Well, Tubularsock feels a hell of a lot better about Syria and its future bombing. No not because Step-an-fetch-it-Obomber has decided to let that check and balance system have a chance to speak before he will bomb the fuck out of them. No, it’s because Tubularsock just read his own blog post and realized IT’S NOT ABOUT ME!

Obomber’s decision to bomb Syria isn’t about Tubularsock having a beef with a Syrian.  Nor is it about YOU not having a beef with a Syrian. No really! We have nothing to do with it! And you know for sure it has absolutely nothing to do with Chemical Weapons or helping the Syrian people.

With the exception that WE have to pay for it! (Of little consequence to us, right?)

Now aren’t you relieved?

It is simply a business move. Feel better now?

You see the entire region needs to be MORE destabilized because, “What is good for business is good for business and the business of business IS business!”

(Think of this last insight as a bumper sticker that could only fit on a corporate limo bumper.)

You see there is this pipe line deal that has to be disrupted ……… wouldn’t you know.

In July, 2011 Iran, Iraq, and Syria signed a major gas pipeline deal.

This pipeline construction will provide for Iranian gas from its South Pars gas field to Europe via Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea. (Boring, yes?)

According to the deal, Iranian gas will be transited to Greece and other European countries via a 6,000-kilometer pipeline crossing thorough Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon and under the Mediterranean Sea. (Tehran Times)

This project will cut into Israel’s plans of selling gas to Europe.

This project will also cut into Qatar’s gas sales to Europe.

This project will also affect Turkey’s self-described privileged energy crossroads between East and West.

So what does that have to do with the United States’ “Interests”?

A fun side note: Whenever you hear that our military is protecting American interests, that is NOT your (the citizen’s) interest. That means American corporate interests. And now in todays terms world corporate interests. GET CLEAR YOU ARE NOT PART OF THOSE INTERESTS! (But you pay for it.)

Enter Prince Bandar bin Sultan better known to those who love him as Bandar-Bush.


Now Bandar is what makes this all too fun. He is a Saudi-sleazeball who was the Saudi Ambassador to the United States from 1983 through 2005 and had the inside track with five Presidents and with Congress. He was especially tight with the Bush family and joined, with Saudi money, into the Carlylel Group. An inside-track investment corporation where many former government officials were able to use their insider knowledge to garner wealth.

All in that grand-ol’-capitalist-spirit!

He was so tight with the Bush family that Little-Bush was the one who give him the  nicknamed Bandar-Bush.

Bandar encouraged military action against Iraq. And best of all he supported Dick Cheney’s agenda for “The New Middle East”, which called for pro-democracy programs in both Syria and Iran. (And you know what pro-democracy means to Cheney!)

Which only goes to show you that floating turds swim in the same toilet.


For years now Tubularsock has been looking for the flusher!

After 2005 Bandar disappeared and rumor had it that he had been killed or died but like a bad riyal he cropped up again as Director General of  the Saudi Intelligence Agency in 2011.

This guy runs weapons, cash, fighters and he is the main pipeline in providing chemical weapons to the “Syrian rebels” most of whom are not Syrian at all but jihadist mercenaries funded by Saudi Arabia and the CIA.

Are you getting the picture yet?

Bandar was involved in the Iran-Contra deal back in the day. He arranged for $32 million in Saudi financing for the Nicaraguan Contras.

The guy’s a creep of the highest order and he is still peddling his ware.

Recently he met with Putin to try and pressure Russia to back off with helping Assad but Putin has too much invested in keeping the U.S. from destabilizing Iran.

But this pipe line deal isn’t the only issue nor is the international consulting, construction, and distribution systems that are needed to pull this off.

No, there is also the Israeli Zionist’s belief that a destabilized Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and Iraq would benefit Israel because it would cause infighting within the Arab world thus weakening a major force against Israel.

And on top of that is the U.S., Saudi, and Israeli fascination with bringing down Iran.

But perhaps the largest piece of the pie goes to the incredibly huge profits garnered by our military-industrial-complex. The amount this “limited” bombing will end up costing will be in the billions if not trillions of dollars. And that is what it really is all about. PROFITS!

And that is why you will see Congress back this insane adventure because they are mere whores of these war industries.

Our only hope is in the House of Representatives. And the key votes are going to be those crazy tea party types. The standard Democrat and Republican are way past sold out to corporate interests. But the tea party crazies might just stop Congressional approval.

That does not necessarily mean that Obomber won’t step up to the plate and order these bombing as punishment because of HIS high moral standards.*** But if he does it will be a major foreign policy blunder. And the costs are far greater than can be imagined.****


*** that was a joke!

****  that is no joke!

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  1. I finally regained my speech and then lost it again over the phone when I proceeded to contact my (mis)representatives and had it out with their office flunkies who are unsure why the people they ‘flunk’ for are for the Obama Administration’s strike on Syria. Believe me, I left them with their ears still ringing probably until this time tomorrow. I never thought that I would state this, but I like Michelle Bachmann for her stance on why she opposes Obama’s bullshit over Syria.

    Believe it or not, I just finished only an hour ago reading about the pipeline you mention and even though the light bulb was on and my elevator goes all the way to the top floor, I still cried, “aha!”

    And as you know, I have been screaming to all who don’t want to hear me that we are not trying to ‘save’ the Syrian people from their government. We are NOT humanitarians. We ARE warmongers. People, unfortunately HATE to hear the truth and so, I had to purchase a bullhorn, but be that as it may, even though I cannot stop the horror that is about to be unleashed on the people of Syria, I will not slink behind the dumpster and keep quiet.

    And Tube, since you were in the ‘war’ room, have you managed to put an end to this madness??? Obviously, you are an ‘insider’, so give us the scoop! Damn! I can’t even dance my way in!!! I am jealous!!! *smirk*


    • tubularsock says:

      Well, Shelby save your voice. Tubularsock does have an inside track and Diane (that’s in Feinstein) wrote me a personal email and informed me that, “As the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, I have convened several hearings to carefully review the intelligence with respect to the use of chemical weapons in Syria.  In my view, the intelligence on this attack is very precise and very clear.  It points directly to the Assad government.

      Now as you noticed Tubularsock WAS in the “war room” because PICTURES NEVER LIE and Tubularsock was sitting right there! Which only goes to prove that if Diane Feinstein REVIEWED THAT INTELLIGENCE she would believe that as well!

      Scary, yes?


      • Scary, yes, my ‘make me laugh out loud’ friend!!! I believe it because I saw it with my own eyes. If I saw you in the ‘war’ room, then I can believe in what Feinstein says. She wouldn’t lie, surely?
        *insert serious eye roll here”


  2. This does not surprise me at all. Of course its about controlling the flow of oil. Although the use of chemical weapons is a horrible horrible thing. Isn’t there another solution rather than bombing? Can’t we force the leaders of the middle east and the west have a round table peace talk all sporting the same tubularsock hairdo. Now I think they would make some real sporting progress if that were the case. It could be the perfect opportunity for them to discover the similarities in their differences.


    • tubularsock says:

      Sherri thank you for taking the time to comment. I like the way you think! YES to the round table peace talks on hair arrangement! AND we could have our theme song for the round table peace talks Chubby Checker’s song “Let’s Do The Twist”! Tubularsock can see it all now. Like all peace talks it could get “harry”. Now where have I put my turban?


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