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Now, with The Orange-Tweet as President we’ll all start to understand that scene in the Matrix where Morpheus explains to Neo what had, IN TRUTH, happened to the earth. Let Tubularsock present you with “THE RED PILL”.





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  1. sojourner says:

    Are you allowed to slam your new boss this way, Tube?

    BTW, which pill did you take from Orpheus?

    I see you have been to Southern Ohio, where toxic waste is stored, I’m more than certain, and pipelines cut through the once pristine Hocking Hills (the Appalachian foothills).

    We’re making America great, Tube, and you better not forget it!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well sojourner, Tubularsock’s new boss isn’t exactly bright, as you know.
      So Tubularsock just tells him that it’s not Tubularsock. So far, so good.

      Tubularsock would NEVER be so foolish as to take a pill from “Orpheus” for fear of ending up like his wife. NO WAY!

      Tubularsock in truth was the connection for Morpheus and it was Tubularsock that sold him the pills!

      Because any of Ohio is a foreign country to Tubularsock, Tubularsock hasn’t seen any of the toxic state. But Tubularsock is sure that Ohio is the backbone of America being great OR not!

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  2. swo8 says:

    Our PM just passed the Keystone XL Pipeline too and then he has the nerve to slap a carbon tax on us.

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  3. Michael Fuhrig says:

    Tube: in honor of the 15 ring (that’s how many cabinet departments we have) circus going on in Washington I just had to write a poem. It goes like this:
    Oh aren’t we lucky?…
    Things are just ducky…
    We’ve got Donald J
    And the whole gang…
    We’ve got Kelly Conway…
    She does things her way…
    We’ve got Steven Bannon..
    A disheveled loose cannon…
    We’ve got Shawn Spicer…
    He puts truth through a dicer..
    We’ve got Mike Pence…
    He’ll help Trump build a wall..
    Not a fence…
    We’ve got Rance Priebus…
    He doesn’t give a rap..
    For the rest of us…
    And over in the other branch
    We’ve got people who
    Will make us blanch…
    We’ve got Paul Ryan…
    He’s good at lyin’…
    We’ve got Senator Mitch..
    An owl faced
    And on top of it all..
    Is the man with all the power..
    Running our nation from Trump Tower…
    He’s trying to institute an immigrant ban..
    But given his policies…
    Who’s going to want to come here…
    Even if they can…
    We want to fix all this..
    But it may be too late..
    Only 3 weeks in office..
    And Donald’s filled the land
    With fear bigotry and hate…
    Oh America..we loved you once..
    But now you are being led…
    By an orange haired dunce…

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    • tubularsock says:

      Tubularsock likes your continued poetic contributions. Have you every thought that you muse is Donald Trump? Sure seems that way! Thanks Michael. You have hit the nail on the head again!


  4. Jay says:

    Just once I’d like to find a slope with perfectly adequate traction.

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  5. sojourner says:

    I was going to let this one go, Tube, but…..

    You said,

    “Even when you’re WRONG! You have convinced Tubularsock that it’s the earth that has caused its own destruction not we humans! It’s all Mother Nature the BITCH!”

    If I have ever stated that its the earth that has caused its own destruction, then I am more than wrong, I am a moron. But this I have never claimed, as you know, or should know, if you had read any of the articles I have posted! You haven’t, I know.

    What I have stated, and backed up with evidence after evidence, time and time again,, is that this “CO2, Anthrpopogenic Global Warming” bullshit has a hidden agenda; a hidden agenda that has nothing to do with “saving the planet”, and everything to do with the Zionist elite’s plans for a new world, where most of us “Goyim”, we inferior types, will no longer exist.

    This is not “conspiracy theory”, Tube, the evidence of this eugenics-driven agenda (Agenda 21/2030) is everywhere to be found. That is, if one shuts up long enough to take a good look at the truth!

    And it is these very same inbred psychos who created everything we the people have learned to live with, and most of what we have learned to live with is not only bad for the planet but bad for us as well. I am no fan of Big Oil, no more than I am a fan of the so-called “GREEN REVOLUTION”, since the same pigs who own Big Oil also own The Green Industry. When will you lefties ever wake the fuck up?

