There has been an old wives’ tale which has been promoted Tubularsock’s entire life, so far, and it is this:

When it comes to Presidential Elections it is always the choice between THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS.

And the fun part is that far too many people still haven’t been convinced that it really applies to ALL THEIR representation in the halls of government.

You no longer have to attempt to dig for corruption in office because they now do it so blatantly with NO CONSEQUENCE what so ever! Case in point, Nancy Pelosi’s Corporate giveaway including bailing out her husband’s business interests. THAT is what paid for that expensive ice cream in her freezer drawer of her $24,000.00 refrigerator, perhaps!

And yes the citizens that believes that their representative care at all about them and their needs are not bright and being non-thinkers haven’t even awakened to the FACT that the President and the Congress and the Supreme Court doesn’t even have any interest in representing them.

That is why the so called “American Dream” has become the “American Nightmare”.


That is why the so called “American Middle Class” has diminished and the American Poor and Homeless has skyrocketed in the last thirty years.

Have you noticed?

YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS. And if you don’t it may surprise you that you are dead.
Hell, just as well.

Because if you don’t know this then you can not be alive to the reality of what has been going on around you for your entire life. Even if your 8th grade civics book told you differently! WE’VE BEEN HAD!

As Tubularsock watches “people” (zombies really) cheering Trump or Biden it is utterly amazing!

If you have paid attention the “LESSER OF TWO EVILS” has boiled down to exactly what we as a nation are experiencing this election.

We have FINALLY boiled it down to CORE-EVIL.

The American broth has been totally boiled away. And there is absolutely no intelligent or even inspiring leadership ANYWHERE on the national horizon. And what do you expect?

After years of voting for the lessor we were bound to get to the bottom ……….. AND WE NOW ARE THERE!

If you are stupid enough to believe that fucking Biden is going to be better than that despicable Trump then you are soooooo fucking wrong.

These guys are just pawns of the people they represent, THE RICH!


Need proof?

Who was bailed out back when the economy tanked under the pseudo-Kneegrow Obummer?


And pretty much wiped out the Black middle class as well as fringe homeowners who needed to be backed to keep their home investments but SAVED the BANKS without anyone (ok, one guy) having to take responsibility for plundering the American economy. They got away Scott Free and EVEN got huge bonuses! And Obummer got paid off with outrageous speech fees after he left office from those BANKS he served.

He even joked with them that he was the only thing between “them and the pitchforks”! That is just how clear he was of his role in the robbery!

This was the Democraps with Step-en-Fetch-It Obummer being the good “boy” for the “good ol’ boys”.

And who was bailed out in our current economic crisis?


With pocket changed grudgingly given to the working class.

This was the Republican’ts with the White-less Orange Turd being the naughty “boy” for the “good ol‘ boys”.

And yet people are unwilling to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and go to the streets and refuse to allow this election to proceed until a responsible leader can be found. Stop the train until we get new wheels!

Wouldn’t THAT scare the rich and powerful if the citizen awakened?



  1. swo8 says:

    Same here in Canada Tube.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Too bad. One would think that the “people” wouldn’t stand for it but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

      Oh well, back to the drawing board.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    • Sha'Tara says:

      Same everywhere in Canamerica.

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    • Sha'Tara says:

      That’s a rhetorical question, Batt. The answer is no longer blowing in the wind, it’s ‘lying’ everywhere.

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    • Sha'Tara says:

      Their solution of choice is to settle the ‘people question’ a la Hitler: massive depopulation/extermination but for a minimum number of chosen menial labor, entertainment and sex slaves. They will not succeed because of internecine conflict but they’re going to come very close to it. With the help of Earth changes and solar activity Earthian population will be under 1.5 billion before the middle of this millennium. Don’t take my word for it, analyze the previous effects in long term history or stick around and watch it happen…

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      • tubularsock says:

        Sha’Tara, Tubularsock has no doubt that you may be correct. Tubularsock just happens to be packing right this moment to return to Tubularsock’s home planet to avoid the rush.

        That old sun just burns Tubularsock up! No! Not beams, Scotty ….. burns!

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  2. DB says:

    You nailed it, Tube! You sound like me, four years ago, only the two then, were Trump and Hillary.

    The American people have been so dumbed down that they are incapable of reason and change. This country is doomed, and rightly so, since it has been a curse on humanity and this planet for far too long.

