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2020 —“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”


Just how much harping can Tubularsock do?

Oh, a fucking lot! By the bushel, by the pound, by the fucking MEGATON!



Either way you go with this formula will end in disaster.


And no, Tubularsock is not sorry to be the one to remind you
but unless YOU, the person, that is the citizen takes responsibility
for your own future you’ll be worse off in four years than you are
right now!

Many people believe that Trump does “magical” thinking about his belief that all is well.

But IN REALITY you are the one that is deceiving yourself about the upcoming election.



Just look at these two men …….. really look. NO REALLY LOOK!

Biden and Trump are two DEAD men.

And that has nothing to do with age.

It has to do with vision.

Vision of the FUTURE not wallowing in the controlled-corrupt-past!

Now of course you’ll ask, “Well what can WE do! WE are just citizens!”


Well Tubularsock believes that the colloquialism, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings” is very apropos for the up coming Presidential election because the fat lady HASN’T sung yet and things could be changed EVEN NOW!

And it will take overturning the apple cart to do it.


It is really between the same old controlled-corrupt-way where YOU the citizen are left out

OR a vast change to provide a NEW DIRECTION for the country and it’s people.
Check this out:



  1. Batt Guano says:

    Maybe we should ask a related question. It won”t be over till the fat man stops tweeting. I know you despise Biden (where did I get that notion?), but there might be just a slim chance he could be an effective president. It’s true the Battster would not necessarily bet his Guano operation on it, but with the Orange goon we have no chance at all.Four more years of Trump and America may not survive. With Trump we have two tipping points: the viability of our nation and the point where global warming is irreversible. As these are happening Trump will inevitably die and go to his eternal Hell while the rest of of us live on in our daily Hell that he helped make for us.
    I haven’t broken into rhyme for awhile but this calls for it:

    –In 2016 many voted for Trump
    –Thinking he would give the nation…
    –A much needed bump…
    –Instead he tore down..
    –What little progress we’d made..
    –While his MEGA hat followers continued…
    –To drink the racist, xenophobic Kool Aid…
    –He promised to drain the Washington D.C. swamp…
    –That he had what it takes..
    –Instead he filled the swamp…
    –With his own brand of snakes…
    –Around the world he went…
    –Committing all kinds of gaffes..
    –And becoming, for world leaders…
    –A subject of laughs…
    –And now while he tweets up a storm…
    –And tells countless lies…
    –The American populace…
    –Sickens and dies…
    –All Hail to Trump!…
    –The man who would be king…
    –But instead has become…
    –A despicable thing…

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    • tubularsock says:

      Another on-point-poem, Batt. Tubularsock thanks you.

      BUT WTF?
      “. . . but there might be just a slim chance he (Biden) could be an effective president.”

      Are you attempting that magical thinking that Trump uses?

      Batt, you have got to be fucking kidding!

      Biden is Obummer’s BOY. It’s called reverse racism!

      Ok, cop to it Batt ……. has Biden been smelling your hair.

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  2. Your posts are always filled with your biting sarcastic humor, but this one nailed it.
    This is the best these two parties can come up with. Biden the senile retarded
    old molestor. And Trump the hater.

    2020 is a suck-a-thon year.
    And cme November, whoever wins, we lose.

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  3. Jay says:

    I sing all the time and rarely do things come to a screeching halt around me.

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  4. swo8 says:

    Please don’t sing Tube, besides you aren’t a fat lady so there’s no point.

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  5. selizabryangmailcom says:

    But “elite experts” …………?

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    • tubularsock says:

      SB, well sure. One person’s elite expert is another person’s propagandist. “Expert” is a loaded term.

      It doesn’t mean that they may not be helpful as long as you watch your back!

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  6. Tube, I say we go for the pitchfork solution.

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    • tubularsock says:

      DrB, you know as well as Tubularsock that the pitchfork solution is only as good as the
      pitchfork-ee. And in this country’s case, short attention span. Oh well.

      Back to the drawing board.


      • Sha'Tara says:

        I have clients who have strange ideas about what a pitchfork is, never mind what it’s for! If we’re going to use the old stand-by of the serfs and use forks to fight our revolutions, may I recommend a manure fork rather than a pitch fork? We will be handling manure after all, not hay. For a 10 point bonus, how many tines does a real pitch fork have and why (giving it away here) does it have round shoulders, not square?


  7. Batt Guano says:

    We’ve got three worlds to contemplate:(1) the world we’d all like to see, a rather ideal place; (2) the world we actually live in (it sucks); and (3) the world we may yet create (hopefully a type of Utopia). Another 4 years of Trump and you can kiss (1) goodbye and see (2) morph into a permanent condition.

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    • tubularsock says:

      The funny part of this IS …….. either way this country is finished unless we find a REAL leader not a corrupt puppet.

      And that may still be possible but the door of opportunity is closing. The time is now!

      And the HARD TRUTH is that the leader is a reflection of the people. OH SHIT!


      • Sha'Tara says:

        I guess by that comment you wouldn’t be interested in our Canadian “leader” huh? His corrupt-o-meter is sliding into the red. He does have two things going for him which didn’t play well with Kennedy: he’s young(er) so still reasonably alive, and the women find him handsome… well, he is! Of course I could offer you “Dave” but he’s just a character from a movie.


  8. Batt Guano says:

    Tube!!! Oh Holy day! Kim Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr’s main squeeze has Covid.19. We may remember she was Gavin Newsome’s main squeeze when he was mayor SF. Let’s see,, that puts Kim just one heartbeat away from giving it to the Donald. We should all be so lucky.

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  9. Opher says:

    Biden may be old, part of the establishment, senile and even useless – but he’s still got to be a thousand times better than Trump.

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  10. Opher says:

    Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    It still looks likely that Trump will get a second term – goodbye science, goodbye the environment, goodbye common sense – hello fascism!!
    Biden has got to be better than that!!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Closeted fascism IS STILL fascism, Opher!

      Tubularsock is no fan of either of these pathetic fucks.

      Both the Democraps and the Republican’ts are owned
      by their corporate overloads.

      That is why things never change!

      That is why we are in continuous wars.


      A fixed election will not change anything …… BURN IT DOWN!

      Damn, now where did Tubularsock put his matches?


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