Tube smoke cafe HeadingTRUMP-A-SCARE

It’s not that Tubularsock expects a great realization from the brain-dead Democraps. Many are still convincing themselves that Bozo-With-Black-Face has done so well and could have done even better if the Republicants hadn’t blocked him at every turn.

Just how much better could bailing out Wall Street, Handing Health Care over to Corporate Profit and Droning all those brown men, women and children have gone?

Bozo-With-Black-Face bent over ever time the White Corporate Elite called for trade treaties that gutted the middle class and wasted the poor. And then even went as far as reprimanding the Black youth in 2008 with his famous “brothers should pull up their pants”! Talking about the Black calling the kettle Black ……….

But now we are about to step into a “new” Democrap for President. Just how many turds constitutes a flotilla?

Tube reap sow

It really is depressing for Tubularsock to even think how stupid the population of the U.S. really happens to be and all generated by FEAR, of course.

“Oh my, I don’t like Hillary BUT WE CAN’T LET TRUMP WIN!”, is the rallying cry.


Is this what it’s all about? And did this all become this way just by chance?

The creepier and crazier Trump becomes the higher the FEAR LEVEL. Tubularsock would suggest that Homeland Security should re-instate those Threat-Level-Warnings.

You remember, “The Homeland Security Advisory System that morphed into The National Terrorism Advisory System in 2011 while the press always called it THE TERROR ALERT LEVEL.

Well come to find out a new system has been created and Tubularsock discovered this updated HILLARYLAND SECURITY system version. This system was leaked with the DNC email hack and Tubularsock is bringing it to the light of day. The Democraps use the system to control their message when necessary and to scare the American public when necessary. Say ……….. like November?

tube hilladvisory

Now remember, this is a COLORED CODED system so as to shift to RACIST MODE when necessary. The reason should be obvious and shows just how handy the updated system could be for this orchestrated current crisis.


Remember America ……… if you’re not scared THEY can’t control you. So you stay scared. That is why Trump was invented!



  1. swo8 says:

    When are you guys going to get over this election fiasco? You must be suffering from campaign ad nauseam.

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  2. Lara/Trace says:

    Fear is one way. Apathy is another.

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  3. sojourner says:

    Came across this the other day. I wonder what the Trump faithful would think of this?

    An insane, CFR, Wall St, Militaristic, war-mongering, blow-job giver, or a bloviating, know nothing, horse’s ass, capitalist-pig: does it really matter? Nope!

    Oh, and let’s turn to J Stein now, and be “green” with envy. Another stooge of the elite, only on the “green” side. Jill! Jill! She’s another shill!

    When are we ever going to face the fact that it is all rigged and move on?

    If there were an individual capable of saving capitalism and this government, I would go buy a high powered rifle with a scope! This piece of shit needs to die, and as quickly as possible!

    But then, that’s just my rose-colored glasses speaking!

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner thank you. That link made Tubularsock laugh but was no surprise because Trump said and says anything anyway and the “fans” just don’t notice.

      Comprehension is not their strong suit. They really have not a clue but of course the Hillaryites aren’t any brighter as they stand around taking selfies with her and becoming
      excited about every lie she spews.

      But hell, that has always been politics but by now WE SHOULD KNOW BETTER!

      Yet we don’t. And it is not the lack of education. It’s the lack of wanting to know. Propaganda only works if you don’t look into it and in todays world the means of looking into it sits in one’s pocket and connects with the world. But one has to stop with the selfies and READ.

      Now Tubularsock turns to Jill ……..

      Tubularsock agrees with you as far as Jill as a candidate goes. But what Tubularsock is interested in is the information and the direction of the ideas that she represents. Just to have those principles put out in the public square provides a positive “what if” suggestion that wouldn’t be out there without the Green Party.

      The issue is that those ideas seldom get the light of day in the main stream, as you already know, because of the rigged system BUT it is the Green Party that keeps those ideas as possibilities.

      Oh sure, Tubularsock is not holding his breath!

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  4. I agree absolutely with the premise that Trump was invented to scare people into voting for Clinton. Talk about the caricature. There is absolutely nothing subtle about his performance, which is obviously aimed at the <80 IQ crowd. It amazes me how easily so-called liberals and progressives, who allegedly have above average intelligence, are being sucked in.

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    • tubularsock says:

      80 IQ? You are very gracious, DrB.

      Tubularsock too was once amazed at how many liberal and progressive people are so easily sucked into the obvious bull-shit until it dawned upon Tubularsock that so many liberals and progressives are the smartest-dumbest people Tubularsock have ever met!

      Thanks for your comment.

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      • sojourner says:

        This is the other point about the left and right bullshit that drives me crazy.