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  3. Batt Guano says:

    There are some problems with taking to the streets with a pitch fork. The power elite may know a way to turn that fork around and stab US in the ass with it. And then again, who produces the pitch forks..? And remember that classic example of a capitalist..he’s the guy that is selling telescopes just hours and minutes before the 1000 mile wide Asteroid is going to hit the earth.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Batt, you know the answer to “who produces pitch forks”, CHINA!

      Tubularsock has to admit that for Americans to get off their fat asses and revolt is a pipe dream. Why use the brains that they are sitting on?

      No instead lets elect a leader that is a dead man and we can just roll him out in his coffin from his basement and prop him up so he can let children sit on his lap …. the old degenerate fuck!

      Tubularsock does like the telescope idea. Monetize, monetize, monetize!

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  4. In statistical studies, Tube, there is always a sufficiently large cohort of rebels to make revolt happen. You don’t need the entire population to revolt. You just need a critical mass. The way I look at it, the last 50 years has been one long period of counter revolution with the global oligarchs pulling out all the stops to hold back the tide. They are quickly running out of options that can use without pulling down the global capitalist economic system with them. In addition to taking the streets, it’s equally important to build a parallel infrastructure to take the place of capitalism when the house of cards collapses.

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    • tubularsock says:

      DrB. you are so correct about the task at hand and absolutely correct about parallel infrastructure.

      The place is about to fall apart. Tubularsock is digging about for a hammer but sold off his sickle to buy bread!

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  5. Batt Guano says:

    Tube: you’re right, the pitchforks would be made in China. Just like the Caronavirus, at least according to our orange leader, who is never wrong about anything. Once again I am inspired to a poem:

    –The coming presidential election in November..
    –Will definitely be one to remember…
    –On one side we have an incompetent boob…
    –On the other an old guy who’s probably in need of a lube…
    –Who will voters pick this time around…
    –A hoped for steady hand on the ship…
    –Or a captain who’s already run the ship aground…
    –Who will provide the leadership we need…
    –Or are both candidates just captives of corporate greed?…
    –And what’s the fate of our nation in the coming years…
    –Will we begin to rejoice or burst into tears?…
    –The future is uncertain…
    –As it always tends to be…
    –And the end of the pandemic..
    –We’ve yet to see..
    –Most nations rise…
    –Many tend to decline…
    –Does America move forward…
    –With some sort of hope?..
    –Or do we continue ominously
    –Along our slippery slope?…

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    • tubularsock says:

      “–A hoped for steady hand on the ship…”
      Come on Batt, trying to make Tubularsock flip?

      HOPE is for suckers that’s got to clear
      And the CHANGE in the air one should really fear

      “. . . our slippery slope” goes only one way
      So let’s march on to Wall Street for one final cheer!


  6. wolfess says:

    Well Tube, it is my considered opinion that the more things change, the more our elected whores remain the same — terrorizing us, and bending over for the 1%!

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  7. Who would you like to see lead this country? Seriously, I’d like to know.

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    • Sha'Tara says:

      A country inhabited by grown up human beings leads itself. No self empowered intelligent, sentient and self aware being needs either leaders or rulers. Until the people of Earth, which we call “Earthians” and which we consider to be, not human but pseudo human, evolve to self empowerment you’re stuck with a ruler/leader irresolvable conundrum. A good ruler is a contradiction in terms – there isn’t even such a thing as a good god. All those types are manipulators and controllers and they achieve their positions by lies, subterfuge and rank bullying.

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    • tubularsock says:

      EML, Tubularsock thanks you for the question. It is really vital to think through stuff like that. The unfortunate answer is there is NO ONE currently that stands out as even an example of what Tubularsock would support.


      There is no turning it around except a complete collapse of the system. And even then there are no guarantees that “good” would rise out of the ashes.

      But the traits that would be necessary are simple to believe in but very difficult to find in reality.

      Tubularsock has no gender limitation or racial bias when it comes to leadership. These matters are not of concern when it comes to leading nor does Tubularsock care about people’s personal life choices agreed among adults.

      The fundamental elements of leadership center around a commitment to setting the example so as people could follow by example. AS WELL other nations.

      First and foremost supporting and creating policies that BENEFIT the citizens as a whole rather than narrow monied interests. With compassion and true understanding about the lives of “real” common people. Which would include complete health care and educational opportunity as a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT which would benefit our national interest.

