The main thing Tubularsock appreciates about OrangeDufus is that he has brought to the light what the United States has been hiding from its own citizens from its founding and this deception was and is to this day the deliberate fabrication that our country REALLY believes in and stands for Justice for all, Freedom for all, and a system that rewards the hard working with a future of prosperity for all.

And as for “moral” leadership? Just when did that EVER exist in our history?

Nope ……. never happened! And YOU know it and your neighbors know it but you push on believing it is true because IF IT IS NOT then who’s running things?

To Tubularsock, it is much like the entire 9/11 facade ……… the story of what occurred is a lie of the highest order but even today when it is brought up people will go the long way around the room to avoid facing the “possibility” that their government lied to them.

WHY? Simple. “If Daddy lies to me then who is in charge and who will PROTECT ME!
Even if the next day he beats me again.

And even more outrageous to Tubularsock and every THINKING person is that “OUR” government LIED us into the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War to name the short list and the citizens will follow like sheep into the next one and even allow their children to die …………. FOR NOTHING. NOTHING!

It is tiring to watch but the fear and propaganda is fast and furious. And people worry about the fucking Russians ……… go fucking look in the mirror America! YES YOU!

And with all of that we are entering into the 2020 election and if you haven’t noticed, NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

The Roman Bread and Circus in form of the CELL PHONE and social media runs more shit faster than in any other time in the history of the world BUT the population may be dumber. Go figure.

And with G5, when in full operation, we’ll ALL have an ORANGE TAN like the OrangeDufus mixed with fried brains with soy sauce courtesy of Huawei!

And yet the beat goes on …………

And we have the OrangeDufus to thank for the exposing all of this on the obscene level because he is so unfiltered.

He is a TOTAL ASS (not a 1/2 ass) and “thinks” (always a questionable endeavor with him) that what he does is “normal”. A classic deranged mind on steroids.

As opposed to the Step-en-fetch-it Kneegrow, Obummer who talks the smooth jive but was a slave to wall street banks and the military industrial complex and was paid handsomely for bending over and taking it up the ass for the gipper!

And we can’t forget, the total imbecile BabyBush and his fucking CIA daddy for lying us into war with Iraq and destabilizing the entire Middle East using the EVIL PERSONIFIED Prick-Cheney as his lead homey! Fuck them both!

Or how about President Blue Stain Dress Slick Willy and his besty friend Jeffrey Epstein spending all that time on Petalphile Island. Presidential material for sure!

And not last and not least but Tubularsock just has to bring forth head up his ass Alzheimer-Ron. A low time low for presidential standards.

Does any of this point to why the U.S. has been on a rapid decline which may really end with the Dumb-Shit-OrangeDufus?

But what OrangeDufus has done for us is to highlight just how corrupt and dysfunctional the U.S. political establishment is and has been ALL ALONG.

And that is why Bernie is a breath of fresh air and the reason that his CHANGE IN DIRECTION is so frightening the the status quo.

The corporate Democraps will lose their corrupt grip on the system and so will the corrupt Republicant’s!

And you can tell just how scary it is because the Clinton/Obummer wing of the corporate Democraps are willing to let the OrangeDufus win rather than support Bernie!


And the reason is as simple and as obvious.

With a Bernie win THEY lose power and the corrupt money they take along the way because they hold that power.

The Republicants are in the same boat!

You see, what we have here is THE CORRUPT DEALINGS of both as well as either/or parties: The Democraps and the Republican’ts and they trade back and forth the power so as to keep their corrupt government contracts and money flow.

Bernie is the monkey wrench in the gears of corruption and THAT is why both parties will do whatever necessary to stop Bernie and save THEIR gravy train. EVEN IF HE WINS!


Now don’t get Tubularsock wrong here. Bernie has his own baggage. His total foreign policy record is not to the liking of Tubularsock BUT it is not out of line with what traditional American foreign policy has been …….. complete domination of the world!

No, Bernie’s strength lies in SOCIAL REFORM and fairness within the U.S. boarders.

Medicare4All, the Green New Deal, free public college, universal free child care and always the resounding chorus of “HOW DO WITH PAY FOR THIS?”

We pay for this the exact same way we pay for CONTINUOUS WAR! That’s how.

Ever notice that there is ALWAYS enough to bloat the Pentagon Budget but never enough for child care? Ever wonder why?

Simple answer: there is more profit for the few with WAR than helping the citizen with a chance to live a prosperous life. Think on this! It explains a lot!


Even with a Bernie win (if that is even possible in a system of cheats and scoundrels) those who control the power are not going to give up nor are they going to roll over and play dead.

The powerful will stonewall the system BIG-TIME to prevent any changes where they lose power and PROFIT, period!

So IF Bernie does win, it will take those who elected him not to go back to sleep like American voters always do after an election (you know, “let daddy handle it from here”) but to stay active as a mass movement and support the changes needed aggressively.

Like: Shut down the system until it responds to the changes necessary for a free and fair DEMOCRACY!

Stop buying shit until change happens. Remember a loss of profit in this system speaks louder than photos of starving children!

Can this happen? Well, “Tubularsock Has A Dream”, and unlike other dreamers Tubularsock won’t be standing on any motel balconies any time soon.


