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Tubularsock has found that most everything has a basic simple explanation. And then layers are placed upon the simple to attempt either to confuse one from understanding what is going on or to attempt to explain the simple in a complex way so as to create the illusion that those who are attempting to carry out the simple idea look like they know what they are doing.

Either way Tubularsock calls it BULLSHIT STACKING. And it is a major policy practice of the American political establishment.


Don’t think so ……. then you are just stupid! Now how simple is that?

Well if you have been following the Regimented-Free-Press (RFP) you’ll know that Lady Gaga just got engaged on Valentines Day. And yes she got a custom designed heart shaped diamond engagement ring. Is there any other kind? How simple.

AND to top that off YOU TOO can dress like Lady Gaga as shown by this ad following the article about her engagement.

How simple.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 6.36.05 PM

Tubularsock believes that there is a difference between general WHITE garments for less and Lady Gaga’s custom made gown. What do think? Tubularsock is not going to rush out and buy one. How simple.

The RFP also made room for a little coverage of the old boring news as well. Not as exciting as heart shaped diamonds and endearing love but just some other stuff the RFP feels they can fill their new cycles with because after all one thing they constantly do well is report without questioning.

Well this in one of those news reports.

If you compared the pressing questions directed to Lady Gaga from the press to the half asleep nodding heads of the Washington Press Corp when Step’n-fetch-it Obomber’s lackey’s and running dogs announced :

Obama drone headline

you would have seen their lack of concern and knowledge that the RFP regularly displays.

Well there is a story here and Tubularsock is going to point out ONLY one simple fact for you to consider. But Tubularsock does have to remind you on how the game works.

Now you may remember when the United States under the Carter and Reagan Administrations decided to arm the mujahideen so they could fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. And of course we sent in American “trainers” to assist in teaching the mujahideen. But that was not all. The U.S.  in addition to overt and covert funding operations by various U.S. governmental agencies there were a large variety of private “aid” agencies and think tanks that formed policies and not only profited from those policies but were also up to their chinny-chin-chins in the drugs­-for-­guns Iran-­Contra networks of that then­ Vice President George-the-prick-Bush and his loyal sidekick Oliver-dumb-fuck-North had undertaken.

This falls under what is known as PROXY WARS. A war where a country has “others” stand in and fight an enemy rather than doing the fighting directly. Like in this case where the U.S. and the Soviet Union can’t fight a war directly because it could escalate into World War III.

So both powers create and fund “others” to alter the area where each wish to control and exploit.

Now the United States is by far the greatest Proxy War creator than any other nation in the world. We have more military bases in the world, we sell more war equipment than any other nation in the world and we overthrow more established governments than any other country in the world.


That’s what we do. And we do this to control natural resources such as oil but there is far more at stake than just oil.  Natural gas, Tungsten, and the list continues. WE WANT them for us so to keep the Chinese from sucking them up before we do.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 6.09.45 PM


The Chinese are active in Africa  so the United States destabilizes the area so as to make it unstable for nations to control the extraction of these resources. THAT is what Boko Haram in Nigeria is all about and the CIA helped to create this situation to divide and conquer Africa.

That is what al Qaeda is all about. The CIA under Carter and Reagan created al Qaeda and supported Osama bin Laden.


The U.S. also funded and supported Saddam Hussein. We provided him with the WMD’s that we later used as the excuse to overthrow him.

When it comes to RIGHT WING brutal dictators in Latin America the U.S. helped to create, fund and trained ALL OF THEM!

The amount of MASS MURDER that the U.S. has created in the world and supported through these “PROXIES” is overwhelming.

And we have continued this type of Foreign Policy to the point that today the BLOW-BACK is hitting the fan.

Now, explain to Tubularsock why Obomer believes that “our” allies today are going to be our allies tomorrow or for that matter next week!