      And a fundamental belief in PEACE not war. Which would mean a complete dismantling of ALL military that is not focused on protecting the country rather than corporate profit at the expense of citizens lives.

      And a multiparty system that is publicly financed.

      Oh sure, there is more BUT that gives you an idea of the direction.

      And Tubularsock is no idealist here. These to Tubularsock are fundamental truths.

      If you look at where we are as a nation right now we are more a crypto-fascist nation where the corporate-military-intelligence-technocratic elements controls the government with NO regard for the citizens at all. Except to control them!

      Tubularsock is sorry that your question can’t be answered better than this but really ……..

      Do you really believe that Trump or Biden are worthy of leading the nation!

      They have BOTH been chosen for you! YOU have had no power over that choice.
      GET IT?

      And once again Tubularsock thanks you for your question and taking the time to ask it.

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      • I agree with a lot of your points, and it would appear that Bernie Sanders, though himself also flawed in several respects, would come closest among all the recent contenders to the kind of person you would want as a leader. But, as you allude to, the military industrial complex and Wall Street would never allow him or someone like him to ascend to the Presidency, as he threatens their grip on power over our entire financial, economic and political system. I detest Trump with a burning passion, and am not a fan of Joe Biden. My preferences would have been Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, also far from a perfect candidate, but at this point I would vote for Alfred E. Newman over Trump.

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      • tubularsock says:

        EML, in many ways your feeling toward this entire mess resembles Tubularsock’s feelings.

        Tubularsock went with Sanders because he had at least a few positions worth something excluding his foreign policy actions in general but he either lacked the guts to stand against the corporate Dems or he was a tool of theirs all alone the way.

        As Tubularsock watches him now, Tubularsock no longer is sure.

        As for which-way-the-wind-blows-Elizabeth, Tubularsock had little use for at all.

        But the possibilities of Alfred E. Newman is a huge step in the correct direction for sure and Tubularsock would put full support behind a AEN candidate push!

        What Me Worry?

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    • rawgod says:

      To start your quest, look not to politicians. The person you seek avoids power like the plague. Look not to business, for leaders in business care only for themselves, and their shareholders. Look not to religion, they do not know how to lead, though they do need to be charismatic, for they are conmen at their best, and sexual perverts at their worst. Look not to military, or law enforcement, personnel. Deep down they are all bullies, or people unable to cope wth life, waiting for someone else to kill them. Do not look to scientists, they see only in black or white. A good leader must see many shades of gray. Look not to those who feel themselves superior, for they are cowards. Alternatively, look not to those who feel themselves inferior, for they will look to others for guidance, and trust anyone who feels important enough to tell others what to do, and how. Look not to the logical, a leader must be capable of great illogic. Look not to he or she who consider themselves sane, for they are liars. Look not to the young, they are inexperienced. Look not to the old, for they are set in their ways, often no longer capable of change.
      Hell. Enough with negatives!
      Look for someone who is happy, even in the face of sadness. Look for someone who is guileless, they will not try to cheat. Look for someone who has integrity, for they will show dignity. Look for someone who can respect others, for others will have respect for them.
      Ah, to hell with all this too.. Throw everyone’s name in a hat, you will probably need a hat that fits Donald Trump’s ego, and let Michelle Obama pull one name out. He or she becomes President for Life, though the position is not transferrable. Your odds of choosing a good leader might sound like they will be 1 in 330 million, but really they are 1 to 1. one chance to be good, one chance to be bad. If, and when, they prove bad, execute them and pick again. As long as they are good, feed them.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Now where in the world did you pick up the idea that Michelle Obama could be trusted? Anyone that was dumb enough to marry Obummer can’t be that bright nor trustworthy!

        However Tubularsock does like your electoral process as long as we use a clown’s hat!

        Thanks rawgod for your insights.


      • rawgod says:

        Actually, I was trying to work my way around to picking you, but then I realized I don’t know you well enough to lead others to you. By then my go only option was to choose chaos.

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      • rawgod says:

        About Michelle, wouldn’t you like to meet her, and just talk with her for awhile. Not about politics, or racial segregation. I would.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Well rawgod, this sounds a little bit like that old statement about George Bush, remember?

        “Wouldn’t you like to just have a beer with Bush and just talk with him?.

