Let Tubularsock make this simple. Tubularsock has noticed that whenever 9/11 is brought up as a subject, immediately if not sooner the, “Well, Bush didn’t do it!”, comes right out. Even if no one had said he had. It is a standard response.

Another standard response is, “well “OUR” government wouldn’t have done it to our own people!” is often made clear. Even if no one had said we had. It is a standard response.

And then there is the Popular Mechanic Magazine “debunking” article about 9/11 another standard example of “Proving the crazies are WRONG!” As if Popular Mechanic Magazine was some highly respected scientific journal rather then a magazine written on a 5th grade reading level. But it is the best place to get your information on what batteries to buy for your military issued multi-function flashlight or how to sharpen your push mower with a hand file like your grandfather used to do! The Popular Mechanic Magazine “debunking” article was itself debunked but alterNUT news seems difficult to kill even with mere facts.

And if one presents ANY evidence that has been uncovered since 9/11 occurred, that evidence is all rejected outright and then three or four outrageous theories are trotted out as “PROOF” ….. That ALL evidence is not true!

You know the ones, …….. An alien craft was involved, or it was all a hologram. Or there was a nuclear device on the planes.

Or the one Tubularsock loves best is the statement “. . . I’m not no engineer or scientist so how would I know how buildings fall down! I’m sure the government knows what they are doing! You know NIST, did a study on it and they said fires brought the buildings down. And they are our best scientists!”

And then the capper ………. “Osama bin Laden did it because he hated our freedom!”
And Tubularsock always responds, “So I guess we should all go out and shop?”

And Tubularsock is sure you remember that “our” President Bush warned us not to “tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories” and Tubularsock took him at his word and NEVER believed a word Bush said about this subject to this very day.

Which brings us to this video by the Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth.

What Tubularsock likes about this video is this guy woke up. And he explains just how that happened. And why it took so long.

If you can sit through this video and still have any question that SOMETHING just doesn’t add up about the Government’s Conspiracy Theory then you’ll have to be so frightened of the truth and may be better off to remain asleep for your own good.

Knowing truth is taking responsibility and Tubularsock knows some people just can’t handle it because it is just too scary to face up to ……… so stay asleep. But PLEASE don’t talk about it anymore to anyone.

Spreading ignorance is just embarrassing to be around. Just sleep ….. “perchance to dream” ….. that American Dream you have heard so much about!

And one additional thing ……… DON”T GET LOST IN THE WHO DID IT AND HOW WAS IT DONE CAN OF WORMS! That is something that may come later for you to consider.

Just waking up to the knowledge that Our Government is hiding the truth isn’t a very big  jump to take. IS IT?  You already KNOW THAT the lie is the standard form of communication between the citizen and their government so why would 9/11 be any different? If they weren’t hiding the facts why is everything STILL top secret and not released to the citizens to see what really happened? Are they afraid that bin Laden will come back from the dead and use the information to attack us again?

OR are they afraid that what we’ve been told IS NOT the truth and might just wake the people up AND DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY!

Seriously, if YOU carried out your job as they have YOU WOULD BE FIRED! You would no longer be employed! Why aren’t we the citizen demanding the same of our government employees? Why are they any different from US?








  1. Lara/Trace says:

    They still use 9-11 to bed us in fear.

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  2. swo8 says:

    There’s a new book out THE DEATH OF EXPERTISE
    The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters
    By Tom Nichols. I heard the author interviewed. After 9/11 why wouldn’t anyone question the experts? Sorry but I chose to think for myself.

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  3. sojourner says:

    After several years of posting articles on 9/11, I finally decided I had done all I could to help spread what I believed to be the truth. So I no longer pay much attention.

    But the good news is, according to the polls I have read over the last few years, the majority of Americans, believe it or not, no longer buy into the official narrative. And the same is true of the JFK assassination: only a tiny minority of Americans now believe the Warren report bullshit.