“U.S. officials suggested the drone sales could become a new tool for expanding American influence overseas.” (LA Times)

So now rather than just killing people by drone-murder we are going to sell drones to who? It is the same pattern again?

Oh yeah, “strong and capable international partners”! Oh, Right.

So we just have to sell them to Jordan. We just have to do it. They NEED THEM to “defeat” ISIS! Sure they do. The U.S. has been droning ISIS for almost two years now …… are they defeated? Will Jordan be better at it?

And what happen if ISIS captures the drones? Then what?

And where did ISIS come from ………..? Who helped to train many of them? Arm them?

We are going to now help Jordan drone them? We must, we must!

Even Congress sees the need, “Given our mutual interests, and our strong relationship, it’s absolutely critical that we provide Jordan the support needed to defeat the Islamic State,” Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., wrote to President Obama in a Feb. 5 letter.

Did Tubularsock mention that much of drone manufacturing is centered in Southern California.

So Northrop Grumman Corp., Lockheed Martin Corp., and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. just happen to build drones which when  Rep. Duncan Hunter, says “Given our mutual interests . . .” we at least know who he’s talking about!

Israel, Russia and China, manufacture military drones and have fewer compunctions about selling them. But by the U.S, getting into the market we can have more influence over how countries actually use their drones. Like murdering people from the sky is any different with an Israeli drone or an American one.

Now don’t be scared,  U.S. made drone technology will ONLY be sold to “allies” that agree to “end-use monitoring and potential additional security conditions.” Feel better?

The restrictions would limit potential misuse of drones, such as attacks against a country’s own civilian population.

Hey, remember how well that worked with Saddam Hussein when Reagan sold him the gas that was used on the Kurds? Sure, “limit potential misuse”!


Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 6.16.01 PM


We have created these enemies over the years to promote “American Interests” meaning “PROFITS FOR THE FEW” and now we will provide military ready drones to “allies” (like Saddam Hussein) and then wonder WHAT WENT WRONG?

Now for years Tubularsock has watched this happen and couldn’t figure out why our questionable leaders continued to race down the same path and get the same result. And they appeared not to notice.


Tubularsock was coming from thinking “WE” wanted world peace and democracy and dignity of man/woman.

Yeah, Tubularsock knows ……… how foolish.

NO, THE PLAN is exactly what they are doing. The proof’s in the pudding!

Continued war IS the goal. Create an enemy, train them, support them, and turn them onto those we want to control. And then destroy our creations when they become no longer useful.

That’s the game.

And the beautiful thing about it is that all those mothers and fathers out there that don’t have their sons and daughters because they died in the game, hold onto the fantasy that their dead offspring gave their lives to protect America. They are just poor DUMB FUCKS! Their don’t get the game.

single coffin



And then they give them a folded American flag and some metal trinkets and tell them what heroes their dead children were and they FUCKING BUY IT out of grief! Shame on them and their poor sad souls. You have been had. 

It’s a game …….. wake up!

And for you military brain-died who march off thinking you are going to do something noble, you too have been had.

And that is why you fucks are killing yourselves like flies on your return because you finally figured it out. The U.S. doesn’t give a fuck about you.

And how does Tubularsock know? Fucking take a look. THEY ALWAYS can make a profit on military equipment and Congress dumps money into military procurement.

But wake up dumb fucks ……. Congress just can’t seem to find the money to cover you veterans.

WHY? You are not profitable. You are spent. You are used equipment. You have been spent and had. You would have been left like old military equipment on the battlefield if the American government could figure out how to get away with it.

You now are a cost ……… fuck you!

  no way out



So the bottom line is that the United States creates its enemies and then spends trillions of dollars to destroy the enemy that has been created thereby creating more enemies  and the cycle continues.

The U.S. doesn’t want it to stop! THERE IS NO PROFIT IN PEACE.


