Do you believe in Public Education? How about having a community Fire Department?

Do you believe in public owned roads and highways?

Should there be Public Libraries?

Public Parks and playgrounds? Federal National Parks?

Do you believe in the Social Security Program?


It is strange how “socialism” is defined in “U.S. public speak”.

Because of the fear of the Communism-Hang-Over from the 1950’s, Americans’ have been propagandized to believe that Socialism and Communism are the same thing.


Even if Little-Squat-Goldbloom is willing to throw out verbal garbage at Bernie about being a Communist equating it with Socialism ……… Bernie’s retort was damn straight if you were paying attention.

“You say you don’t like socialism, but how is giving $2 trillion to corporations not socialism, just upside down socialism?”

You all remember that bull shit about “welfare queens” sucking off the system and just how appalled the Republican’ts were just a few years back.

But you hear very few Republican’ts and Democraps ever complain about gillions of dollars in government SUBSIDIES being passed out year after year to corporations without much oversight or care. THAT IS SOCIALISM FOR THE RICH!

Oh, just for the fun of it …… “Gosh, where will we get the money to pay for it?”
Remember we are talking about TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

Funny how that phrase, “where will we get the money to pay for it” looks different based on who gets the money!

Now these corrupt practices are not a one party monopoly. Don’t forget it was Obummer, under the Democrap’s flag, that bailed out the banks and mortgage brokers after their shady deals with millions of dollars of Federal Funds while leaving the “regular” citizen holding the bag as thousands of them lost their homes.

Thank you so much Barack ………. BUT, “where will we get the money to pay for it”?

And then remember a bribe pay off can happen after an event as well as before.

Less than a year after leaving office Obama received $1.2 million for a series of speeches he made to major Wall Street Firms and Banks he helped bail out. About $400,000. per speech.

Pay off time baby!

And so many people STILL “respect” that scumbag! Fuckkkk! Some people are just not bright! Oh well, in America you are “free” to be stupid. It is just expensive!

But Socialism you are supposed to be AFRAID OF except the socialism for the rich.

So don’t say that Tubularsock didn’t attempted to awaken you.

Tubularsock has concluded that IF the Democraps double-deal Bernie and back Dead-Brain-Biden then the United States will STAY THE COURSE to its own destruction.

It is so uncanny that we are on a very similar trajectory as the Fall of the Roman Empire. (Seriously, check it out yourself)

Rather eery if you ask Tubularsock but it appears we are in lock step.

SO …….. perhaps History DOES repeat itself.

Now just where is that rewind?

  1. Lara/Trace says:

    I have no words but a huge sigh. You nailed it.

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  2. I believe it took the Roman Empire some centuries to fall. Mostly it rotted from within, and the former empire was in a shambles long before the actual end. Some say the lead pipes caused massive brain damage. The US empire may also fall from overdose of environmental toxins that are affecting people’s minds.

    To answer your question, I’m not sure I do believe in public education, libraries, fire departments, or police departments, public parks or national parks, if it means the federal government has any jurisdiction over them. When the federal government gets involved, there goes freedom of choice. It extorts taxes on everything except breathing, then poisons the air, land and water by allotting cushy contracts to its corporate (and other) friends, to extract everything of value from the land, water, and people, for export.

    I’m in favor of Social Security if it helps collapse the government faster. Call me a Socialist.

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    • tubularsock says:

      katharineotto, yes the Roman Empire did take some centuries to fall. The difference is that, besides lead pipes we have the monotony of cell phone conversations which speed up the willingness to give up on life! Thus, THE END!

      Tubularsock agrees with you that too much government spoils the broth however may Tubularsock suggest that, not enough allows the hot soup to be dumped on you.

      There is a delicate balance because private ownership of critical infrastructure has its own control and greed aspect.

      As for Social Security it can easily be saved by calling it WAR. Then the money we don’t have for Social Security now magically will appear in the next budget.

      Problem solved!

      Damn, maybe Tubularsock SHOULD be the next President after all!

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  3. Decker says:

    Brilliant! Cheers!

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  4. Batt Guano says:

    The Democrats seem to be in a bit of an electoral mess: So that, of course, calls for poem:

    —Is Bernie a commie ?…
    —Go hug your mommy…
    —Joe’s Biden his time…
    —And his energy level is a crime..
    —Liz is just about out…
    —And she’ll probably pout..
    —Amy & Pete have gone down for the count…
    —Their campaign chests were only a small amount…
    —Rich Tom was truly sincere..
    —But his poll numbers were nowhere near…
    —About all that is left is New York Mike..
    —What’s not to like?
    —He ran New York like a well oiled machine…
    —Although his racial and female policies…
    —were a bit mean…
    —So come November we may well see…
    —Two New York billionaires..
    —Fighting each other for victory…
    —And this will tell us what we already knew…
    —Money + politics…
    —Gives us a royal screw…

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  5. sojourner says:

    Spot on, Tube! Spot on!

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  6. swo8 says:

    That’s why I pay my taxes Tube. I want Public Education, a Fire Department, Public owned roads and highways, Public Libraries, Parks and Playgrounds, our Social Security Programs, and our Public Health Care System – and I’m no commie. The financially advantaged tend to benefit from it too and even come out somewhat better.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Leslie, Tubularsock agrees. The only issue is not enough of taxes goes to there programs.
      Most go for war.

      Oh well, Tubularsock guesses that he could kill his way to the library!

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      • swo8 says:

        Hey why don’t we get busy with our own G5? Even better make it G10 and we can listen in on the Chinese, the Russians, the North Koreans, Iranians and any other people we’ve managed to T-off. If we knew what they were up to we wouldn’t need an army. That’s what they’re doing with us.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Leslie, rest assured ……… We are doing it to them! An have been for years. However with this G5 we are going to fry the limited brains of people in our own country! On second thought not that much of a loss.


  7. I hate to say this, Tube, but I think we may be at a point that only the coronavirus can save us. Bringing the system to a standstill may provide the best opportunity for people to take it over.

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  8. cody says:

    Being a history teacher–does it repeat itself?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well, the trick of history is that it is mostly written by the victors and therefore carries more bias than fact.

      As Henry Ford said “History is bunk!”

      And in truth it sums it up rather nicely for Tubularsock.

      But to answer your question, it appears to Tubularsock that we seem never to learn our lesson the first time or the second or the third or ………… so it does repeat itself.

      Thank you for your question, Cody.


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