Tub heading special report


It has been recently released by sources that are close yet far enough away to feel safe to make a statement of truth that could affect their job yet are brave enough to expose this information as long as their exposer only affects someone’s job other their own.

During the campaign there were references made about Dr. Strange-Orange having his hand on THE RED BUTTON! Remember?

Well, just in the last couple of days the nation has been the most safe, *** EVER*** in many years.

It was reported by RAWSTORY and others that Richard DeAgazio, a Mar-A-Lago member, had been having a “photo op” with the officer carrying the “nuclear football”! Richard EVEN POSTED IT ON HIS FACEBOOK PAGE!

You do recall that Mar-A-Lago is Donnie’s Palm Beach, Florida “Club”  where he hangs out when he is not in the Trump Towers or the White House. Oh sure, it cost a lot of tax-payer money for the secret service to protect these properties BUT TRUMP RENTS the space that it takes for the Secret Service to be “housed” at Mar-A-Largo and Trump Towers to the U.S. Government.

Hey, that is the Art of The Deal!

Now you have got to feel safe about that! RIGHT?

You know how those Ruskeys are on the verge of attacking Freedom Loving America at ANY GIVEN MOMENT!

But alas, Richard DeAgazio interrupted America’s possible existence to STOP an attack by having a photo-op with the officer handling the “nuclear football”!

But there is even more!

It has been rumored that the Secretary of the Deplorables, Tubularsock has been taking in “side jobs” in order to maximize his connections.

And it has been reported that the Secretary of the Deplorables happened to be the “officer” carrying the “Nuclear Football” at the time of the “photo-op”!

There has been NO PROOF that the Secretary of the Deplorables was involved.

But alternative facts do lead to that conclusion, SEE FOR YOURSELF!






  1. sojourner says:

    I hope you don’t fumble very often!

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  2. Tubularsock, Okay, here’s yet another silly question, sorry! But … is it still a red button, what with orange being the new true-red-white-and-blue for this land of the alt-free? And BTW, how heavy is that football thingie?
    On my good days, I’d say try to resist the temptation to … settle things. I’m not sure yet if this is a good day. This being a post-truth world, we can pretend it is, let’s go with that! We’re (momentarily) in good hands, at least. – Linda

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  3. tubularsock says:

    Linda, rest assured that Tubularsock is here with fascinating answers (no, really) to your complex questions.

    First, Tubularsock believes that we may be in a pre-false world rather than a “post-truth world” but potatoes or potato if you know what Tubularsock means.

    As for the “land of the alt-free” we still abide by the RED-WHITE-and BLUE even if ORANGE is the new national color. You see TRADITION “trumps” orange but we still can go past GO and collect our $200. Or at least that’s in the “game”.

    Tubularsock sure wishes that he could divulge to you Linda the weight of the “football thingie” but because of top secret national security concerns Tubularsock just couldn’t.

    However, according to the officials who were not authorized to discuss top secret national security concerns publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity about 175lbs.

    So Tubularsock does hope that this eases your mind Linda and just maybe lighten up just a little on the “red pill”. Damn Morpheus gives those out like candy!

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    • Thanks! Just knowing it’s a Thanks! Just knowing it’s a pre-something, pre-anything, world has set my mind at ease! One door closes, and all that, so, eventually, it’s all good. And if it’s not too late, forget I mentioned the football, wouldn’t want to jeopardize our precious national security!

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