Tubularsock loves the Fat-Assed-OrangeTweet’s total and complete stupidity on most subjects but when it comes back to “go back where you came from” well, PURE GOLD.

Donald’s mother, an immigrant from Scotland, immigrated to the U.S. when she was 17.

She was reported to have been acutely embarrassed by the antics of her fourth child (dumb shit) during the 1990s when his failing marriage and business were the subject of intense tabloid scrutiny.

Dump’s father, Fred, was born of German immigrant parents in the U.S.

Fred Trump was clearly a racist and was charged in a civil rights case in 1975 because he “. . . refused to rent to black home-seekers as well as instructing a rental agent not to rent to blacks and to encourage existing black tenants to leave.”

So it is very possible that Donnie just took after his sleazy racist father, Fred. And may have even created the old saying that if a rotten apple falls in a forest and no was is there to hear it fall does that only mean that the racism is closeted? Ok, enough philosophy for now.

Which brings all this racists immigrant business to its logical conclusion.


Melania Trump Needs To Go Back Where She Came From!

You see, Melania is NOT A REAL AMERICAN and nor are her parents who just recently became American Citizens by being part of that CHAIN MIGRATION trick that immigrants use to get their entire family into the United States.


They are slimy immigrants from the Yugoslav republic of Slovenia THAT is where ALL the murders, rapists and child molesters come from!

So in order to protect our children WE MUST DEMAND that MELANIA and her kind go back where they came from ………. RIGHT NOW!



Now one odd news flash you may have missed about all of this is that Melania was picked up by ICE while she exited her limo and was arrested and placed in a holding cell because ICE, being just a cheap and stupid rendition of the Nazi Gestapo, mistook Melania’s accent to be Spanish and the rest is history.

Tubularsock was able to get an ACTUAL PHOTO of the situation below.


It is said that even though Melania has been caught up in her RACIST HUSBAND’S actions she has found a REAL MAN with gigantic hands and is taking the option of leaving the U.S. to “return” to Guatemala. OH FREEDOM!


Now it is possible that the above NEWS FLASH is bordering on the fact that it is a developing news flash and some details will be updated in time. Three sources with direct knowledge were unauthorized to speak on the record but Tubularsock was able to pass this information to you quoting sources close to the secretary of state.

Stay tuned.

(This reminder was paid for by the Tubularsock Committee On The Obvious)


Now here is the real deal going down and it has been repeated time and again.

NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Donnie has captured the news cycle and created all the “drama” toward HIM.

His political rallies now have the new cheer “send them back” and the news media is endlessly discussing what everyone already knows, DONALD IS A RACIST! SO?

We also KNOW that the United States is a racist country and has been all along …… except in our history books.

So as the government is sending their Gestapo Stooges out into the community to harass and arrest people in their homes, as the government continues to create and operate concentration camps along the border, as the government continues to militarize the cops,The Congress and the MSM are arguing over the term RACISM!









  1. Go back to where you came from can cause serious health problems.
    Imagine everyone trying to squeeze back into a vagina.
    Well, in Trump’s case it would be an asshole.

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  2. tubularsock says:

    Hmmm. It appears TLA that you have an opinion on the matter at hand. The FACT that you are correct is impressive.

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  3. swo8 says:

    chuckle…. 😉

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  4. Sluggo says:

    Since Melania is considered “white”, she would not qualify for the group that Trump wants to “go back to where you came from”.
    Trump and his base’s goal is to Make America White Again, under the guise of “Great”.
    To him and his base, Great and White are synonymous.
    I guarantee you won’t see Trump’s ICE Storm Troopers rounding up Canadians or white Europeans who have overstayed their visas.
    This will of course, all be done while everyone is distracted.

    Deny, Distract, Distort, Deflect, Divert, Delay, Discount, Deceive, Divide, Dulcify, Discredit, Destroy and Deal.
    All of these are tools that were used by his mentor Putin and his predecessors to control their populations.

    Trump labels Democrats as “Socialists” and “Communists”, yet he worships both Putin and Kim Jun Ung.
    Go figure?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Sluggo, one would think that using the same old tried and true tactics would no longer work but that is why they are tried and true. They do work.

      You are spot on point.

      Tubularsock thanks you for you insights!


  5. sojourner says:

    We are all immigrants and racist, it’s a negative trait of all human beings. We don’t trust people who are different from ourselves, and we are in denial about this truth/fact. We just need to accept what is, and then get the fuck over it. Americans should hate each other, we and our ancestors have been a curse on humanity for four centuries. What we really need to do is kill each other off! And I’m not joking, we would be doing the rest of humanity a great service.

