Tube heading slingshot


Tube Direction


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. What was the conclusion? Because I know that I’m a bit slow seeing as how I am a product of inbreeding. So I got an excuse. But my take on that is that the country should go in a north west, easterly direction? Is that where Kimye’s baby North West is? Huh? ‘E’nquiring minds wanna know, you know, for the tabloids. I’m more concerned about Kimye and crew ’cause in my opinion, I think we just always leap before we look or do we look after we leap in any direction?

    *Shelby scratches head and not because it’s itching*


    • tubularsock says:

      Shelby, rest assured that retards are welcome here! Yes, Kimyes’ baby, North West, is located in the north west easterly direction. You are so smart for an inbred retard! Thanks for keeping Kimye in the lime light, she just loves that and Kimye feels that you are such a “special” friend.


  2. Shelby, I think he’s pointing north north west. Either than or west north west. Either that or he’s lying. That’s his tell when he’s lying. He punches the air with his index finger.


    • Oh, north by north west! I get it. DOH!!!! But he doesn’t have to point when he’s lying. When he opens his mouth(Obomber, that is) he is lying. So, he lies with his fingers too? Damn, talk about being a vicious, chronic, habitual finger pointing liar. Again, Damn, that man’s pants should be on fire!

      “My fellow Americans! Let me be clear, this Administration will be the most transparent Administration in the history of all Administrations.”(cue index finger and punch it in the air like I just don’t care)

      “My fellow Americans, I am not a war criminal!”(point index finger north by northwest and punch the air like I just don’t care)

      “My fellow Americans. I will not fight dumb wars!”(cue to wave both index fingers and punch ’em in the air like I just don’t care)

      Now, don’t I feel smart Dr. Bramhall. I may be from backwoods mountain folk but we’se catch awn reeeul quick like…uh when you ‘point’ us in the right direction and all. Thanky ye!


      • tubularsock says:

        Look DrB and Shelby Obommer said his administration would be transparent and it has become so transparent by using the LIE as his major accomplishment. He doesn’t try to hide it like other administrations. The LIE has become the hallmark of his Presidency! Now that is what Tubularsock calls TRANSPARENT!


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