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  1. It’s really hard to know which to be more pissed off about – the secret order expanding the US combat role in Afghanistan:

    Or the impending NATO war in Ukraine:

    Which one are you more angry about?


    • tubularsock says:

      Now DrB. that is a very difficult question for Tubularsock to rate his pissed-offness. I’m not sure there is a scale that goes that high. But first let Tubularsock say that if the NY Times is publishing the “Secret Order” then it must mean that the government wants it out in the public sphere. The NY Time is just a mouth piece of American bull shit. There is no journalism being practiced at that institution. So the question becomes why is it really being reported?

      As for the NATO crap with the Ukraine we have not only the pot calling the kettle black but more like there is no kettle and the pot is boiling with lies to the point that they have lost themselves in their own story.

      The U.S.= NATO is responsible for creating and assisting a Fascist takeover of the Ukraine, the breaking NATO agreements with Russia, and the shooting down of MA-17. And then blaming Russia. But it looks like a crack my be happening with Germany and if Germany and Russia start diplomacy with each other the NATO bullshit won’t hold and hopefully will spill all over fucking Obombers shoes.

      So back to Tubularsock’s anger. Years ago Tubularsock went into therapy because it was becoming an issue. Within three sessions Tubularsock had made the therapist so angry that Tubularsock felt his job was done. It’s called transference. Tubularsock is much happier now but the therapist is still mad as hell.

      Cheers, Tube

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