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This was sent to Tubularsock from a friend and it was just too interesting to not move to a wider audience.

Some of you may have already seen this but if you haven’t Tubularsock is sure you’ll figure it out!









  1. Batt Guano says:

    Good observation Tube! I’ve maintained for a long time that women are the superior sex. The only thing negative I can say about a woman is that one of them birthed Trump. Or did they? Perhaps he came here through some lizard from outer space or a demon seed. Like the things that whacky doctor was saying recently–the one he touted as a useful voice in the pandemic. Maybe she’s his mother.

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  2. DB says:

    Yeah, Tube! Let the women fuck all of this shit up for a while! Why should only ‘the men’, at the top of this worldwide cesspool, have all of the political/economic fun?

    I can’t wait to start bitching at a woman in charge! I’m tired of just bitching at these so called ‘men’!

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  3. DB says:

    On a side and yet, related note, the governor of South Dakota is a woman, and she has helped keep her state as one of the nine who didn’t play along with this CV-19 bullshit. Her state, along with the other eight, have come through this common virus/cold bs pretty much unscathed, except, of course, for the collapse of the nationwide economy, which is still cranking away in every state, and will continue to do so.

    I applaud this governor, but she did have some help, in that she had no choice: in Montana and the Dakotas, etc, unlike the pussy-ass, snowflake states of New York, Florida and California, if she had locked down, there would have been hell to pay, since this is where the militias still reign, and they don’t put up with this kind of snowflake, despotic bullshit!

    Hope this helps a bit!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well DB, South Dakota and Montana with a sparse population causing natural social distancing may be an answer.

      Tubularsock wouldn’t put too much stock in over testosterone imbeciles with guns who haven’t enough sense to not step in the cow shit having the cahunas to figure out much at all. Well except to have another Corona Beer!

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      • DB says:

        Ah, Tube, your west coast naivete is showing again! You’ve been living in LALA land too long! Like congress and Trump, you need to get out and find out what is really happening.

        Never underestimate your enemies, is a good, old slogan to live by, Tube! You may just need to deal with them, up close and personal, someday soon.

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      • tubularsock says:

        DB, rest assured Tubularsock never travels in “foreign” countries east of the Rocky Mountains.

        Tubularsock has heard that there are unwashed and uncouth groups across them there hills that are well armed but Tubularsock always carries a grenade launcher in case some of them get up enough gumption to set down them there Corona bottles and attempt to walk upright.

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  4. Robin Burton says:

    The other thing that is notable is that the worst performing countries have populist leaders. Listening to the excellent radio 4 podcast on how “doubt” was marketed, we find that lower income, lower educated, white males were the primary target. These are the primary people, as a result of four decades of being taught to doubt science, experts etc by Big Oil, Big Tobacco et al, who “doubt” Corona virus as a serious illness… they are also the ones largely responsible for having voted the rogues gallery of male idiots that you show above.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Robin, thank you for your comment.

      Tubularsock agrees with you. However Tubularsock has noticed over the years that terms like “progressive”, “populist”, “liberal”, “democratic” have lost all meaning and have been bent and twisted into almost meaningless terms.

      At the same time the stupidity level and truly the lack of simple “common sense” has become so much more prevalent as you pointed out.

      And in truth, race and gender are really not a very good indicated of intelligence on the whole.

      It appears we as a species are rapidly on the decline. And as Tubularsock sees it, couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch!

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      • Robin Burton says:

        Political labels have long been used to confuse. The National Socialist Party (NAZI) was after all anything but socialist. This is not about intelligence, but is about education. And there is no doubt that it is white uneducated males who have been targeted for so long by the marketeers of doubt. Now many believe that their opinion is as valid as anyone else’s… even though they have no qualifications or experience in the matter in question.

        This, is of course, obvious bollocks. If I need open heart surgery, then Joe down the pub might have an opinion on it even as bricklayer… but I would still prefer the opinion of Mohammed who has studied medicine and cardiology in particular for decades.

        You may be right, by teaching us to doubt experts and scientists and to believe in conspiracies, these lobbies may have opened the doors for the self destruction of society.

        We have come to believe that peace and prosperity are “normal”. However a review of history shows that this is not the case. The good old days were really not very good at all. Violence, poverty and disease have been the natural state of the average human for many centuries. The way back to that state is straight and sure… are our current leaders seem happy for us to travel along it.

        In 1984 Orwell commented that the upper levels of society were not trying to achieve material wealth… that was irrelevant. The important thing for them, what they got of on, was the power they had and the oppression of others below them

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      • tubularsock says:

        Robin, great point about the use of socialist in the middle of the Nazi moniker. Have always thought that was odd but never really cared enough to follow it to a logical conclusion. Oh well, another mystery solved.

        Time to get back to Loch Ness.

        For Tubularsock education is a major problem due to the fact that it is just a tool of any society to TRAIN the individual into GROUP THINK and disregard “intelligence”.