    I have refused to give this one-more distraction-to-keep-we-the-idiots-from-concentrating-on-what-is-really-important any validity. It’s all junior high, student council, he said, she said bullshit, The whole world is going to hell, and left and right asshole Americans are all bent out of shape over four ‘new kids on the block’ broads and the business dumb-fuck in the oval office having a spat.

    Jesus fucking Christ! Sorry, I just needed to cuss! And I though the ’60s were fucking insane.

    Is it any wonder that we are the laughing stock on this planet?

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, hold on! So soon you you have forgotten AGAIN!

      Tubularsock IS NOT an immigrant nor is Tubularsock a racist!

      You are correct that the rest of humanity are both!

      Tubularsock is just a visitor on your planet and may Tubularsock tell your candidly ……

      “Your planet SUCKS!”

      As far as your overview you are !00% correct!

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    • migarium says:

      “Is it any wonder that we are the laughing stock on this planet?”

      With human existence, the planet earth has been called the cosmic joke by the Saturnists (Saturn idealists), my dear earthling friend. More information about this could be found in the book of “The Evaluation of Unnecessary Tiresome Philosophical Knowledges”, page- 90877 – Humok library 😉

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      • sojourner says:

        Thank you, my friend! Now I understand!;-)

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      • migarium says:

        You are welcome, my earthling friend.😁

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      • tubularsock says:

        migarium, Tubularsock thanks you for taking the time to enlighten the “earthlings” on these matters.

        Tubularsock has let his subscription to “The Evaluation of Unnecessary Tiresome Philosophical Knowledges” lapse but will renew right away.

        Interesting that Tubularsock has only read to page 90876 but will continue as soon as possible.

        Oh, just realized that Tubularsock’s Humok Library card has expired! Will renew right away …….. thanks again!

        Space Out, dude!

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      • migarium says:

        Haha! Tubularsock, you almost finished the book. You had just 30189 pages left. 😁 Also I recommend you to read the book “The Unnecessary Notes about the The Evaluation of Unnecessary Tiresome Philosophical Knowledges”. It is enlighten too! By the way, I always give the mercury to drunk Humok librarian. I’ve never needed any card. Mercury is heady substance for his kind. Remember, when you next visit to there, you just need 2-3 g of mercury to give him and enter to library database.😉

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      • tubularsock says:

        sojourner, clarity is of top importance!

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      • Sha'Tara says:

        Yes, one must be clear on that, tumor or not to tumor.

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      • tubularsock says:

        migarium, Tubularsock thanks you for the valuable information on the use of mercury with the Humok librarian.

        Strangely enough Tubularsock happened to get thirsty on the way to the library data base and after the third bottle of mercury started to see the Northern Lights in a very different “light” and ended up turning left at the Milky Way and entered warp-speed.

        Now Tubularsock finds himself on the outskirts of the Saturn Rings in a cheap motel playing solitary because there is just nothing on TV!

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  6. Sha'Tara says:

    Yeah, well, count me in… or out… whatever… if it makes it all go away, I’m for it, or against it, whatever the case may be, or whatever may be in the case. I can’t open it, I lost both, the key and the combination.

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  7. Brilliant post, Tube. I find it extremely ironic that no one in the corporate media has observed (that I have seen) that Trump’s wife is an immigrant. I wonder if any of his supporters know this? I suspect they don’t. Or at least they don’t make the connection. I wonder if he does?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you DrB.

      Yeah, there seems to be little talk about that BUT she really is just a citizen migrant worker in the big White House.

      Haven’t figured out what exactly she does except stand in a statuesque manner next to

      Oh yeah, how could Tubularsock forget …… And continue her anti-bullying campaign!


  8. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Where can I find the Cliffsnotes for “The Unnecessary Notes about the The Evaluation of Unnecessary Tiresome Philosophical Knowledges”? I don’t have time to read 121065 actual book pages before IT starts WWIII.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Understood selizabryan. Fear Not, you’ll have time!

      Tubularsock would recommend that you take a warp-speed speed reading class from the University of Tubularsock.

      Because you are really really in a hurry Tubularsock will put you on warp-speed speed dial to help speed along your registration forms.

      Just send three brown lunch bags, filled to the brim, with unmarked Franklins to:

      University of Tubularsock
      123 Universal Ave.
      Uranus 00000543

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  9. Opher says:

    Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    Send her Back! Send her back! Send her back!
    Gas them all! Gas them all! Gas them all!

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