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Well once again we have to endure the 4th of July.

Talking about fantasy land. All nations have their “traditions” which are usually made up crap from the past.

What Tubularsock likes most is the irony of the United States going off EVERY year and buying billions of dollars of fireworks from our evil enemy CHINA.

You remember China, the freedom hating nation that is so dangerous to world that the U.S. has to parade its’ Navy ships off their coast to show them we are a REAL freedom loving world power.

Or to simplify, MY firecracker is BIGGER than YOUR firecracker!

You see, the GOOD OLD DAYS, weren’t.

And those that continually look back usual stumble.

WE AS A NATION are not just stumbling but many want it to “get back to normal”.

“NORMAL” is a dead end street!

What we need is to create a new consciousness and NOW!

If we continue down the continuous forever war mode ……. we’re dead. The fall of Rome showed us that.

And if all there is to do here is stack up money, like it means something, we are dead.

But alas, if we gave up the money pursuit how would we buy fireworks?

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

  1. swo8 says:

    Happy 4th Tube, we are still fumbling over a find of hidden unmarked graves of indigenous children at the government and church schools. Having a hard time feeling proud of that. The grievous things that have been done without our knowledge and by our government in our name.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Leslie,Tubularsock agrees with you wholeheartedly.

      The U.S. has plenty of hidden blood on its hands that we have all paid our tax dollars towards as well.

      Canada and the U.S.’s atrocities are so outrageous toward the indigenous peoples that it is difficult to grapple with such evil.

      But Canada still has a long way to catch up with “our” evil empire!

      Sad really, that rapidly reaches outrage for Tubularsock. It’s like zero to 90 a one breath!

      Stay safe ………….

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  2. Lara/Trace says:

    One year ago: Trump declared war on Americans he didn’t like: …he declared a new kind of Revolutionary War, a new kind of Civil War. This time, the enemies were other Americans:

    “Here tonight before the eyes of our forefathers, Americans declare again, as we did 244 years ago, that we will not be tyrannized, we will not be demeaned, and we will not be intimidated by bad, evil people. It will not happen.”
    I got it here: https://www.readthepresentage.com/p/donald-trump-july-4
    Well, that wasn’t unexpected…

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well LT, who better to end tyranny than a cruel and oppressive Trump?

      Now go right out and wave the flag for the good old days!

      And yes, “. . . that wasn’t unexpected…!

      Interesting link for sure but Tubularsock will never forget!

      Thanks for your input.

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  3. Batt Guano says:

    Tube: Here is an excerpt of a speech Frederick Douglass gave on the 4th of July 1852. In view of things like the George Floyd incident it is still relevant today:

    On July 4, 1852. Douglass gave a speech entitled “THE MEANING OF JULY FOURTH FOR THE NEGRO” in which he eloquently expressed the frustrations of his people:
    “What to an American slave,, is your 4th of July? I answer, a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants, brass fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery…”

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    • tubularsock says:

      Batt, Frederick Douglass hits it right on the money.

      “. . . your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery…”

      Tubularsock’s sentiments exactly!

      Thanks for comment.


  4. Norman Pilon says:

    The system is rotten to the core. It really is profits over people.

    We are all, be it in America or China or wherever, for the time being and foreseeable future trapped under the absolute rule of capital, of private property, production for profit, and the accumulation of wealth for the few without limits.

    Something will have to shift or people will in greater and absolute numbers continue to descend further into destitution and barbarity. I can’t begin to discern how we will get out of this if ever, but I can see that where we are at is the strangulation of the many.

    Two pieces that caught my eye by Alex Gutentag and that perfectly echo our sentiments in these sham COVID times (for anyone who might be interested):

    The Great Covid Class War


    The War on Reality

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    • tubularsock says:

      Norman, it appears to Tubularsock that it is eventually going down. The system is corrupt at ever level and you know as well Tubularsock that dry-rot NEVER corrects itself.

      The Alex Gutentag articles are excellent! Thanks for the links. Couldn’t agree more!

      Which goes for “Ioannidis” clip as well.

      Stay sane ……………….

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  5. Norman Pilon says:

    And this from Ioannidis:

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  6. I agree, Tube. To hell with normal. Normal was the problem.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Dr.B absolutely. Tubularsock has always followed not only his own drummer but his own fucking orchestra! And no question “normal” just doesn’t cut it!


  7. wolfess says:

    I am now a 68-year-old witch (yes really!) and I have never really experienced ‘normal’ so Tube — why should any of us settle for ‘normal’? And yes it’s true, I sincerely HATE fireworks — they do terrible things to Mike and our house beasties and while the colors are okay, the sounds are abhorrent! In closing I would just like to say, Happy Fifth of July, because now the 4th is history! 🤔

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    • tubularsock says:

      wolfess, Tubularsock was going to be a warlock but couldn’t afford the caldron and eye of newt so gave it up for a life of a duller nature (no, NOT really).

      Yet “normal” has never been part of Tubularsock’s direction, fortunately.

      Totally with you about the 4th being over ……..

      Tubularsock had a little beasty as a bunker guest overnight on the fourth and spent most of the evening holding the little guy.

      The fireworks this year had to be leftover Iraq War munitions. The explosions were so loud and continuous that Tubularsock believed the ghost of Donald Rumsfeld walked out of the smoke on one occasion but was frightened back to the hell from where he came by the little beasty in Tubularsock’s arms.

      So a big high five for the 5th of July.

      Oh, and Tubularsock has some left over eye of newt at a discounted price if you are interested.


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  8. wolfess says:

    First — concerning the eye of newt I will go so far as to remortgage my house to get it!!!! Further — Musket, Persephone and Chaco send their love (and understanding about the 4th) to your house beasty, as do Mike and I 🐶 In closing I would just like to toast YOUR fifth ON the fifth of July! 🤗🍻🍹

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    • tubularsock says:

      Tubularsock thanks you and consider it returned to all.

      Tubularsock is looking all about the Underground Bunker for that Newt even under the raw beating heart that Tubularsock received from Dr. Frankenstein at his recent garage sale! No luck, yet.


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