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There is so much bullshit around this Ukraine mis-adventure that it is starting to make “regular crap” look good!

Now I was talking to a highly educated friend of mine just the other day and he was asking why is it that Tubularsock “likes” Putin and didn’t Tubularsock realize that Russia was posing a threat to the Ukraine by concentrating troops along its boarders?

Well Tubularsock wasn’t surprised by this limited view because he keeps up with current news by reading Newsweek and Time Magazines. And he believes he’s “informed”!

Well sure, the guy has a stressful job and limited time to “keep up” with the world. What with all the different countries doing different things EVERY day and all.

Why not get it ALL your news under one fast-third-grade-level-read-umbrella?

Now, far be it for Tubularsock to go off on Newsweek and Time Magazines except to say that Tubularsock wouldn’t use either even as toilet paper. In part because I think one or both are only on line now and not in physical form any longer which causes a logistical problem as toilet paper. And the other reason is then what would I do with the New York Times?

Oh my, Tubularsock does digress!

Now there seems to be a bit of a disagreement between John Kerry’s view of the Ukraine and what is happening and RT’s (Russia Today News) view of the Ukraine and what is happening. No surprise there!

John (you remember him, right …. Secretary of State) called RT a “propaganda bullhorn” and it was pushing Putin’s “fantasy”. My, my.

Well according to DIPNOTE the U.S. Department of State “Official Blog” posted by Richard Stengel : that Kerry’s remarks resulted in “. . . a predictable howl of protest from RT’s editor, who claimed the State Department knows little about what is really happening in Ukraine today and had the audacity to request an apology.”

Now Richard Stengel continued with, “I spent seven years as the managing editor of TIME magazine [now that’s clear] before joining the State Department. I understand the difference between news, propaganda and opinion. Propaganda is the deliberate dissemination of information that you know to be false or misleading in order to influence an audience.”

Well Richard seems, to Tubularsock, to be the one who is propagating “falsehoods” when it comes to the Ukraine and if Kerry doesn’t really know what RT is pointing out then he is truly an idiot!

Let Tubularsock just lead you through a few of the things RT has brought to the attention of the world and how Richard Stengel and John Kerry seem to be the ones who are “misleading” and attempting to twist the information.

Last week it was claimed by RT that the United States had “invested” $5 Billion in regime change in the Ukraine. Richard Stengel says that that is a “ludicrous assertion”.

Yet it was Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland who told a business group on December 13, 2013 that “. . . we have invested more than $5 billion in what was needed for Ukraine to achieve its European aspirations.”

In addition remember the intercepted, phone call where Victoria Nuland said her choice was to replace Yanukovych was Arseniy Yatsenyuk. The call was to U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt. 

Arseniy Yatsenyuk ended up as Prime Minister after the coup. Which shows collusion by the United States with the U.S. and European banking interests. 

But not a word about that from Kerry or Stengel. They act like it was a natural “democratic” process. Like the CIA involvement in the process was akin to boys scouts helping a little old lady across the street. 

Nor does Kerry or Stengel take on the issue of the dominance of Neo-Nazis in the new created Ukrainian Government as exposed by RT.

Now in Eastern Ukraine there was the incident cited by Kerry at the Geneva Conference that had been called to reduce tensions in Ukraine. Kerry said that, “Just in the last couple of days, notices were sent to Jews in one city indicating that they had to identify themselves as Jews. And obviously, the accompanying threat implied is – or threatened – or suffer the consequences, one way or the other.”

But a few day before Kerry’s speech that bit of information had been found to be the work of pro-coup operators NOT the pro-Russian Ukraine supporters.

Yet Kerry sited the information any way as if it were true. And he has the nerve to call RT a “propaganda bullhorn”?

It appears that what RT exposes The State Department just doesn’t discuss and thereby claims that it is RT that is doing the PROPAGANDA!

There is also the total lack of any discussion in the maimed-stream-media in the U.S. of the breaking of the deal made with Russia that NATO would not push for an eastward expansion which is why Ukraine has been overthrown by the U.S. and NATO backed cronies. It is NATO and the U.S. that has broken the agreed understanding with Russia not some aggressive move by the Russians!

The Russian move is a response. They, in this case, are not the aggressor!

Well the beat goes on. And the “free press” in the U.S. are so busy licking the asses of the government just like they did over Iraq that they have become again the government’s mouth piece.

Few in the maimed-stream-media do any investigation of ANYTHING with the exception of the detailed pictures of Kim Kardashian’s last bikini photo shoot!