        Education is based on control rather than on knowledge so for the “marketeers of doubt”
        the “white uneducated males” become a sitting duck!

        But in truth, even the “educated” are sitting ducks for the “marketeers” as well. It just takes a little more finesse.

        The bases of ALL education should be critical thinking and library skills. An then, just get out of the way!

        As for the “white uneducated males” of doubt believing that “. . . their opinion is as valid as anyone else . . .”, well it is …….. they are just wrong! But their “opinion” is just as valid. It is an OPINION.

        When it comes to science, it too is based on a type of opinion as well. Science is based on “facts” that are “proven” by testing and conclusions are made based on said test and becomes a theory (an opinion based on experiment and testing).

        That theory (proven opinion) remains a “truth” as long as it is not dis-proven.

        Science is a moving target and its “truth” rests on accepted theories (“proven-opinions) all based on the Scientific Method which in essences states that a theory is accepted FACT until it is dis-proven.

        The problem for us today is that Big Pharma direct “facts” with cold cash and thereby tossing the Scientific Method out the lab window. And then BUYS IMMUNITY from all responsibility from the government drones who cynically represent we the public.

        And it is THAT FACT that helps to drive THE DOUBT about the system. Thereby making Tubularsock wonder if it is the “educated” or the “uneducated” that are stupid about the writing on the wall.

        And as for the “Good Old Days” you are right on the mark and any thought “. . . that peace and prosperity are “normal” is absurd or “obvious bollocks”!

        And if anything the English and American Empire mind set has pretty much eliminated is any real chance of “Peace In Our Time”.

        Thanks for your thoughts and input, Robin and really don’t take ANY real medical advice in a pub but Tubularsock has known some pretty solid and level bricklayers.

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      • Robin Burton says:

        I would point out that scientific theories are predictive models which forecast results.. These models are used until, one day, the results do not fit the predictions. So, for example, Newtonian physics and the idea of matter behaving as particles… pool balls if you like, worked for many centuries until, one day, someone was able to show matter sometimes behaving like particles and sometimes like waves… the so called “duality”. No-one who is a true scientist ever believes that they have a definitive truth.. the final word on any subject… simply the best explanation so far.

        Some “doubt marketeers” seize upon this to say things like “the science is not settled” and we therefore should pay no attention to it. This is another piece of bollocks which is used to hoodwink us. No science is ever “settled”… it is always only our best explanation so far. But that does not mean that we should not use it. Our entire technological society is based on it. And even the science of gravity is not settled…. but I don’t suggest that anyone throw themselves out of a window….

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      • tubularsock says:

        Robin, Tubularsock is in agreement to the point that Tubularsock has just thrown himself out the window, counter to your advice, and has proceeded downward eleven floors as the predictive model had stated would happen.

        The fact that Tubularsock believed the “doubt marketeers” may have been a little rash on Tubularsock’s part.

        However Tubularsock is paying attention to the fact that “no science is ever settled” so
        Tubularsock in concentrating on being a wave rather than a particle and by placing Tubularsock’s “observational role” into the mix may be able to alter the outcome.

        Oh ……. ahh, just passing the 45th floor……………

        Thanks for your comment.


  5. Batt Guano says:

    Good insight, the old labels don’t really don’t apply much anymore. Here’s a more updated score card:
    Democrat=hapless but well meaning
    Populist=a yahoo
    Conservative= an extreme fascist
    moderate=someone who wants to go live in New Zealand

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  6. DB says:

    Tube, a grenade launcher? Cool! Launch at Washington, DC!

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  7. Sean says:

    There is something to this. I read a book called Invisible Women which included a chapter on politics and how countries with more women politicians rank so much higher in areas like health care than countries run largely by men. This certainly lines up with those findings.

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  8. Robin Burton says:

    Tubular Sock: Just remember it’s not falling which kills you… it’s the landing. It’s a very valuable opinion that I received from an old rock climber.

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  9. Opher says:

    I’ve studied the photos carefully. I think I have spotted the problem. The ones that are doing a bad job are wearing ties. I think this is restricting the blood flow to the brain!

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  10. Opher says:

    Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    I’ve studied the photos carefully. I think I have spotted the problem. The ones that are doing a bad job are wearing ties. I think this is restricting the blood flow to the brain!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Tubularsock was forced to bring out Tubularsock’s super magnified magnifying glass and carefully perused the photos to see if perhaps this mystery could be solved Dr. Watson.

      Tie strangulation vs. evil robots only to find the untraceable traces of Ron Forsythe foot prints at the side window.

      Carefully Tubularsock turned. Step by step, inch by inch it became obvious that the answer may be found at https://ronforsytheauthor.wordpress.com/

      Now Tubularsock is not promising anything, Dr. Watson. Only that the tracks lead in that direction …….. perhaps!


  11. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Must be in the same vein of men not liking to ask for directions.
    Nurture vs. nature….hmm…….

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