    So, in reality, it is man harming the planet. But you need to learn how to be specific, Tube: it is man who is harming the planet all right, it is the man with wealth and power who is fucking the planet and you and me.

    Every once in a while, read an opposing view from yours, Tube. I used to tell my x wife this, since she still suffers from left leaning hypnosis just like you. The left and the right, no wonder we are fucked! I have read opposing views! And after reading and investigating both sides of this issue, I landed on the side that stands against the neoliberal left’s globalization/NWO agenda! And this is what “AGW” is all about. These wealthy pigs have fucked us and the environment, and now they have decided to lay the blame at our feet, so they have a reason to mass murder us.

    Here’s several days of reading and investigating for you to do, Tube:

    And don’t complain! It was your comment, not mine! As Billy Joel sang (paraphrased a bit), “I didn’t start this fire…”

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, thanks for the reading list. Tubularsock has already read several of these so Tubularsock has a head start.

      In truth, Tubularsock isn’t all that far from your line of thinking already. But then what fun is that?

      And it is true that you really never said that “it was the earth’s fault”. Tubularsock was just trying out “alternate facts” to see how they worked.

      And Tubularsock can see now that they can cause a volcano.

      Thanks sojourner.

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      • sojourner says:

        As I finished my comment this morning, I was thinking, is the Tube fucking with me? And then I thought, of course he is! And then I thought, oh what the hell, I’ll go ahead and vent anyway. You know, like I always do! I love to vent, especially when I haven’t had any booze for a while. So this will tell you how little I drink, right? And I always know the Tube will overlook my madness!

        I am glad, however, that you are at least considering this, from my perspective.That is all I ask of anyone.

        As you know, Tube, I lived in LA, and one of the reasons I ended up leaving was because of the smog, which as you know, is primarily caused by auto exhaust. My bronchial tubes felt like they were burning, as if I had acid reflux in them, every time I went outside. And you could see the dirty haze over the city every day, even with the Santa Anas blowing.

        This is even true here, except not nearly as bad. So there is no way that I am one of these far right idiots who believes everything their neocon owners tell them, no more than I am a far left idiot who believes everything their neolib owners tell them.

        I know the way we exist (not live) is detrimental to the environment, and that most of us don’t give a shit, just like most of us don’t give a shit about what happens to the rest of humanity. But this is the world we were born into, Tube. It is these elite assholes who are behind this destruction, first and foremost, since they created this mess, and yet, not one of these pigs ever include themselves as being even a part of the problem.

        But I digress (vent) once again.

        BTW, I really didn’t expect you to read all those, Tube. I was just in the flow of the venting moment. I was all atwitter and hyped up. And then I finished the comment, and felt sad and alone once again. Woe is me, Tube! Woe is me!

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      • tubularsock says:

        sojouner, look a the bright side, Fukushima!

        See how simple it all is?

        It never gets better, only worse. And nobody can put that Genie back into its bottle.

        And as Alfred E. Newman always said: “What Me Worry?”

        So in this world Tubularsock uses a little trick that you may want to use, sojourner. Yes, Tubularsock does own the patent and has raised its price 2300% as any good pharmaceutical corporation would do.

        But there is a free trial:

        Think of all the BAD NEWS as good and all the good new as bad. You’ll see after three short days the entire human experience will seem so much better. Try it and see.

        And as Roy always said, “Happy Trails To You”.

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  6. sojourner says:

    Far out! What a concept! I’m freakin’, man!

    Moving on…

    Speaking of Roy Rogers, my mother and a friend were staying at a Cincinnati hotel, way back in 1942. And while standing at the lobby desk, a man in a cowboy outfit approached my mother and tried to make conversation. Of course, my mother thought the guy was a nut, running around in a cowboy outfit in Ohio. So she told him to get lost. When this cowboy walked away, the hotel clerk said to my mother, “Lady, that man you just brushed off was Roy Rogers!” My mother went and tried to apologize, but to no avail.

    So I could have been rich, and when I died, I could have been stuffed like Roy’s horse, Trigger. BUT NO, my mother had to end up with a damn piano man instead!

    For more fascinating stories like this one, send what money you have to The Home for Down and Out Sojourners, PO BO I812, Nowhere, Ohio!


  7. sojourner says:

    Check this out, Tube!

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with Global Research, but it leans heavily to the left.


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