Where RT, Al-Jazeera and CCTV (the new English-language programming set up by China) all give a more honest view of the Ukrainian mess than any press in the U.S.

Now this isn’t to say that one doesn’t have to be awake to bias from these news organization. But, if you try to broaden your news reading you will be able to find a broader world view than just “American Exceptionalism”. 

It was just a couple of years ago that Hillary Clinton was saying that the U.S. was “. . . “losing the information war”. And just couldn’t figure out why.

Well, let Tubularsock let you in on a little secret that he has discovered and that is that more and more of the American people are just sick and tired of “. . . the U.S. corporate media’s regurgitation of the manifold and manifestly deceitful justifications for U.S. actions abroad” as Ray McGovern (former CIA intelligence – Soviet Foreign Policy Branch) so clearly stated.

As for Tubularsock siding with Putin. Not so but I do like his coat!


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  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    It looks like the fascists in Kiev backed by the West celebrated May Day by burning people alive in the Trade Union House:

    It’s disappointing to see Samantha Powers cheerleading all of this. I remember reading her book that called out the U.S. for standing by silently during the Rwandan genocide. Guess she’ll be going to work for Pierre Omidyar next, once her tour of public service duty is over.

    I know you know that Putin is an oligarch just like the rest of these shot callers but he has had the cojones to stand up to the US/NATO alliance. Chris Floyd had a good take on the context girding Russia’s moves:

    Always good to see you pop up from your undisclosed location bunker (ULB) for fresh air, Tubular. Oh…and that coat does look good on you.


    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks Jeff. Powers has to sing to the tune if she wants to play with the big boys. EBay? Really …….. might be perfect after public service.
      Chris Floyd’s article was clear and well done as usual. He feels it. Thanks.

      It’s best to come out of the Bunker with a new coat.


      • Jeff Nguyen says:

        Sorry, Tubular. I was referring to Omidyar’s bankrolling of First Look Media and employment (co-opting) of Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, Laura Poitras, et al. The same Omidyar who helped fund destabilization in Ukraine.


      • tubularsock says:

        That fit is so much better! Tubularsock was looking way too narrow. Thanks Jeff.


  2. Well on this one, I’m siding with Putin!!!!


  3. H3nry J3kyll says:

    Consistency is no longer a prerequisite to preserving the illusion. I wonder if the narratives are reversed in the Russian media, with Reuters and AP playing good cop. I’ve got a nagging suspicion that similar to the simultaneous backing of Winston and Adolf, the Davos bunch is smiling as Vlad the Impaler and Mr. Peace Prize act out a Wrestlemania-esque performance in public.


    • tubularsock says:

      Excellent comment H3nry.”Consistency is no longer a prerequisite to preserving the illusion”, BECAUSE the attention span of modern man/woman is under two minutes!

      The rich always smile when they sit in the SwissAlps and count their money as they move their respective pawns about. It’s apropos that the WEF theme this year was “The Reshaping of the World”. Don’t you think?

      “[A] Wrestlemania-esque performance in public” is a wonderful mind package ……… it may even get an academy award for best picture.

      Thanks for your comment …… Vlad the Impaler and Mr. Peace Prize ……. sweet!


      • H3nry J3kyll says:

        Reshaping the world? lol. In who’s image I must ask? Their vision of the world as a giant mall with a permanent underclass is antipodal to what you or I might desire.


      • tubularsock says:

        Very true, H3nry. Very true!

        Enjoyed Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton:”A Quest Beyond the Limits of the Ordinary” that you posted a bit ago. Amazing stuff. Thanks, keep them coming!


  4. Putin would not be my choice were I Russian, but he did arise out of a specific context: The chaos of Boris Yeltsin. The U.S. played a significant role in imposing shock therapy on Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union, which caused a 45 percent drop in Russian GDP in eight years while wiping out everybody’s savings through hyperinflation. Quite a feat!

    Let us not forget Yeltsin bombarding the Russian parliament, causing dozens of casualties, because they sought to stop Yeltsin from continuing to exercise powers of decree that had expired, which Yeltsin used to allow the country’s oligarchs to steal the country’s industrial assets. That was cheered by the U.S. government and corporate media as democracy.

    And I have to agree with Jeff — the jacket looks good on you.


    • tubularsock says:

      Well you know Systemic Disorder in consumer/fashion land the coat and how Tubularsock looks is all that is important. I agree that Putin is no gift and Yeltsin was a shit so I’d stick with Vodka. All kidding aside, your short summation is spot on. Thanks for your comment.


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