Tube double finger heading

Well Tubularsock was just wrapping up his thoughts for another freedom loving night in the United States of America.

So, I ran through my YouTube review because it’s easy.

All the video about cats were all in order.

Sports all cool.

Big tits were exposed as ever.

Monster Trucks running over shit, check!

Then Tubularsock thought he’d check on Syria.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 10.14.48 PM


In the land of the free and the home of the brave we have freedom of thought! Unlike those Russians and those Chinese. American’s have freedom of the press.

Just Say'en

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Bill Kueppers says:

    I’m not sure I totally understand things, but it looks like perhaps you’ve reached a certain level of prominence if you’re Youtube video is not available in Syria.


    • tubularsock says:

      Tubularsock may have rushed this posting off too quickly and didn’t explain himself that well. It has to do with the fact that Al Jazeera’s video Obama Shores Up Support For Syria Strike is being blocked from being viewed in the U.S……… just maybe it is a view we should know about.

      Hope it’s clear now. Sometimes Tubularsock shoots from the hip so he’s fast but not as clear. Thanks for your contribution, Bill.


  2. Jeff Nguyen says:

    It looks like they’re trying to set up Syria to be Iraq 2.0 but it’s still just the opening act for the main event…war with Iran. The show must go on…


  3. Tube, we don’t have ANY freedoms, ‘doncha’ know. I’ve been out protesting and screaming until I’m hoarse, but I don’t hold out any hope that I’m doing a goddamn thing to stave off the shitload of missiles headed to Syria and Iran and where ever the hell else.


    • tubularsock says:

      Ahh, Shelby. It is so nice to see that you are spending time outdoors. I like that you are screaming, my therapist says that that is healthy! We do have a “shitload of missiles” and we have to send them someplace! That’s the American way! Keep up the good work and soon another holiday will come along and Americans can loose themselves in that. Tubularsock just happens to have an old box of freedoms that I’ll send your way. Sometimes saving antiques provides a context for the future.


      • LMAO!!! “Spending time outdoors,” indeed!!! You, my friend are a barrel of laughs!! As I am trying to ‘massage’ my vocal cords(they are what everyone hates about me, at least those in political circles), I am trying to come up with a way to engage in effective argument without having to result to shouting obscenities at those who are FOR military intervention. If I don’t write anything for a few days, contact the Hennepin County jail, they’ll probably have my name on the roster. Also, I am going to need ‘commissary’ so if you could be so kind. ROTFLMAO!!!!


      • tubularsock says:

        Shelby, Tubularsock has taken the liberty of FedXing a cake with plastic explosives which looks like frosting to the Hennepin County Jail under your name. Don’t thank me now but whatever you do don’t say Tubularsock had anything to do with your escape!

        Good luck with your yelling ……….


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