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This is an on going story and the Tubularsock News Team is on the ground and creating news in the making!

Stay tuned!

According to multiple people familiar with the encounter citing an unnamed person with knowledge familiar with the move who spoke to TUBE NEWS on condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation into the sensitivity of the issue which has occurred right in plain site of the White House lawn.

TUBE NEWS declining to be quoted by name but rather citing unnamed law enforcement sources not authorized to discuss personnel matters publicly have stated that the incident may involve deep state broad range topics of top secret national security concerns.

According to three Republicans who spoke on the condition of their anonymity due to fear of repercussions stated that “ . . . all of that is water over the damn and under the bridge now”.



Early this morning just about “tweet-time” the man some call President was grabbed by a huge hand that had pierced the White House lawn and Trump was pulled downward to what many are calling “not heaven”!

Few can actually verify the incident with the exception of TUBULARSOCK, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.”

The following is the actual photograph taken by Tubularsock at 3:43 AM EST.

There can be NO DISPUTE of the evidence posted herein.

Tubularsock was THERE!



And YOU thought it was a slow news day ……. HA!


  1. mistermuse says:

    LOCK HIM UP (down there)!

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  2. Is he meeting the Russians down there.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If there is a god, she must be lonely in heaven.

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  4. sojourner says:

    But why didn’t the hand drag down the rest of the government with it?

    Hand! Come back! Take the congress, the supreme court, the pentagon, etc, etc, and the rest of this ‘exceptional’ “shithole” down with you! Please! Come back!

    I guess this hand from hell can only stand so much of this obnoxious shit at one time. If so, now this hand knows how many of the rest of us feel every day of our existence on this planet sized insane asylum.!

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  5. Opher says:

    Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    More genius from Tub!!


  6. Sha'Tara says:

    She says she loves you
    And you know that can’t be bad
    Yes, she loves you
    And you know you should be glad
    … 🙂

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  7. swo8 says:

    You’ve got that “news speak” down pretty pat there Tubuarsock.

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  8. Opher says:

    Is that hand for hire? I’ve got a few candidates for the underlife!

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