        I have known some barely educated dumb-asses on the liberal side, and I have known some brilliant, educated and well read conservatives on the other side. The entire notion, from the liberal side, that the democratic left is filled with geniuses, while the right is filled with a bunch of inbred morons, and, from the conservative side, that the left is filled with drugged out hippies, lacking common sense, speaks to the perennial sophomore nature of all those who are dumb-ass enough to take part in this political system/every four year farce!

        It’s the perfect example of the over the top arrogance (without cause) of Americans in general. Most of the rest of the world believes we are all backwoods hicks who have their heads firmly planted! This is another issue my Canadian friend has with living in America and Americans. He constantly goes off on the arrogance, on all sides, of those who take part in this political side-show. And hell, I can’t argue with him! He’s fucking right!

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    • wolfess says:

      Don’t you think in many instances it’s related to just wanting to be part of a group — needing to belong, and feel like they have some power?

      **I have believed all along that Trump’s ‘job’ was to be so repulsive that anyone with half a brain would run to Hillary, and with every ignorant word that comes out of his mouth that belief is reinforced.

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      • tubularsock says:

        wolfus, yes! Wanting to belong. Just say YES! The same idea is behind people voting for the person that “looks” like the winner so they feel like part of the winning group. And that requires NO THINKING!

        Tubularsock has noticed too that Trump will one-up himself just to be even more obnoxious ….. Tubularsock feels that this IS the plan!

        Hillary was chosen and Trump’s job is to put her over the top …… scary isn’t it.

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      • sojourner says:

        Wolfess wrote,

        “Don’t you think in many instances it’s related to just wanting to be part of a group — needing to belong, and feel like they have some power?”

        Yes, I think this is part of it, and I am, believe it or not, empathetic to this. I also agree with your statement about Trump being used as a manipulation. But that is exactly why none of us should be falling for this scam. After all, it isn’t anything new, it’s just the same old, same old.

        The damage this monstrous government is doing to the disenfranchised in this country and around the world, to me, makes this an issue that is bigger than our need to belong at the moment.

        As you know, we are staring elite-created annihilation right in the face. And these every four year “politics”, like so many other devices of the elite, are being used to keep us divided and powerless, so they can continue to do and destroy as they please.

        Sorry, I didn’t realize until now that your comment was directed to me!

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  5. sojourner says:

    Although I doubt that anyone could tell, but my actual point in this last rant was this:


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    • tubularsock says:

      Well just maybe if we all joined hands as a bunch of arrogant drugged out hippy inbred morons and sing We Shall Overcome we could come to terms with our differences.

      Tubularsock will have another serving of those mushrooms now.

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      • sojourner says:

        You meant dirty hippie, commie freaks, didn’t you?

        I like my ‘shrooms sauteed!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Well yes, Tubularsock could add the commie part but Tubularsock was attempting to bring the inbred morons along so we could “ALL GET ALONG”.

        Do you prefer butter or bacon fat to sauteed your ‘shooms?

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      • wolfess says:

        Sojourner said: “I like my ‘shrooms sauteed!” Sort of off-topic, while still being on-topic: I have these 2 ginormous ‘shrooms growing out of a knot on the tree in my backyard — my husband says we have an entire ecosystem right there in Mousav (the tree) and it’s true b/c when a creature dies I give it to Mousav. She is basically 4 trees that all grew together b/c she has a space in the middle that the 4 trees surround — I have put garter snakes, baby bunnies that my killer schnauzers obliterated, an opossum that got run over last summer, and the ashes of past schnauzers in her. 🙂

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      • wolfess says:

        “Hillary was chosen and Trump’s job is to put her over the top …… scary isn’t it”
        That is worse than scary — it is downright diabolical — our only hope now rests with Vlad … that the first strike wipes out Capital Hill (yes, I spelled it right b/c our elected terrorists are ONLY concerned about $$$) so that we peons can return to governing ourselves — screw elected representatives that have to ‘hole up’ in DC to decide what they will do for the country — set them all up with Skype and have them vote in laws from their own goddamned house, that way we wouldn’t even have to pay them, considering the fact that they haven’t EARNED their pay in DECADES I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t fire (or fire ON) them immediately! But I ain’t bitter … 🙂

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    • wolfess says:

      “The damage this monstrous government is doing to the disenfranchised in this country and around the world, to me, makes this an issue that is bigger than our need to belong at the moment.”
      It is my considered opinion that ‘belonging’ is overrated — when I was in high school [in a past life] I learned early that what my parents didn’t know wouldn’t hurt ME, and with bush-dark being such a fan of the NSA and watching every one of us I seriously do NOT want to ‘belong’ or even admit that I am an American. In fact, I no longer live in America … I reside in Hamiltonia! 🙂

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  6. sojourner says:

    “Do you prefer butter or bacon fat to sauteed your ‘shooms?”

    Lard, if you have it!

    I was inbred the other night! I love whole wheat! And I did want my butter moron the bred!

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