The Congress in secret session, as reported by officials who were not authorized to discuss personnel matters publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, concluded that the new Secretary of the Deplorables’ ideas for reforming the Executive Branch, specifically the Office of the President, have been taken under advisement and may be implemented in the near future.


A White House aide who asked to remain unnamed told Tubularsock “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news” reporter on the scene that a plan that was devised in an uptown cocktail and sake lounge in Georgetown was going to be implemented this coming week.

In fact, President Orange Tweet himself eluded to this fact in his rambling anti-press new conference last Thursday when he said, “We’re issuing a new executive action next week that will comprehensively protect our country.”


And as everyone knows President Orange Tweet only signs the executive orders but doesn’t read them so Congress feels like the changes that have been put in place by the Secretary of the Deplorables will be implemented before the week is out.



  1. Lara/Trace says:

    I need to borrow your bunker!

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  2. Michael Fuhrig says:

    Tube: as Secretary of Deplorable can you get a new acronym for President Trump? Instead of POTUS can we just call him BSC? Which stands for “Bat Shit Crazy”. I wish I could take credit for it but a caller to an ABC radio talk show described Trump’s performance at his most recent press conference as “Captain Queeg meets Richard Nixon..” Pretty accurate, but pretty scary too!!

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  3. sojourner says:

    Okay, Tube, I’m commenting, now that you have come and assaulted me on my own blog.

    I wanted to comment on your post here! I really did, Tube! But I just don’t get the message you’re trying to send here? Being a god-fearing, staunch conservative, capitalist-loving Trumpster-supporter that I am, and finding no fault, whatsoever, with my new leader, my new presidente-supreme, I can’t imagine what you are attempting to state or imply by this post, Tube? Can you fill me in?

    So now that I have commented, are you still upset with me, Tube! I’m sorry, I know how much you yearn for what I have to say on every last issue you post on. I was, for once, just at a loss for words, yesterday, after reading your latest masterpiece. I know you’re a closet Trump-supporter, Tube. I mean we all do. How else could you have gotten your cabinet position?

    And this is why I admire you, Tube! This is why you are my hero! Because, like el presidente, you’re going to help make America great again! And this is all that matters, right? I mean really, let’s cut to the chase, FUCK THE REST OF THE PLANET! USA! USA! USA!

    There, is this enough? If not, just let me know, and I’ll come back and write some more!

    Tata, Tubey!

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  4. sojourner says:

    Tube, you do know that my last comment was tongue in cheek, right?

    Or are you just formulating a comeback?

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, Tubularsock has been busy attempting to get DeVos and Sessions to change their sexual orientation so haven’t been attentive in my communications with you.

      Tubularsock knows where you are coming from sojourner so don’t you worry about offending Tubularsock. Tubularsock has thick alligator skin from working in the current Trump swamp as Secretary of the Deplorables.

      Tubularsock loves your rants because by you doing them then Tubularsock can rest!

      So being a Trump lover like Tubularsock ……. USA, USA, USA! MAKE AMERICA FAKE AGAIN!

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      • sojourner says:

        Just wanted to make sure. You know I was once married, and so I am still a little gun shy about making jokes about sensitive issues.

        I’m still suffering from the “WHAT DID I DO IN ORDER TO PISS YOU OFF THIS TIME, BAAABBBYYY?!”

        But you look nothing like my former tormentor, ooops, I mean wife, just so you know! Her head was just naturally pointy!

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      • wolfess says:

        Oh. My. Goddess! You were married to my mother??? (My pet name for her was beastly franny, but now that I am older and more mature I just refer to her as the horrid harridan!)

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  5. sojourner says:


    I was? And I didn’t even know it! Go figure!;-)

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