to get back on the horse and rush the next windmill.

      Not that Tubularsock believes his contribution to the absurd makes any difference but it is really the manipulation of photos that is enjoyable to Tubularsock.

      Should have spent Tubularsock’s “fakery” on making 100 dollar bills. Oh well, foiled again!

      Maybe with some rest the spark will ignite once more for you.

      Tubularsock too wishes that real trust in any of them was an option. Tubularsock is going with Bernie just because he has been a broken record on health rights, and human dignity as well as human and workers rights in general. And he’s far from perfect but looking over the others only turns Tubularsock stomach.

      Now you’ll have more time to comment!
      Until next time ……. cheers

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  3. sojourner says:

    I meant sane, not sand!

    Liked by 1 person

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