    But this still hasn’t culminated in the public standing up and demanding that the government admit to its crimes. And I sincerely doubt that this will ever happen, or at least not in the time I have left.

    Unfortunately, and as you know, Tube, most people our age and older have been brain dead for so long that they will never awaken, and those who have, to some extent, are too old and sick to really take any kind of action.

    This torch, as JFK would have said, has to be passed on to the younger generations. But they are so “dumbed down” and “self actualized” (self absorbed) that I fear they, too, will allow this nightmare to continue on.

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, Tubularsock agrees but not too sure about “our” generation being less “self actualized” than the current one. During the 1950’s Americans weren’t the brightest crayons in the box with all that American Dream shit!

      Thanks for your comment and remember when you march to a different drummer, Every Drum Counts. NOW, keep the beat!

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      • sojourner says:

        I agree. I should have clarified.

        The “dumbing down” and “self actualization” have increased exponentially since I have been out of school.

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  4. Tube, I think you need to suspend your subscription to Popular Mechanics. If you’re looking for light reading, I highly recommend Mad Magazine.

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    • tubularsock says:

      DrB. You are so wise. It is interesting, but Tubularsock always looked upon Mad Magazine as a scholarly journal.

      As for the suggestion of ending Tubularsock’s subscription to PM would be rather tough at this time because Tube is just in the middle of a five part series on how to get a greener lawn by watering the synthetic turf with kerosene.


  5. Wick Burner says:

    Hey there Tubularsock, I just caught up on this one. You’ve helped pull me out of the rabbit-hole on 9/11 once before, reminding me that the intricate details almost don’t matter, if you can just step back and see the whole event and its aftermath subjectively. It all falls apart (the official myth, *and* many of the more widely-touted ‘conspiracy theories’).
    The big thing that matters is that your ‘government’, or parts of it, within or without, have mastered the art of broad-spectrum deceit to such a high degree of proficiency that they can do and say ANYTHING, and then simply drown it out with relentless and varied and constant bullshit, and the critical mass of society does the rest of their work for them. The list of ‘events’ – real or fake, genuine tragedy or manufactured enabler – that we can now NEVER know the truth about is a long and growing one.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Wick Burrner, thank you for your comment. You are absolutely correct. We will never KNOW like so many other things that are implemented on us in so many ways. Even the Congress doesn’t read half the shit they sign and vote yes on.

      But because one doesn’t KNOW doesn’t mean that they have to BELIEVE in the bull shit. And Tubularsock finds that that is where one’s personal power centers; in recognizing the lies.

      And having that ability to decipher the lies from the truth keeps one awake. Now Tubularsock is always asked, “Can you change it?” And the answer is yes but probably no. But it is like the game of tag, you’re “IT” a lot quicker if you don’t know who the tagger is but if you “know” you aren’t tagged!

      One of the best weather-vanes for this sort of event is the BLUE RIBBON COMMITTEE that is always chosen to investigate the event to get at the “truth”.

      As you already know they are always filled with “respectable establishment men” (most often) who are looked upon as pillars of honesty and integrity. And just because of the fact that they are “respectable establishment men” automatically puts them under suspicion of that definition coming from a corrupt and manipulated society that we live and participate within.

      The case in point about the affect of public “knowing” kept Henry Kissinger from becoming the Chairman of the 9/11 Committee BUT DID NOT prevent the “rigging” of the Committee with the appointment of Philip Zeliko, as the executive director of the 9/11 Commission. It was Zeliko that rigged the Commission as well as being a slimy little bastard!

      Tubularsock loves the term “broad-spectrum deceit”. You have hit the nail right on the head. Our entire society as “The American Dream” is the perfect example!

      Thanks Wick, you are too fun!


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      • Wick Burner says:

        Amen. Appoint the accessories before the fact to investigate the crime after the fact – it’s a winning strategy! The Circle of Fake Justice!
        Thanks, The Tube – your dispatches from The Bunker are The Shizz.

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