Well thank the Gods that THAT’S OVER!

Another 9/11 has hit the history dust bin again and we are still in the dark over just which Saudi and Carlyle Group investment scheme helped to do it.


But hell that is water under the bridge so really who cares anyway. Everybody is dead and buried and what in the fuck do they want, they all got a gillion dollar memorial and tourist book store!

We’ve got bigger fish to fry!

And by golly we’ll poke somebody with a stick hard enough to have them attack say like a rowboat floating next to the USS BULLSHIT and we’ll have that UNIFYING WAR each president starts to rally the citizen behind the president. NO MATTER HOW FUCKING STUPID HE HAPPENS TO BE!

And before you anal retentive Trumpites get all pushed out of shape over the above sentence, well it refers to Baby Shrub and the gaggle of assholes that occupied his administration.

Not that Orange Tweet isn’t attempting to corner the market on “STUPID” but Shrub beat him to it on this subject.

And it is true that once the “General” took over as “Chief of Staff” Orange Tweet is learning to bend over for the neocons so ALL IS GOOD in dip-shit-land.

So will it be North Korea? Russia? China? Nope, everyone is tried of hearing about them already. Boring!



No we have to have another Grenada! You remember 1983 and the proposed THREAT TO THE UNITED STATES by the Caribbean Island of Grenada, right?

Parkinson-riddled-brain-dead-Ronald-Reagan sent in 10,000 American troops to protect the U.S. against several hundred lightly armed policemen and Cuban construction workers.

The U.S. military lost 19 and incurred 116 injuries during the eight day “war” but peace came at last and Paul Scoon was reinstated as the Governor-General of Grenada who represented the monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

And of course the American public supported the invasion even though it was a flagrant violation of international law. Because the United States is a government of laws not of men. Or so the story is told. Go figure that out.

BUT WE WON! And this was our “brave?” military’s first operation conducted after our Grand War with Vietnam which we LOST at pretty much ever criteria one could list.
So you can see how important the War With Grenada (WWG) was then. We really are winners, no really we are, and our military will kill unarmed men, women and children in any number to prove it!

So presently we have an entire 5 sided building filled with dedicated workers finding just the “right” place to attack next in the name of freedom.

Hell we need a win!



  1. Sha'Tara says:

    Hear! Hear! Well said. Peanut brain California bad actor launches a “war” against an island 12 miles wide by 24 miles long and the even smaller brains who voted for the monkey swallowed the propaganda and strutted around like they’d won a World War… and now… North Korea? Sure, when you need to boost up your fan base, start another war. I cannot imagine a country deserving of going down in historical infamy (and buffoonery) that the US of A-H’s

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  2. Batt Guano says:

    Tube–we do need a win and here’s how we can get one or even several. The US military should invade, conquer, and destroy…. Taco Trucks across America. Why Taco Trucks? Because they are almost surely staffed by illegal immigrants. They are not heavily armed. And the food ingredients captured could be used to supplement military food budgets at military bases around the world. Of course military mess halls would be heavy on Mexican food and the resultant flatulence. But that’s a small price to pay for a string of much needed military victories.

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  3. sojourner says:

    LET’S WAR SOME MORE! “like we did last Summer!”

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  4. Jay says:

    Your title sounds like a hit song I want to dance to.

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  5. Well said, Sunshine! I do enjoy your blog but WordPress is playing silly buggers and won’t allow me to push the “like” button. Consider the button pushed here!!!

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