  1. Sha'Tara says:

    It’s a thought, but let me assure you of this truism: Sanders is doing the splits over two walls no human legs can reach. You will never have equality at home while fighting wars to deny it to the rest of the world, and that’s a ‘case closed ‘ and a slam dunk, Tube.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well Sha’Tara, Tubularsock knows where you are coming from AND doesn’t disagree.

      Something has to give ………… just because one is about to fall off the cliff doesn’t mean that you don’t grab for something as a last resort.

      No, Tubularsock is not holding his breath.


  2. swo8 says:

    Good luck with your dream Tube.

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  3. Opher says:

    It is exactly the same here! Corbyn is vilified and undermined because he would take the power and wealth from the establishment. Instead we put in place Keir Starmer – a middle of the road watered-down Tory who will not harm the status quo.
    There is no hope.
    The people are too gullible.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Opher, thanks for the reblog.

      Tubularsock has noticed that the English seemed to be as fucked up as the general American public.

      Even when the candidate running would provide help “for the people”, the citizens turns their back on themselves and go with some milquetoast asshole. What the fuck?

      It boggles the mind.

      “Gullible”, is an understatement!


  4. Opher says:

    Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    It is exactly the same here! Corbyn is vilified and undermined because he would take the power and wealth from the establishment. Instead we put in place Keir Starmer – a middle of the road watered-down Tory who will not harm the status quo.
    There is no hope.
    The people are too gullible.

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  5. sojourner says:

    Spot on, Tube. I would have reblogged this, if I hadn’t regained my sanity!;-)

    Unfortunately, and as you describe here, even if Bernie wins, sixty to seventy percent of the rest of us lose. Because… as you point out, the inbred powers that be will never give up their power as long as this current world order exists and rules.

    Thus,, it will take more than Americans to change this hell on earth, it will take almost all of humanity. And of course, as you and I both know so well, humanity has never been united, nor will it ever be.

    So Bernie, Goldberg-Israelite or Trump, it makes little difference to “we the little people”, since in the end, it will be THE SAME OLD SHIT, DIFFERENT DAY! “And pray we don’t get fooled again!” The Who sang those words a half century ago, and we are still chomping at this every four year farce bit! When will we ever learn?

    Oh, and Americans, whether left middle or right, giving up their toys and creature comforts, please?! I have a better chance of my pecker hanging to the floor, and without cutting off my legs! We need to withdraw from taking part in this political farce, too, but the vast majority of us never will! Taking part in this every four year farce simply enables these inbred assholes to continue ruling over us.

    Americans of all colors, genders and brands are as worthless as fucking tits on a nun! We are the pathetic joke of all jokes who also happen to be the curse of all curses on the world!

    But you already know all of this, Tube!

    I hear ya, and I understand where you’re coming from!

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    • tubularsock says:

      There is no question that no matter who gets elected the U.S. public will accept it as they are so programed.

      “As long as I have mine and I can buy more shit to fill my house, tent, cardboard box with, then America is great!”

      It’s a simple, plodding life until death just as long as one’s comfortable enough then who cares who’s “leading” the country.

      Tubularsock can envision Senile-Old-Joe as the “Father Knows Best” leader for a country going nowhere.

      But if that is the Democraps choice then whether we have the OrangeDufus or Senile-Old-Joe makes no difference and as you so aptly put it, THE SAME OLD SHIT, DIFFERENT DAY!

      Oh, just a word of advice from Tubularsock. “Nun’s tits” are not exactly PC! Where cutting off your legs to have your “pecker” reach the floor is still acceptable.

      Tubularsock knows, times change.

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      • sojourner says:

        Yeah, but you know me, Tube, I just love being politically INcorrect!

        I don’t know who hates Bernie more, Trump and the neocons, or the democraps?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Great article about Doomsberg, sojourner. Thanks.

      Using it as Tubularsock’s base information there are at least five (maybe more) spin off blog posts from it.

      Will depend on just how low Tubularsock whats to go.

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  6. Great synopsis, Tube. I’m generally of the same mind – I suspect there are enough people with intact brains in the ruling oligarchy who can see that a Bernie Sanders’ presidency is easier to stymie and manipulate than a mass insurrection.

    As for how Bernie’s reforms will be paid for, the current Green New Deal proposal would be funded by nationalizing the Federal Reserve and directing them to issue money (digital credit) directly into the economy as proposed by Modern Monetary Theory. This is like the quantitative easing currently carried out by the Fed, except that instead of going to banks the money is spent directly into the economy to pay for programs such as the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. At present we still allow banks to issue 97% of our money (out of thin air) when they make loans.

    There is growing “mainstream” support for this type of reform, viz the recent group established by the Bank for International Settlements, the European Central Bank and the Central Banks of Sweden, Switzerland, and Canada to study the feasibility of Central Bank issued digital currency:

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks DrB.

      As for monetary policy Tubularsock is in favor printing his own money. Tubularsock started to do just that but some sharp eyed clerk noticed that Tubularsock didn’t really look that much like Franklin. Something about the hair ……….

      Thanks for your comment. Not sure if MMT will take off due to the power of the traditional banking cartel’s power. Why change a good scam?

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