        Well in Bush’s case …….. NO! Tubularsock wouldn’t!

        However, with Michelle one at least would be able to have an interesting and intelligent conversation for sure.

        So like you rawgod, Tubularsock wouldn’t rule it out. Maybe we could talk about say, “Do Rich Lives Matter?” (just kidding, rawgod.)

        Thank for the comment.


      • rawgod says:

        Nope, would never share anything with Bush, maybe unless I had Covid. But not the killing kind, just enough to remind him he is no less human than anyone else in the world.
        Rich lives would matter more if they would open their vaults and share with the rest of us. There is enough money “in the world” to make every one of the 7.8 billion people in the world a billionaire, and still have billions or trillions left over!
        Think about it. Every one of us a billionaire. Yet more than half of the world goes hungry every night, and many of them do not have a bed to sleep in. Children starve to death every hour of the day, but rich people couldn’t care less. They do not put their wallets where their mouths are, so until they do, they should shut their eff’nn moths, put on their covid masks, and hide in their pressurized bomb-and-bacteria-virus -proof shelters, listening to Eric Burdon and the New Animals’ version of THE BLACK PLAGUE. Thanks, Tube, I needed that.


      • tubularsock says:

        rawgod, CHAOS happens to be Tubularsock’s middle name!


      • rawgod says:

        Funny, it would be mine too, if I had one.

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  8. Opher says:

    Tub – I agree with you – but I’d still rather vote for a sack of shit than Trump!

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  9. Robin Burton says:

    Same thing the world over. Capitalism as a system is headed for an existentialist crisis. Concentration of wealth, automation making humans irrelevant to production and lack of leadership are all leading us in one direction. It this modern world, however, revolution is all but impossible. The disinformation machines, invented by Big Oil in the 1970’s to counter the climate change argument, make it impossible for coherent opposition to form… and that includes coherent revolution. We are all fed “bread and circuses” to keep minds off of the big picture.

    The existentialist crisis will arise because, although humans are no longer required for the production of “wealth”, they are certainly needed to buy the products. Without millions of customers most corporations will fail. With increasing concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands, consumption will inevitably go down. As one British politician once put it: You can only drive one Maserati at a time. One rich person might have one thousand times the average persons income… but he can’t generate one thousand times the consumption. It’s just physically not possible.

    As credit lines are finally stretched to breaking point, consumption of “stuff” is likely to go off of the edge of a cliff. All will suffer… including the wealthy. General lawlessness will be the inevitable result. And, in America, with ample weaponry around (not just pitchforks), it will not be pleasant.

    The wealthy need to understand that there is a circle of dependency here. It is in their own long term interests to ensure that wealth is more widely spread. But they seem too stupid, or too short term in their thinking, to realise that

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    • tubularsock says:

      Robin, Tubularsock thanks you for following Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news”.

      And for a perfect summary of the state of this system as we watch exactly what you have described taking place in “real time”.

      It may explain for Tubularsock the reason why so many of the rich work at being bipolar so as to drive two Maserati at the same time.

      Of course, that is just another working theory of Tubularsock.

      As for revolution you are so correct. Seems that the rich has been doing a great job of the old British tactic of “divide and conquer”. The underpinning, as you know, of the British Empire. Still works just fine today!

      And sure, in the U.S. we’ll blow each others heads off misidentifying, via propaganda, who the enemy actually happens to be.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.



  10. Hmmm…we just “lost” our share of “the secret police” Orangy rolled out as his next shiney object to distract from CV failure. I wish he’d stuff himself with mega doses of hydroxyharleyquinn and he can fill his daughter/wife, Ivanka, with “demon sperm.”

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    • tubularsock says:

      Oh yes “demon sperm” …… as long as it stays in the family!
      Glad the “non-secret but well advertised” police are doing their best, “Gog” Bless America!


  11. DB says:

    “wolfess, that seems logical. Tubularsock’s mother was just better looking!
    But don’t tell DB.”

    No problem, Tube! I always thought your mom was better looking, and I didn’t even know her!

    I need to check back on your comments here, Tube. I missed this!

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  12. heila says:

    The corruption thing seems to be the same (nearly) everywhere. So discouraging. I totally feel the same here, I go to the ballots to vote for the lesser evil.

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  13. heila says:

    ..here in Israel.

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