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. donzo442 says:

    Be sure to climb on board the ‘Wounded Warrior Project’ and send the fuckers twenty dollars a month and make a difference. Make no difference? WWP will send you a blanket made in Honduras BUT, WWP will not or hell no they won’t tell you what the fuck they’re doing with the money sent in. The cracker guy that wears a leather hat says WWP really helps the zombie corps for sure. Whatever…


  2. sojourner says:

    No humor this time, just a shit-load of hard core evidence to convict this piece of shit government. Right Fucking On!

    The friend that labeled John Kerry, “Lurch”, believes TPTB (the powers that be) are in an economic scramble, because of the effect Russia and China, and ‘The BRICS’ nations, are having on the dollar. And I don’t doubt it a bit!

    It seems like TPTB are acting responding as cockroaches on a metal plate hooked up to electricity. Almost every day there is yet another reason, as you point out here, to sell weapons and send troops here and there. I am beginning to believe TPTB are in a panic, which means you’ll probably be writing similar articles from here forward!

    OR, and I do mean OR… by keeping the world in a constant state of war, TPTB can continue, without any of we the people noticing too much, their plan for taking over the world. I’ve read a lot of articles, recently, questioning whether TPTB are willing to start WWIII, and maybe they are. But after reading your post, here, I think they are going to destroy us and the planet in a much slower and more devious manner: by attrition, worldwide war and carnage? If they continue this current way of attempting to rule the world, in a century, how many of we the people will be left to exterminate? Perhaps TPTB have decided destroying most of the world is the best way to ‘depopulate’, and then rebuild the ‘NWO’ and the ‘Singularity’?

    After all, hasn’t this always been their modus operandi: destroy and rebuild, destroy and rebuild, destroy and rebuild?

    On a lighter note, on the first point you made in this post, I have degrees in music, and, over the last few years, my musician friends and I have come to the same conclusion as you, only the subject was music. MUSICAL ACADEMIA: mutisyllabic, meaningless bullshit to make we musicians look intelligent and impotent, oops, I mean important (even though we ain’t either), and a reason to have conservatories, schools of music and overpaid, under-worked, not-good-enough-to-make-it professors, who, by the way, were always drunk and/or stoned. They were such dedicated ‘teachers’!

    Great, great post! I am reblogging this, and I hope others who visit here will do the same. This is the kind of in-depth info that needs to be out there. Hopefully, it will awaken some people!

    Carry on, my wayward Captain, friend and brother!

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    • tubularsock says:

      You are so right on sojourner, TPTB are reacting like cockroaches on an electrified metal plate! Those fuckers will kill us all if they can figure a solid return on their money. And they may not be that afraid of WW3. Some think-tank someplace has already worked out the chance of survival for the powerful and like Larry Silverstein on 9/11 will just happen to have a doctors appointment and not go to the office that day. And by golly, both his son and daughter didn’t go into work that day either. Funny how that works.

      Interesting about music. Tubularsock just whistles while he works. Pretty simple.

      Thanks for the great comment sojourner. Tubularsock appreciates your insights even when we’re not joking.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. sojourner says:

    Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II and commented:
    I implore all of you to read the following post, and pay close attention to all of the info that has been provided! We need to wake up to what is happening in this country and world!

    Thanks, Tubularsock!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. 1EarthUnited says:

    Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    “Now the United States is by far the greatest Proxy War creator than any other nation in the world.” – No truer statement! Tubes, thank you for laying out the Globalist fascist playbook, this should be taught in every kindergarten class! 🙂 😦 TIME TO WAKE UP- NAP TIME IS OVER!!

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  5. Tube, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I’ve got to be the voice of reason and responsibility. It stands to ‘reason’ that you need to go to the nearest STD clinic because it is your ‘responsibility’ to not pass on anything ‘nasty’ that you caught by the fact of ‘GAGA’ draping her slutty person all up on you! EWWWWW! AND YUCK!!!

