Tubularsock doesn’t want any of you to “drop the ball” but no matter what the NFL does doesn’t really matter very much.

However North Korea is under the belief that our current Orange-Small-Penis-Professional-Tweeter-President has declared WAR on them.

Now where would Kim get that idea?


Shit for brains Donald just can’t shut the fuck up. As a world embarrassment Trump takes the chocolate cake. And somebody is going to get killed.

Now if Kim and his boys could hit Mar-a-Lago while Trump and his entire family was visiting Tubularsock would even help North Korea with the coordinates and put a big ol’ X on the spot. But Google Maps would work just as well. And then Tubularsock wouldn’t be hauled into the hoosegow as a accessory. Now just forget Tubularsock even brought this up and take this blog you have in front of you and slip it into Jared’s private emails he has been using to correspond to White House staff a-la-Hillary!

Tubularsock feels so much better. GO KOREA! RAH!

But it’s not even the real problem. The real problem is that Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, Stephen Bannon met with Saudi King Abdullah in secret, according to recently released documents, to discuss high-stake contracts to sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. This discussion had to do with their personal business interest. Not government business.

As one nuclear expert put it, selling nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia is like selling “a nuclear weapons starter kit”.

“Any proposal to introduce dozens of nuclear reactors to the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, raises many proliferation red flags . . . The Saudis do not need nuclear power and them gaining access could lead to dangerous consequences down the road.”
(Daryl Kimball, Arms Control Association ….. BuzzFeed)

But that didn’t seem to bother Flynn, Kushner, and Bannon! You know they worked for Trump, The Art of the Deal!

Now Tubularsock wants to be fair here. It isn’t just Trump business, remember who helped to introduce nuclear technology to Iraq ……. Dick Cheney and Halliburton.

And funny fact ……. Cheney did it EVEN THOUGH it was against the law OF THE UNITED STATES to sell nuclear technology to Iraq! Another The Art of the Deal!

You see, there is making money and there is protecting the country. When it is making money THEY are all over it!

When it comes to protecting the country (their business interests) YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS ARE SENT TO DO THAT JOB!




  1. Batt Guano says:

    Tube: Trump is not only a dotard–he’s a DOTURD!! The entire NFL should take a knee… on his throat!! Or..let one of the NFL “son of a Bitches”, a 300 pound lineman, take a full body hit on him as they do to their opponents every Sunday. There wouldn’t be any need for a North Korean nuclear strike. Trump would be gone and we would get the evangelical Pence. Glory Hallelujah!! But don’t worry Tube–Pence would still give you plenty of subject matter.

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  2. sojourner says:

    Tube wrote,

    “When it comes to protecting the country (their business interests) YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS ARE SENT TO DO THAT JOB!”

    Huh uh! “Sent”, to me, implies drafted. These paid mercenaries signed up to be genocidal assholes. Fuck the “sons and daughters” who choose mass murder over working at McDonalds!

    And yes, I know McDs is mass murder as well, but you get my point!

    You are not surprised about Trump, right, Tube? After all, he’s a moron business fuck. I knew he would be twisted around these Zionist creatures’ little fingers. Business people are only good at counting cash and firing their employees. Trump is a fucking idiot, as his speech to the UN showed all too well.

    The empire is dying or already dead, Tube! All of this shit is just its last gasps! And the sooner it dies, the better off the rest of humanity and the planet will be.

    Okay now, all together, “USA! USA! USA! USA!”

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    • tubularsock says:

      Correct sojourner, the draft is gone but the patriotic bull shit is still forming the minds of the stupid to join up. Hey kill 10 children and YOU get a college education paid for by America.

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      • sojourner says:

        Yes, the patriotic bullshit is still in force, but “forming the minds”? I taught school twenty five years ago, and the high school kids I taught were cynical about the government, military and continual war, and this was before internet access to all.

        When you and I were kids, I would have agreed with this, because we didn’t have access to information the way young people do today. And we were much more naive than young people today.

        It is the choice of the individual. as to whether they sign up to murder or not. It is VOLUNTARY.

        As I said, they have chosen to take part in genocide rather than flip hamburgers.

        Oh, and by the way, for most kids today, a college degree is about as useless as tits on mother superior.

        Just my opinion, didn’t mean to make waves.

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      • tubularsock says:

        sojourner, “waves” is your middle name! Ok, maybe typhoon is more like it.

        There are still guys getting the option of going to jail or signing up for the Army.

        There is still all that “manhood shit”!

        There is still stupid fucks looking for that signing bonus.

        Tubularsock isn’t saying the information isn’t out there it is just in some cases the field is tilted.

        But more importantly, just what is wrong with “tits on (a) mother superior”? You chauvinist pig you! Tubularsock is shocked!!!

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  3. Batt Guano says:

    Tube: I’m no fan of the draft and I doubt if any of your readers are either. But having a voluntary military gives every tin horn dictator who happens to be president at the time a toy to use. Oh.. wait a minute: we’ve got one of those now! He blows his horn in the form of a tweet.
    That Inspires a poem, sung to the tune of “Ain’t She Sweet?….
    ….Ain’t Trump great…
    … His tweets are filled with hate…
    … Now I ask you confidentially..
    …Ain’t he great…
    …He’s full of shit…
    …And he’s got a nasty face…
    …But you can’t tell any of that…
    …To his fanatical base…
    … So America…
    … Accept his direction..
    …. He’ll tell us every day
    …. Of his perfection…
    …. While leading us…
    ….In the wrong direction…
    ….So don’t feel too bad…
    ….Just play with your cell phone…..
    … While the world goes mad……

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  4. sojourner says:

    Tube wrote:

    “But more importantly, just what is wrong with “tits on (a) mother superior”? You chauvinist pig you!”

    My answer: I am too!

    Tube wrote:

    “sojourner, “waves” is your middle name! Ok, maybe typhoon is more like it.”

    My answer: I resemble that remark!!

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  5. sojourner says:

    Tube, I bow to your point! You win:

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  6. Kimchi is really excellent for restoring healthy gut bacteria. I have a great recipe for it if you’re interested. I really wish Trump would add some to his diet – most mental imbalance is thought to stem from endotoxin-producing intestinal bacteria.

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  7. Jay says:

    He really does love the sound of his own voice. Or the sight of his own tweets.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Jay, Trump is a B-rated movie within himself. A washed up star that never was. A petty little man with small hands and no heart. And Tubularsock would be pleased that the next sand-trap his ball lands in on the golf course it will be quick-sand and then ……… bye bye Orange Tweet!


  8. Ever remember the movie: “Dr Strangelove” with Peter Sellers? How prophetic!


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