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  1. Do you think Putin has a Napoleon complex? I’ve been doing some research on his height and by my reckoning he’s five seven. That’s taller than Napoleon but in this day in age, most men and a lot of women tower over him. I think this is why he keeps taking his shirt off and showing of in photos exhibiting his physical prowess.


    • tubularsock says:

      DrB., as theories go Putin’s shortness could be Napoleonic. And Obummers basketball fetish may be do to the fact that he isn’t tall enough to make the NBA. As well as the profundity that Bush really IS a shrub and will never be a tree.

      But Tubularsock would venture to say that erectile dysfunction may have more to do with it than a Napoleon complex. Maybe even for Bonaparte himself if you consider the psychological influence of his name.

      Tubularsock is sure that this all adds up on the libido calculator for men. Lifestyle factors most strongly associated with erectile dysfunction are physical activity and leanness. As a man gets dumpy the cause of war increases.

      Now Tubularsock isn’t going to thrust deeply into the observation that all implements of war seem to be in the shape of a penis. And as erectile dysfunction increases within governmental leaders well ……… boom!

      Another factor for Putin is that he dumped his wife for that much younger and hotter gymnast so now he just thinks he’s 20!

      Thank you for your comment DrB. Tubularsock feels that between the two of us we will be able to work out a pretty accurate theory.


  2. Well, I don’t see why Putin can’t be shirtless. I don’t see what difference it would make. And if he’s suffering from ED, no big deal. That’s fairly common in men over 40. Not to be telling on myself, but I have caused a heart attack a two in my day. If a man wants to ‘perform’ and he’s not exactly ‘young’ anymore and he decides to pop Viagra until he keels over, why that’s on him and that other one, oh!, and the one over there. And may they all rest in peace! Amen!


    • tubularsock says:

      Well Shelby ……. a regular death squad are you. But you are correct it’s not on you, sort of speak. Tubularsock has never really understood men and Viagra really. A sad case in the misunderstanding of “manhood”. And a total misunderstanding of true relationship.

      Oh well, let’s talk shirtless Putin ……. the guy could run around in the nude for all Tubularsock gives a shit. Could cause some issues because of the coldness of Russia but hell, go for it Vlad!

      From Tubularsock’s observations over the years, men in general, are not very smart.

      Thanks for your comment and keep up your poetic fire. It is so refreshing to Tubularsock as you scorch the earth with words. After reading your work Tubularsock always feel good in the fact that somebody is handling the world today. Ah, a rest day for Tubularsock …….. thanks!

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      • But Tube! You set the internet on fire and we ALL know it! No one can bring it quite like you! My hat is forever tipped to you!!! Not to mention, you keep us on our toes!!! Oh yes you do!!!

        As the Regency England folks would say, “Take your bow, my good man!”


      • tubularsock says:

        Thank you Shelby …… even if you are delusional,Tube feels honored that you think so ………


  3. Tubularsock, Fun stuff, thanks! But seriously, wouldn’t you think world leaders might have more to do than … monkey around, inflating their egos? The pettiness and obvious narcissism of people in power still shocks me a bit. But damn it to hell, if these clowns blow up the planet, I’d really hate to be vaporized just because some little creep has performance anxiety or an off night!

    Yet some folks (mostly men) still worry about women in responsible positions, for fear of PMS or that dread “hysteria” we’re assumed to exhibit. Bah! I’m NEVER! hysterical — though often angry and indignant … but only when appropriate. And I must say, I’ve never caused heart attacks — something to look forward to, perhaps? No, maybe not. Killing someone I liked would make me feel bad. And if they deserved killing, I’d prefer to … never mind, you wouldn’t want to know. Thanks for reminding me our highest officials are as screwed up as everybody else, and maybe more so. No wonder I have insomnia. – Linda


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