    Now, after having said that and hopefully, your health will not suffer, I want to commend you yet again for another most excellent analysis of why we have confusion within this illusion. Your most excellent post struck a chord with me and thus, a poem was born and I dedicate it to you, if I may be so bold as to take such liberties. I do understand that GAGA has already taken ‘liberties’ with you, but I assure you that I do not engage in orgies, nor do I mix in the same circles as GAGA.

    “THEY ALWAYS can make a profit on military equipment and Congress dumps money into military procurement.”

    “But wake up dumb fucks ……. Congress just can’t seem to find the money to cover you veterans.”

    If that ain’t the truth, then I don’t know what is! This entire blog post needs be put up in Times Square and in lights and animated!

    As to what else I can add, have you not said it all? We continue to be doomed, if the sheep refuse to awaken!

    Liked by 1 person

    • tubularsock says:

      Shelby, thanks for the advice but haven’t you heard, Lady Gaga is engaged to be married. Really, ahh Tubularsock and Gaga are just “friends”. We just happen to get our hair done at the same salon. And as for orgies, I’ve been lead to believe that that is what poets do! Write a stanza, fuck your brains out write a stanza, fuck your brains out …….. guess not. Another urban legend smashed to the dust pan of time.

      Now, all kidding aside thank you so much for your dedication of a poem to Tubularsock! It’s like winning an Oscar without a film! Can’t wait to go over to your blog and read it. I am always impressed with your work and Tubularsock is proud that you found fire in this blog for you to create!

      Tubularsock figures that “if the sheep refuse to awaken” maybe we can lamb chops!

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  6. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    Tubularsock has noticed much “bullshit stacking that is a major policy practice of the American political establishment.”

    Take heed as his words ring true! America IS war, every imaginable war; flat out war, war by proxy and war by definition. And ask yourself this, “Who is keeping the war machine revved up? Is it Obama? Is it John ‘mad dog’ McCain? Is it the companies that spit out the missiles, grenades, drones, etc.? No! It is the cannon fodder that sign up and do the dirty work for the war profiteers. Think on that! Every grunt that dons a military uniform is why America is synonymous with WAR! Continue to produce babies because the warmongers know that there will always be another ‘soldier’ to take the place of the one that just died, for their gain! What’s in it for you? A medal? A flag draped coffin? Why, just look at you! You couldn’t sell yourself more cheaply if you tried!


  7. Lara/Trace says:

    (applause) – we are fucked but at least we have you to keep us aware we are (and that’s important)

    Liked by 1 person

    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you, LT. Yes, but the nice thing is that this country has been fuck for a long time and like any empire ….. time runs out. Tubularsock had always wished that we would do better ……. however, change happens from within and is very difficult to achieve. The commute is short and the journey long. Tubularsock will continue to point the way, thanks.

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  8. Will Lady Gaga’s husband be Mr Gaga or Lord Gaga?

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    • tubularsock says:

      DrB. you pose an interesting question here, as usual. Tubularsock doesn’t want to crush your celebrity fantasies but much like Santa Clause, Lady Gaga is her stage name. Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. And just to keep it interesting Gaga dressed as her male alter ego, “Jo Calderone” at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. Her husband to be, Taylor Kinney is a small town boy so Tubularsock assumes Mrs. Kinney will be the go to form of address, as is the custom in male dominated societies.

      Oh. Santa Clause’s real name is Nick.

      Thank you for your comment but Tubularsock does like Lord Gaga. Sort of makes one gag-gag, like most royalty in Tube’s mind!


  9. Wick Burner says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    Without Fear Or Favour, Take No Prisoners!

    Top work, Tubularsock.


  10. Jeff Nguyen says:

    There is a reason the military calls it the theater of operations. All the world’s a stage for the elite to play their war games and rake in the profits from other people’s mitering and suffering. The corporate media does it’s part to make simple concepts like greed and murder become securitized mortgage packages and humanitarian interventions.

    This is top shelf writing and analysis, Tubular.


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